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From: Mindy, C.C.'s Mom
On: 10/24/16
Dear Dorothy, You were a very big part of your mom's heart and life for many years, and she has written for you a wonderful memorial here. I wanted to join with all the others who have signed your guestbook, and let you know that just like with your mom, I too had a soulmate in my beloved C.C., who is that chubby green-eyed brown tiger kitty who joined you at the Rainbow Bridge in May of 2015. I miss her so terribly, just as your mom will always miss you; so, please tell C.C. I can't wait until the day we are all together again in Heaven. Tell her I love her even more today than yesterday, and all the days before that combined. Your mom loved you with her whole heart, and you gave her life so much joy. Be a good kitty and be patient in waiting for your mom. God speed.
On: 2/11/15
On: 2/11/14
From: Jan Swain
On: 7/30/13
I did not get to meet Dorothy or Ike, but Moggie shared my pillow one night when I visited Nancy in New York. Moogs wanted to make sure I was not going to make off in the middle of the night with any of the house furnishings. She was a lovely lady full of mystery and mischief. I did get to share Edward, fur friends...Moggie, Eddie, and Bella(who is still warming Nancy's heart along with Rollo.) Love from Auntie Jan
On: 2/11/13
From: robert
On: 6/5/10
nancy so sad about your little dorothy
From: Pat Lively
On: 7/21/08
Hi Dorothy I see you have many friends. Enjoy all the new and old furr babies.
From: Clare and Martha
On: 7/20/08
Dorothy, you are a purrfectly lovely little girl! Please wrap your love around your mommy's heart and let her know that you are running and playing, and watching over her with love. Nancy, may your heart find peace in knowing that you will be with Dorothy again in God's good time. Clare & Martha
From: Pressy's Family
On: 7/19/08
Hello, pretty Dorothy. We're sorry we've not visited sooner but we didn't know about you. Our Pressy is the little old gray lady kitty you welcomed and helped ease her way into Paradise meadow and who plays in sunbeams and chases rainbows with you. Pressy asked her family to visit her kitty playmate Dorothy. She said she shares kitty love headbumps with you and taught you to send love signs on the wind so Mommie feels your loving presence and hears your sweet meows and purrs when gentle evening breezes blow. Pressy said you send love signs to tell Mommie you're in Paradise watching over her and waiting with her meadow kitty family until she comes to cross the Bridge together forever. Play happily in beautiful Paradise but stop often to smile at Mommie so she feels the warmth of your love surround her and knows you miss her too. Soar among clouds with your meadow kitty family now on silvery angel wings to watch over Mommie together always, beloved Dorothy. Pressy's Grandpa
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 2/26/08
Hello sweet Dorothy I was just visiting some of my Princess's friends who have been at the bridge for a while and came across you, I just wanted you and each of you precious souls to know that you are loved and thought of each and everyday in some very special way no matter how long you have been gone to the bridge.
From: Roxanne (Chicklets Mommy)
On: 12/31/07
What a pretty girl you are! You got to spend Christmas w/ your sister at the bridge. I know your mommy misses you girls so much. make sure you and your sister send her lots of love from the bridge! Merry Christmas little one!
From: Betty Hanson
On: 11/8/07
Dorothy - what a pretty little lady you are! Your mom loves you so much, so send her some signs and kisses from the Rainbow to let her know that you are safe, happy, healthy and have made many fur friends now. Let Nancy know that God has appointed you and Middie Kitty to be the guardian, protectors to watch over her until she is called to the Bridge one day to join you. I will tell my Brande to find you and play with you. To Nancy - I send my deepest regrets to you over the loss of Dorothy. I too lost my soulmate not long ago, see Brande - We know that God has promised we will be with our babies again one day. I leave this quote with you, "heaven is the only place where all the dogs and cats you have ever loved will come running to meet you." Author Unknown
From: Karen
On: 7/8/07
Nancy - Dorothy is such a beautiful kitty - Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your baby. I've had to have several of my babies put down also, so I know how very hard it is. I believe our babies know we will always carry them in our hearts. And if we do happen to get another baby (as most of us do) they know it's because they taught us how to love, and it makes them smile. ((hugs)) Karen If you would like, you can visit my baby at-
From: Karol Hystad
On: 5/29/07
Blessings to you and all your fur babies. smiles karol and God is smiling too!
On: 5/28/07
What a truly beautiful baby. I understand your pain more than you'll ever know. The loving and descriptive words of each part of your dorothy's physical body reminds me of each piece of Harley Moon I adored!
From: Roni, Layla's mom
On: 2/6/07
Such beautiful Puss-kitties. I love my Harley-Cat, too, and don't know what I'd do without him. He loved our Layla, and gave her such nice baths. Our precious pets are such comfort to us, especially in times of sorrow. God grant you peace and comfort.
From: Frasier's Mom ...... Dessie
On: 1/3/07
Dorothy, You are so beautiful. I know your Mom still misses you very much. Hopefully her beutiful memories of you bring her some comfort.. Frasier's Mom xo
From: Beth (Moosie's mom)
On: 12/19/06
Oh hello little Dorothy. What a sweet little girl, you with the perfect little bottoms of your feet. You are so beautiful and obviously did your kitty job so well as your mommy is thinking of you this Christmas. Send her a purr and snuggle. Thank God you are safe and healthy and happy and will someday have a glorious reunion with your kind mommy. Bless you little one and kisses, Beth
From: art
On: 11/28/06
so beautiful and sweet
From: Lisa
On: 11/10/06
Nancy, your words for your beautiful cat moved me so much and made me cry. I lost my wonderful baby (German Shepherd named Max)on 06/26/06 and I still have like a shrine for him on my dining room table. His ball is still there and his ashes. At least one day we will finally be with them again. God Bless. Lisa

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