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From: Gary & Brenda
On: 2/8/18
Cindy I want to express my sincerest sorrow for what you must have went through and maybe still are. I would guess that Shadow is a kitty and Cinders is a pup .. , My Cinders ( Black Lab ) left us Last Friday and our Max (Shih Tzu) Two weeks before that and we will never be the same we are now without a pup for the first time in 30 years. Do you still visit the Memorials I'm just new at this so I apologize if I should know that and presently this is a little confusing. I do believe that there is a place in Heaven for all of Gods creations and I will say a prayer for Cinders and Shadow tonight and also for you.. God Bless Gary
From: Melissa Koeppel-Wolf
On: 4/13/16
No matter how many years go by they are still your fur baby. Sorry for your loss.
From: Heather
On: 6/29/14
I am really sorry that you lost Cinders. Love Heather
From: R0BERT
On: 8/28/12
On: 8/30/11
From: robert
On: 5/24/10
cindy i know its been a while since you lost your lttle kitten cinders .but i wish to let you know i remember when i loss a furbaby and it hard to deal with at times so rembere folks are praying for you i bet cinders is running and haveing fun
From: Debbie PRincess's mom
On: 3/14/08
Hello Cinders I was just visiting some of my Princess's friends at the bridge and came across you, I just wanted to stopin to say hello and to tell you and each of you precious souls that you are loved and thought of each and everyday in some very special way no matter how long you have been at the bridge, I send you wishes for a beautiful day in heaven today.
From: Betty Hanson
On: 7/30/07
Cinders - you were so special to your mom! Send her some kisses from the Rainbow to let her know that you are safe, happy, healthy and have made many fur friends. Let mom know that God has appointed you to be the guardian, protector to watch over her until she is called to the Bridge one day to join you. I will tell my Brande to find you and play with you. To Cindy - I send my deepest regrets over the loss of Cinders. I too lost my soulmate not long ago, see Brande - We know that God has promised we will be with our babies again one day. I leave this quote with you, "heaven is the only place where all the dogs and cats you have ever loved will come running to meet you." Author Unknown
From: Clare and Martha
On: 6/23/07
Cindy, Cinders is your very own special angel, watching over and for you, just as BG is watching over us, until you meet again and cross the Bridge together. May her love nuzzle and hug your heart until then.
From: Jill Murphy
On: 6/11/07
Cindy, May your Cinder rest in peace until the day you are reunited in heaven forever! God Bless you forever Cinder.
From: Karen
On: 6/6/07
Cindy - Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your baby. I had to have my baby put down not too long ago so I know how very hard it is. I believe our babies know we will always carry them in our hearts. And if we do happen to get another baby (as most of us do) they know it's because they taught us how to love, and it makes them smile. ((hugs)) Karen If you would like, you can visit my baby at-
From: Chris
On: 2/23/07
Cinders, I wish you an eternity filled with happy days running around with all your new friends!
From: charlie: calebs dad
On: 12/23/06
Hi Cinders- i stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas from Caleb and myself. He tells me the meadow looks positively beautiful and is all aglow with millions of tiny colored lights. I teased him and said they were the fireflies as these used to puzzle him at home, and he would follow them to see what they were :) He also said there is a "mountain" of presents waiting, so have fun.

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