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From: Lissette
On: 2/7/20
I always admire those dogs that help and protect the citizens and their handlers. I'm sure you did a good job and your family is proud of you,like I am know ,even that I never met you.
From: Kristina
On: 2/5/20
Yes great honor to our wonderful K-9's who risk their lives to help us. Much love to Cello and his guardian. RIP
From: Karen
On: 1/21/20
Thinking of you Cello...Karen volunteer
From: Andrea LoCascio
On: 8/14/19
Rest In Peace Cello! I’m sure that you were very brave. Thank you.
From: Andrea LoCascio
On: 8/14/19
Rest In Peace Cello! I’m sure that you were very brave. Thank you.
From: Grace Glennon
On: 9/1/18
Thank you for your service, Cello. K9s are a beautiful thing-- so loving, so loyal, so strong. Know that he is chasing bad guys outta heaven now, and he wears his badge proudly. On that day that you join him, you both will have so much fun-- protecting the pearly gates together, and playing with his favorite toy. All the love to you.
From: Judy
On: 8/8/16
I'm touched by Cello's memorial and wanted to let you know. <3
From: Umm, are you really just giving this info out for
On: 4/25/16
Umm, are you really just giving this info out for notihng?
From: Heather
On: 6/29/14
I am really sorry that you lost Cello. I really like his picture. Love Heather
From: Mary Loffredo
On: 1/22/14
I just lost my german shepherd Kanook. He was my baby.....may he and Cello play together!
From: CJ Marriott
On: 12/31/13
I'm so glad that Cello has a place people can still visit him and learn/read about his life. The mark that dogs can leave on our life and even on the world is amazing and the place they have in our hearts are even more amazing. Our Lord knew what an important roll dogs and other animals/pets/babies would have on this earth and in our lives. I appreciate what they do for the elderly, sick adults & children, the service dogs and all the countless jobs they may have or do. rest in peace blessed Cello.
From: Heather
On: 8/26/13
Dear Jeffrey I am really sorry that you lost Cello. Love Heather
From: QmmEfqeEzDQYPvtd
On: 9/25/12
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From: R0BERT
On: 8/29/12
From: Pressy's Family
On: 4/10/12
Hello, handsome Cello. We're sorry we've not visited sooner but we didn't know about you. Our Pressy is the little old gray lady kitty who plays in golden sunbeams and chases bright rainbows and colorful meadow butterflies with you. Pressy asked her family to visit protector and playmate Cello. She said she gives you special kitty love headbumps and taught you to send love signs on the wind so Jeffrey feels your loving presence with him and your sweet kisses when gentle breezes blow. Pressy said you send love signs to tell him you're in Paradise meadow watching over him waiting until he comes for you one day to cross the Rainbow Bridge to be together forever. Play happy meadow games with other furangels in beautiful Paradise but stop often to smile at Jeffrey so he feels the warmth of your love surround him and knows you miss him too and are with him. Soar among clouds now on silvery angel wings to watch over Jeffrey always, beloved K-9 Officer Cello. Pressy's Grandpa
From: Annie Simar
On: 12/2/11
Jeffrey, Our hearts reach to your heart. We understand your pain. We just lost our Jakey, our 17 month old chocolate/hound mix. Jakey stopped an attempted break in, thus protecting Mommy on Sept. 20th. He basically showed us through his actions who it was. Jakey loved everyone EXCEPT the neighbors 2 older boys. One of them was arrested a couple of day before Jakey's sudden illness, right at end of our driveway. Parole violation, City Officers caught him crossing our yard. I had tangled the last few weeks with this same young man. Come to find out yesterday from the Officer, this individual had been in the same prison David and I work. Jakey was either poisoned or had undetected epilepsy. His end symptoms caught us way off guard, could be from either cause. Evidence is starting to strongly point toward poisoning. Either way, Jakey is gone and we are devastated. Prayers are with you friend. Annie Cello is watching over you:)
On: 8/28/11
From: robert
On: 5/24/10
jeffrey cello been gone many years now but i like to send some prayer out to you and i know you still love cello and miss cello but just rember cello in your heart forever
From: Donna Ryan
On: 12/31/07
God Bless Cello and all our Faithful and Dedicated Law Enforcement and Military Service dogs who gave their all to Serve and Protect.
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 12/2/07
Hello beautiful Cello, I was just visiting some of my Princess's friends that have been at the bridge for a while and came across you I just wanted to stop in to say hello and to tell each of you that you are loved and thought of each and everyday in some very special way, my Princess's human brother is a policeman and I know how very dangerous your jobs are, thank you Cello for protecting and serving. Rest well buddy.

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