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On: 10/17/12
From: robert
On: 8/3/10
sorry about your furbaby pandy love is forever and pandy is with you in spirit as well as sas.
From: Cheryl
On: 10/18/08
Hi There pandy, and Happy Anniversary. I think they are having a party for you tonight, and my boy Cyrano is a big boy and helping move all the tables for your guests. Caleb and Pressy are taking care of the invitation, Char and Bear and giving horsey rides to all, Ralphie is providing everyone with grape popsickes, and Fred is supervising all. What a blowout it will be tonight. But, take a little time to run to the rim of the rainbow and smile down on mom, as she misses you just as much today, as the day you journeyed to the bridge. Smile down on her and she will know that it is you. But for now, it is time to run fast, play hard, and love always. Cheryl AKA Mom to Cyrano and the entire crew.
From: Ellie
On: 9/19/08
Hi Sweet Pan. Just stopping by to give you a belly scratch and a big hug. Remember to send your love to your Mom...she still misses and loves you very much. Peace at the Bridge little one...Ellie
From: Sue-Ozzie'sMom
On: 6/19/08
I happened upon your memorial page... I have a Pandy (mini doxie) still with us. The Pandy's are special furkids. I am sorry for your losses. Hopefully my Shelties and your Pandy have met at the Bridge and become good friends. blessings always, Sue
From: Puppy and Bear Bear's Mommy Flo
On: 12/3/07
Hi Pandy Poo, You are just as cute as your sister Sas who we just visited with. You guys must be having a great time at the bridge getting reaquainted . I know that my Bear Bear was there to great you. He has his sister Puppy with him. I know that your Mommy is missing you both very much. So Pandy please send your mommy a sign that the two of you are together furever watching over her. You and Sas run fast, play hard, and sleep sweet until you and Mommy meet at the bridge. If you see Bear Bear and Puppy give them a Tzu kiss from me please..
From: Pressy's Family
On: 10/18/07
Hello, pretty little Pandy. We’re visiting to say hello and see how this precious little girl is doing...we're told the furbabies are having a big party today to help you celebrate your first year with them in the wonderful Paradise meadow. Have you been sending lots of love signs to Mom? Sending her beautiful rainbows or colorful butterflies on evening breezes tells her you're happy and safe in Paradise waiting with Sas for her to come to cross the beautiful Rainbow Bridge all together. Pressy tells us about playing with you chasing colorful butterflies and napping curled up together in the same golden sunbeam. Be sure to visit Mom often in her dreams. Your visits put big smiles on her face and warmth in her heart...she misses you so very much. Soar high among the clouds now on your silvery angel wings with Sas to watch over Mom for all time, beloved little Pan. We'll visit you again, little special girl. Until then we leave you in Pressy’s care with our love! Pressy's Grandpa
From: Karen, Dusty's Mommy
On: 10/18/07
Lisa, I feel kind of tingly inside this evening. I stopped by your beautiful site, for your dear Pandy, to see if I could offer you some words of comfort for Pandy's one year anniversary.... I am tingly, though.... When I read your tribute page, and the words you'd written that "while you can never know what losses or gifts that life will bring, learning to trust that every sunrise will offer new growth, new possibilites, and each day is certain to hold beautiful moments" just brought to me, such comfort...such a gentle feeling of it was a kiss and caress from your sweet little Pandy, right to me when I needed it most... I can only say that with the magic of the rainbow, I was somehow "meant" to read your tribute page today, and those most assuring and beautiful words there. I hope you draw as much comfort from those words as I just did reading them... Thank you, just goes to show Pandy's love is still reaching out and touching others...even from the Rainbow...
From: Ellie
On: 10/18/07
Pandy Girl, it's amazing that it's been a year now since you left your Mom and your sister, Sas. Your Mom will forever love and miss you, Sweet Girl. I know that Sas is with you now and because of that, I know your sunshine at the Bridge must have become just a little bit brighter! Take good care of one another and remember to shine your love onto your Mom from time to time, for I know that her love is shining on the both of you. Warm Hugs, little one.
From: charlie: calebs daddy
On: 10/18/07
hello Pandy, stopping by with Caleb on your one year anniversary, and knowing that your mommy still misses you very much, as much as she loves you, and as a furbaby parent, that is a lot. Leave mommy know that as deep as the ocean is, thats how much love was shared between you, and what memories left on the shores of life--like each seashell, unique in its own way,and also treasured. Send mommy lots of special Pandy-poo hugs and kisses on the soft winds, and if you look skywards, you will be surrounded by myriads of colored butterflies, representing mommys' wishes sent to you. So play safely and rest well at days end little one. Each new dawn brings with it one of beauty,and friendships, old and new. remember Pandy, your mommy loves you, and tghat is forever.
From: Cheryl
On: 10/18/07
Hi There Pandy, Can you imagine, one year at the bridge. How many new arrivals have you welcomed to the paridise meadow....countless. You and Sas are together now, once again, to romp and play , explore the sparkling dew drop fountains, chase the silvery moon beams and golden sunrays and the colorful butterflies. This is a tougyh day for mom, as she will always miss you and have a little spot in her heart that wil always ache. So, take a little trip to the rim of the rainbow, smile down on her, and let her know that everythng is o.k. But for now, it is time to run fast, play hard, and love always. Love, Cheryl, AKA Mom to Cyrano and the entire crew.
From: Pat Lively
On: 10/9/07
Pandy you and Sas are together again. Enjoy your new healthy bodies and remember to go visit Mom as she misses you both. Have fun.
From: Jill Murphy (Tarby's mom)
On: 10/8/07
Dear Pandy, Another precious Fur Baby! God Bless you forever.
From: Betty Hanson
On: 10/8/07
Pandy - You are a pretty lady and your mom is missing you so much. Send her some kisses from the Rainbow to let her know you are safe, happy, healthy and will have many fur friends to play with. Let mom know that you met up with Sas and you two will be the guardian, protectors to watch over her until she comes to join you one day. Pandy sends this message, "I send my blessings every day and remember that I love you very much. By the way, I am in heaven but wherever there is love, I am there also." Love, God Pandy and the special angels (Letter from God) Author Unknown
From: Kat
On: 2/4/07
Pandy ~ What a beautiful baby you are! I say sweet prayers for your family as I just read how much you mean to them. Please, give your Mom some visits and let her know you're okay along with all our babies. Forever you remain here always... just let Lisa know you are really with her and let her feel you baby. You are happy, healthy & have so many friends with you now and please know.. so many of us still here, love you !
From: Cheryl
On: 1/21/07
Good Morning Pandy, and what a pretty girl you are. Rich and Charlie have described the bridge for your mom so beautifully, there is nothing I can add to that. I was talking to your mom last night, and both of you were so blessed to have had each other. She is a very nice lady. Both, giving to each other, and knowng what the other one needed. Now, you are at the bridge, but still giving to your mom, just differetntly. She misses you greatly Pandy, continue to smile down on her from the rainbow, guide, and always shower her with your love, as that will never cease to be. Your love flows from you to her, and then back to you. The eternal circle of love, never to be broken. Let your mom know that all is well with you, now, run fast, play hard, and love always. Cheryl aka Cyrano's mom
From: Ink
On: 1/15/07
Hi Pandy! Was here this morning and couldn't leave without stopping by to say hi to you. Your Mom misses you very much, so keep sending her your love and letting her know that you are at peace. Rest peacefully, pretty girl.
From: Chuck ( and the fredster )
On: 1/7/07
what a cute and special baby you are..... please visit and let your loved ones know you are ok and at Peace. And if you see the fredster there tell him I miss him. Your loved one needs you now, so please visit.
From: Kelly, Bear and Murphy's Mom
On: 12/23/06
Good Morning, Pandy! Welcome to the Bridge! My horse, Bear, will take you for a very special ride and my lab girl, Murphy will want to be your friend. Visit your family and let them know you are happy and healthy. Hugs
From: Ink
On: 12/19/06
Dear Pandy, Oh, how your Mom's loved you. Especially Mom #1! She misses you so much. But love never dies Pandy and I know that your love is still with her, as her love for you still aches to find expression. Rest in Peace, lovely little girl. Hugs, Ink

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