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From: Jerry, Cupcake's Dad
On: 11/22/18
HAPPY THANKSGIVING My Sweet Girl!!! It truly would be a great day for me if only you were still here to celebrate the holidays with me. Instead it will be me and the remaining six, and i AM grateful for them to be here and help fill the void left by your absence. I love you more than ever and always will. I'll be back soon baby!!! Today I WILL give thanks for all the memories we made. R.I.P. my babe, until we meet again. Love Always, Your Dad
From: Monica M.
On: 11/16/18
I'm praying for your dad during these scary wildfires. Jerry, I hope you're okay.
From: Jerry, Cupcake's Dad
On: 11/6/18
Hi Sweet Girl, Sorry to be relegated to writing to you here in your guestbook, but it's just one of those things that can't be avoided. I just wrote so much above that I used up all my space. So for as long as time and space allow, I will put my thoughts of you on this page. Never will i forget you or stop loving you. You are forever in my heart, and nothing, not even death, can change that. OK i will send more later as i will soon run out of space here too. Love You now and Furever, Your Dad
From: Monica Muench
On: 11/1/18
Hello Cupcake, it's been a while since I visited and I wanted to let you (and your daddy) know that I have not forgotten you. Life has been busy for me. I sold my house in NC and moved to Dallas, TX last month. Indy, my dog, is adjusting surprisingly well (although I know he misses his yard). It was so hard saying goodbye to that house, as that's where most of my memories of Jake and Jasmine are from. I miss it so much. So much change has happened this year. After a lot of thought, I have decided not to renew Jake's (and Jasmine's) RB residency, and it will be expiring in the next month or so. I'll still visit from time to time. You stay safe and happy, and let your dad know you're there with him in spirit.
From: Jerry
On: 10/8/18
I had to continue here as I ran out of space on your memorial. I'll continue here from now on as long as I can. Until next time, always know that I will always love you. Always And Furever, Your Dad
From: Monica M.
On: 7/4/18
Wishing you and your dad a Happy Independence Day.
From: Monica Muench
On: 6/23/18
Happy Summer to you, Cupcake! I hope you are staying cool, as it's pretty hot down here. Thank you, Jerry, for remembering my babies and signing their guestbook. All the best, Monica
From: Monica M.
On: 5/28/18
Bless you, Cupcake!
From: Monica Muench
On: 4/4/18
Happy (Belated) Easter, Cupcake!
From: Monica M.
On: 2/26/18
Cupcake, I came by for a visit and noticed that your dad was just by last week. I'm sorry to hear about his water heater problems and sure hope he can get a new one soon. I'm really missing Jasmine, more so now than ever before. Of course I miss Jake, too, but time has helped the pain not to be so raw. I am pretty sure that it will do the same with my grief for Jasmine. But for now, I just miss her something fierce. I hope you are all together, happy and carefree. You all deserve it. Be with your dad in spirit and make sure he knows you're there. And please, give Jake and Jasmine all my love.
From: Monica (Jake and Jasmine's mom)
On: 1/25/18
Sweet and beautiful Cupcake, I came by for another visit. How are you doing? Are you and my Jasmine getting along? She liked to bark at other dogs sometimes. I bet you are getting along fine. All the animals get along there, don't they? Give her and Jake all my love and you guys have a good time. Jerry, thank you fir visiting my babies!
From: Monica M.
On: 1/1/18
Happy New Year, Cupcake! I want to apologize to you (and to your dad) that I completely forgot about your anniversary. I was so wrapped up in my own grief that I failed to notice your anniversary date. I had thought I had marked my calendar but apparently I hadn't. It's marked now. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Jake has introduced you to Jasmine. I hope you were also able to let your dad know how much you love him as well. Until we're all together again...
From: Monica Muench
On: 12/20/17
Cupcake, I came to wish you a Merry Christmas. I know, I'm a few days early, but I was thinking of you and your dad and wanted to be sure I posted in time for Christmas. Say hello you my boy, Jake for me, will you? Also, would you keep an eye out for my girl, Jasmine? I'll be sending her up to the Rainbow Bridge tomorrow morning. Jake will introduce you to her if you can't find her. She's a sweet girl and has been a faithful friend to me for almost 10 years, but she's a sick girl and it's time I set her free from her pain and discomfort. My heart is breaking, but it's what she needs, and I will be strong and give her that one last, final gift. And get one more great friend to play with. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year you to!
From: Monica M.
On: 11/23/17
Happy Thanksgiving, Cupcake!
From: Monica M.
On: 11/10/17
It's been a little while since I've visited, but I've come by to say hello and let you and your dad know you're in my thoughts. Say hello to my sweet boy, Jake. In a few weeks' it will be 4 years since I lost him. Take care, Cupcake.
From: Monica M.
On: 10/5/17
Cupcake, I came by for a visit and to let your dad know I'm thinking of him. It's Fall now and I'm looking forward to the cooler weather and the color of the leaves changing. Fall is a bittersweet time for me. It's my favorite season, but it's also when I had to say goodbye to my Jake. I still miss him so! And now my Jasmine's health is failing and I'm faced with trying to prepare my heart to say goodbye. I don't know how log she has, but I'm cherishing every moment I have left with her. When it's her time to cross that bridge, will you be there with Jake to greet her?
From: Monica
On: 9/16/17
Hello, Cupcake. I came by to visit you and to leave your dad a note to thank him for visiting my Jake again and for his kind words. Take care!
From: Monica M.
On: 8/30/17
Happy Birthday, Cupcake!
From: Monica M.
On: 8/25/17
Sweet Cupcake, it's good to see your pretty face. I sure hope you and my Jakey Boy have met and become fast friends. He's pretty chill, but sometimes he likes to run figure 8's in the yard. :) I miss him so much, but it give me comfort picturing him peaceful and happy with friends like you, waiting for the time I can join him there one day. Look down on your dad (I'm sure you are). I wish you peace, love and happiness.
From: Monica M.
On: 8/3/17
Hello, sweet Cupcake! I hope you have been staying cool while your dad deals with these hot, hot days! Your dad is so sweet. He faithfully and regularly visits my Jake, and I am very appreciative of that. It is comforting knowing there is someone out there who understands the loss of a beloved "furbaby". And while I may not visit as often as maybe I should, I do think of you and your dad often. Say hello to Jake for me when you see him. Tell him I miss him and love him so much! Until, next time...

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