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From: Pressy's Family
On: 4/5/15
Happy Easter, pretty Cricket. Know you and the Childers meadow fur family are celebrating this most Holy Day in Jesus' glorious presence and singing His praise among the host of heavenly angels. Send your love down the rainbow to your Mum and David who love and miss you so very much. Youy are so special to your Mum and David...your smiles to them from Paradise meadow are their treasures. Have fun finding Easter eggs among the beautiful flowers of Paradise meadow, Mum and David's beloved furangel!
From: Pressy's Grandpa
On: 12/24/14
Merry Christmas, pretty Cricket. We brought you this stocking to hang up for Christmas. It is filled with your Mum's and David's forever love for you. Mum and David miss you so much but they know you are celebrating this holy day with them in spirit. They love you today and always. We know you will be singing to Mum and David in Paradise meadow at midnight tonight...the once a year magical time when furangels' voices are heard below by loving people parents missing you.
From: Pressy's Family
On: 12/29/13
Good Morning, pretty Cricket! Pressy said fur and feather angels are giving you a grand meadow party today to celebrate your third year of renewed health as a furangel playing in Paradise meadow sunshine. All fur and feather angels will be there…everyone says you’re so excited about the party! Char is giving you a gentle ride to meadow’s edge to send your kitty smiles to Mum and David so they feel your angel wings of love wrap around them and know you love and miss them too. Your kitty smiles and soft purrs sent in gentle breezes put smiles on Mum and David’s faces and put your love into their hearts. You are their beloved kitty and they miss you so…Pressy brought you flowers to give to Mum and David when you visit in their dreams tonight. Have fun at the anniversary party but send love signs to Mum and David…send a colorful rainbow, a pretty butterfly, or a soft breeze on their cheeks to say “I love you…I’m with you always!” We leave you our love, sweet kitty! Pressy's Grandpa
From: Pressy, Boo, and Char's Family
On: 12/25/13
Merry Christmas, pretty Cricket. We heard the furangels sing to us at the magical hour of midnight on Christmas Eve. Mama Cinder's choir practice was perfect...all the Christmas hymns you furangels sang to us were beautiful. We enjoyed the loving voices of you furangels sending your musical gifts of love from Paradise meadow down to us who love and miss you so much. Thank you for singing to us. We give you these flowers to show our appreciation for the precious gift of your love to us.
From: Pressy, Master Thomas, Char
On: 12/18/13
Hello, Miss Cricket. We came to deliver this Christmas tree for you. Grandpa asked us to make sure every member of our Paradise meadow family had a Christmas tree for their home in the meadow. See all the trees on the wagon Char is pulling. Master Thomas is sitting on top to keep count...he counted all the trees as we collected them in the magic forest in the meadow. They're all decorated...aren't they beautiful. Know you have been very busy attending choir practice with Mama Cinder for the family to sing to Mum and David at midnight on Christmas Eve. Well, we've got to go to deliver these trees...don't forget choir practice tonight. Merry Christmas, sweet little kitty girl.
From: Mum and All of your Family Below
On: 4/27/13
Dear Miss Cricket and Buttons and Cardinal, I know I am very late in sending you my Thanks for all the help you gave all the family and Oliver the night he arrived. Oliver went to the same hospital you went to. He was to stay 2 1/2 days but there was no sign he would improve. So I had to let his go to his forever home. I just know his Mama Cinder was so glad to see him. He loved kitties, but I am not to sure how well you knew him. He just loves to nibble on kitties necks. Who knows why, but he was very good as this task. :-) So if you or Buttons ever need a neck nibble, Dear Oliver is most willing to render the service at no charge... Thank You dear Cricket AND Buttons. THANK YOU....TREATS for you both are on the way. xoxoxox Salmon Steak !! Also a few sunflower seeds for Cardinal. xoxxo Luv, Mum
From: Mum
On: 4/8/13
10:30 AM April 8th PLEASE gather all the family together now, and PLEASE say prayers for Oliver. He is at the ER vet in respiratory distress. They feel his cancer has spread. Just please say many prayers for him. Mum
From: Doreen
On: 3/31/13
Hell beautiful Cricket, Hope your having a wonderful Easter, what a precious baby you are.I'm sure that your great friends with my kitty family by now. Your mom loves and misses you so much, visit her when she dreams so that she knows that your healthy, happy and free in Rainbow Bridge. Have a wonderful day sweet angel.
From: Mum and All MY RBB Family
On: 3/31/13
May you have a wonderful Easter. Don't forget to go to the sunrise service. Mum and all the family. May GOD Bless you, Each and every one... Today 15 years ago Calico kitty left me. Please help her have a nice day. I miss all of you so much. This morning I found a house wren nest torn up and her 6 eggs all gone. I have been so sad all day. I miss everyone of my family. xoxoxox to all. Mum.
From: The Sunshine Kids
On: 3/2/13
Hi Cricket, We know it`s late for that very important date but we`re sending you a special box of goodies anyway, cuz no matter what day of the year it is.. we Love You! With much love from the Sunshine Kids & their Mom
From: Mum and All MY RBB Family
On: 2/14/13
Happy Valentine's Day. David asked me to send this to you. xoxo Gloria We miss you !!!
From: Doreen Stewart
On: 1/22/13
Hello Beautiful Cricket, Your mum and family love and miss you so much. They've created the most beautiful memorial for you to show their devotion. Please visit your mom in her dreams so that she knows your free and chasing butterflies through the amazing hills and valleys. You have such a big family, it must be so much fun in Rainbow Heaven,not a moment to waste or an adventure to be missed. If you cross my Sasha path, or any of her brother Rusty and Al, please give purrs & licks. There will come a time, separation will be a thing of the past and you will be in your loving wonderful mums arms again. I am so happy to know where you are now, I can pop in from time to time. For now sweet one purrs & meows Doreen
From: Mum and All of your Family Below & Snickers
On: 1/2/13
Cricket, Buttons and Young Cardinal, It has been a long busy year. Xmas, New Years and your 2nd Homecoming Anniversary. Now its time to rest in your nice new house and await spring. Thank all of you for being a part of my life. We will meet again. You all did a wonderful job in the Christmas pageant.Thank you very much. Eat well, rest and remember us below and know we miss you. Spring will be here soon. xoxox Luv Mum PS I have sent you a bigger house. :-) and another box of new fresh blankets for your new home. I miss you all. Luv, Mum
From: Heather and the Girls
On: 1/1/13
Dear Cricket, It`s been a busy year for you and we know you could probably use a bit of R & R so we`re sending you a special New Year`s treat together with our best wishes for a Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy the goodies and send Sweet Blessings to you. With Love from Heather and the Girls.
From: Mum and All of your Family Below & Snickers
On: 12/31/12
Dear Cricket, I am so glad you enjoyed your Homecoming Celebration. Don't forget to thank Char, Jake, Pressy, Puppy, Tiny Tim, Cinder, Mama Cat, Master Thomas, Tatiana, Maliaka and EVERYONE who made your Celebration so very Special. David and I both thought about you last night, each of us with our own special memories. Thank you Dear Cricket for coming into our lives. We will never forget you ~ever. After the New Years Eve celebration tonight, please sleep well. The little birds where in YOUR window this afternoon. No doubt they came to leave their Best Wishes to you and miss seeing you in Your window. Sweet Quiet little Girl, we miss you, but look forward to seeing you again. Get lots of rest, exercise, and good food and warm naps in the sunshine. I am sending you some nice warm milk so you can rest after such a busy 2 days. We Miss You ...xoxox Mum and David.
From: Char, Jake, Master Thomas, Boo, and Family
On: 12/29/12
Hello, pretty Miss Cricket. We brought the carriage to give you a grand ride to your anniversary celebration tonight...we will take the scenic route all through the meadow so you can see the beautiful flowers and listen to the musical river. Jake, Master Thomas, and the Boo were coming to escort you but so many others in our family wanted to come too...Puppy, Tiny Tim, Whiskers, and just everyone wanted to be your escorts so we now have a parade for you to the party! We brought these flowers for you to honor you. Tonight after the celebration we know you are going to make a dream visit to your Mum and to David...he is waiting to have a talk with you just like always. Please give Mum a hug and kiss. Mum and David love and miss you terriby so your visit will be a wonderful treat for them. Time to get in the carriage, pretty girl...we have much to see and we don't want you to be late for your party. We all love you, Miss Cricket.
From: Mum and All of your Family Below & Snickers
On: 12/29/12
Dear Cricket and Buttons, May you have a wonderful New Year xoxoxo Mum
From: Mum and David
On: 12/29/12
Dearest Cricket, Its going to be a very cold night. Its nice to know it will be a nice warm evening tonight. I just found out Char, Master Thomas and Boo will be coming to give you a ride to your 2 your Homecoming Anniversary Dinner. They have some beautiful flowers for you also. It was a very long night for me the night David took you to the ER. I told you good bye but did not give you a kiss. I have always regretted that. We think of you very often and miss you. Now you have a forever home. One day we will be together again. When I get there, I will give you a big hug and a kiss- not goodbye, but a HELLO kiss. Thank you for letting me bring you home with me so many years ago. I miss you very much Cricket. Your ashes are in a box with your picture and it's sitting on the book shelf right where you always slept. Thank you for coming into our lives. Tell Jake, Cinder, Mama Cat, Whiskers, Violet, Mr Bones, Kalu and ALL the family I send my love. Always know I love you. xoxo Mum
From: Mum and All of your Family Below & Snickers
On: 12/25/12
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I love you
From: Pressy's Family
On: 12/25/12
Merry Christmas, pretty Cricket. Please talk to David as a gift and send him many of your special kitty kisses down the rainbow for Christmas. We're thinking of you today.

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