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From: Your Mama
On: 3/21/14
3 years today my smiling baby boy. I miss you so very, very much. Some day we will be together. I love you with all of my heart and soul. xoxoxox
From: Marilyn
On: 3/28/13
Coosie, I can't help but get the biggest smile on my face when I see your pictures!!You are a cutie patootie, thats for sure!! How are you sweety? Have you met bunches of friends? Remeber, when you run across Abner, give him a love from me K? When the time comes baby, Mama will come get you..and you can snuggle with her forever........Happy Easter Lil' Coosie, I can hear the little song made for you one Easter... I love you baby, Auntie Marilyn
From: jill
On: 3/22/13
sending hugz love and prayers to your mommy. she misses you sooo..... much and my heart aches when she hurts. Please whisper in her dreams and visit her often! love you!! YSIR
From: Your Mama
On: 3/21/13
My sweet baby boy - 2 years ago today. I continue to miss you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow. With every ounce of my heart and soul .... I love and miss you. Your Mama xoxoxoxox
On: 3/20/13
From: Your Mama
On: 2/18/13
My heart still is full of pain my smiling little boy. I hope you are playing hard. Hugs to little Abner and to little Rusty when you see them. You shouldn't have this little beef, but what the heck. xoxoxoxoxoxox
From: Your Mama xoxoxoxox
On: 12/24/12
Merry Christmas my sweet smiling little boy. I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
From: Marilyn
On: 12/14/12
Merry Christmas Lil' Coosie......I know yourewell, happy and whole. Do you and Abner ever have any snow ball fights? If you see him and will, please give Abner a big ole love for me Thank you Coosie....I love you, Aunt Marilyn
From: Your Mama
On: 11/22/12
Happy Turkey Day my sweet little boy! Your Mama xoxoxoxoxox
From: Your Mama
On: 10/6/12
Play like you've never played before my sweet little boy. With all of my heart and soul ......... Mama xoxoxoxox
From: Marilyn
On: 10/3/12
Coosie, I came to visit Abner and I wanted to stop by and give you a hug and kiss.I know you're happy and whole and that gives megreat pleasure ans good feelings.....I love you Coosie..Aunt Marilyn
From: Your Mama
On: 9/21/12
I love and miss you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow. Your Mama xoxoxoxoxo
From: Wendy Smith
On: 9/20/12
I am sorry for your loss . .I understand.
From: Your Mama
On: 7/12/12
Love of my life and best friend ... I continue missing you very, very much! Mama xoxoxoxox
From: Marilyn
On: 5/12/12
Sweet Little coosie,How are you? I know you're playing and still meeting new friends. I love looking at your pictures, you're just too sweet! I guess, as you know, mama is leaving for Ohio Monday......and you're going with her. I know if she couldn't take you, she wouldn't go. I know you both will be very happy.....its still very hard for me to go see Abner so if you see him, you think maybe you can give him a sugar peck please...just one will do. Coosie, you're in your Mama's heart, theres no closer place to be. Play hard, eat good...and make friends..I love you Coosie, Aunt Marilyn
From: Jaynie Powers
On: 5/11/12
We will take good care of your mama sweet little boy...I know you will be here with us too!! love you, Aunt Jaynie
From: Jaynie Powers
On: 5/11/12
We will take good care of your mama sweet little boy...I know you will be here with us too!! love you, Aunt Jaynie
From: Chuck
On: 4/29/12
Hi Coosie, it seems I already know you as I have met a lady who is fast becoming a great friend of mine and she is also you "Mama". I must say it was hard to not let the tears fall as they may, reading about you and what Mama was going thru to keep you in this world, but I know you are at peace, enjoying your new life and loving it, and of course I know you miss Lynda your Mama and my friend. Love to you, Chuck
From: Your Mama
On: 4/29/12
Awww Coosie, Rebecca left you a chair. How wonderful. You now have a chair again to squirrel your little body around in - laying on your back just twisting and kicking for all you are worth. I am leaving you a little stuffed duck like you use to have. I love you little boy. With every ounce .... I love you. Your Mama xoxoxoxoxox
From: Rebecca Terkin
On: 4/9/12
Coosie you are beautiful, I am happy to know that Sugar is playing with a gentle soul like you, please give her a big hug and kiss for me.

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