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From: Lynda
On: 4/7/16
Dear Cioppi, it has been some time now since I came to visit you and Solo but we think of you still and hold you both in our hearts. Shammah is with you ever there and Lee is with me and Kavaree here. We are glad you are safe and peaceful until we can all be happy together again. Lots of hugs to you and mama. Love from us always Cioppi!
From: mamma
On: 12/25/15
Ciao amore mio ! Un'altro Natale lontano da voi, ma si avvicina il giorno che saremo di nuovo insieme ad aprire i regali..Mi manchi da morire , baci, baci, baci.
From: Shammah's Mom
On: 3/13/15
Ciao Cioppi, we have brought you the cake for your mama's Birthday. Now go and have a nice party for her with Solo and Shammah. Send her lots of love on her very special day. Hugs!
From: Shammah's Mom
On: 2/6/15
Dear Cioppi, we are thinking of you and your anniversary at the Bridge. Another year has come and gone to bring us closer to the time when you and your mama will be together again. That happy day will come very soon now and we wait for it. Stay close to Shammah and Solo until then send some kisses to your mom while she is missing you. We love you always Cioppi.
From: mamma
On: 12/31/14
it was 14 years ago when I had to send you to the Bridge, and it seems like yesterday Coppi mio. I miss you and love you every day as I did for 14 years of your life. Wait for me my boy, it will be soon when I come to you, and we will be together for ever!
From: mamma
On: 12/25/14
Buon Natale piccolo mio ! Hope you and Solo have lots of panettoni ed other sweets to celebrate Christmas ! Wait for me sweet, not too long now and we will be all together again and for ever !
On: 10/2/14
Cioppimio, I came to say happy Birthday to Lola, I am sure you are all near and together, and will celebrate her to day. I miss you my boy, and youe son Solo, always. I am alone and sad without you 2, and long to come and be with you for ever together Loveyou Cioppettello !
From: Shammah's Mom
On: 8/23/14
Hi there Cioppi, I am just coming by to visit you and Solo after I was with Shammah. The days here on earth are becoming very difficult so we are glad you are there with each other. Your mama and I hope to be seeing you soon and we will be so happy on that day. Until then, be sure to send your mom some kisses and love every day. We love you always! - Shammah's Mom
From: Lynda
On: 3/13/14
Ciao Cioppi, I am happy to visit you again on your mom's Birthday. Solo and Shammah are with you as you go and be with mama to celebrate her special day. Please tell her we love her and think of her always until we are all together. Give her lots of hugs and best wishes for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love to you all from Shammah's Mom
From: Shammah's Mom
On: 1/17/14
Dear Cioppi we hope you are having a wonderful time at the Bridge celebrating with all your friends there who love you on your anniversary. Shammah and Solo are with you now and your mama and I wish we were too. Until then, we are sending you lots of love and hugs sweet boy. Rest well and wait for us! Shalom with Love always.
From: la tua mamma
On: 1/1/14
my sweet boy! time goes by but I still cry and miss you like that horrible day..., I remember every second of that trip to the other side of Nairobi, the worse trip of my life, going to the vet knowing that I willcome back alone. II love you Cioppi mio, don't look down, my tears make you sad..., just play and run with Solo and the other Friends, until I come to be with you 2 for ever happy as we were !
On: 12/31/13
From: la mamma
On: 12/1/13
Cioppi mio, to day it starts..., the Holidays are the worse time of the year for me here without you and Solo. Time is going on but the pain and the loneliness never ends. To day we were starting our last month of life together in Kenya, and Solo 's last 2 months in Egypt. January the month that took you both away from me : different time, different places same suffering ! Now I am here far from your graves, and I miss it, but I know you are both there happy and young again waiting for me.I pray it will be soon the day when I will come running to you and you will come to welcome me with wagging tails and lots of kisses. Can't wait my boy.You play and be near to your son, and let him play with your toys...NOT as you were doing down here ;.)Love you Cioppi mio, so much and more every day.
From: Lynda
On: 10/5/13
Dear Cioppi, sending you lots of love and please take care of Shammah and Solo until we get there. Kisses & Hugs!
From: mamma
On: 6/9/13
time isn so long when one waits ..., and for me it is Cioppi and Solo : I pray every day to come to you soon and for ever. Love and miss you always
From: Shammah Lee & Karvaree
On: 3/13/13
Hi Cioppi! We want to come and give you a cake to take to your Mama's party now. Be very careful and take it to her not to drop it! We did not lick it or anything! Our mom says to be careful not to touch it. We will all sing Happy Birthday together and then eat cake! Here we go!
From: Shammah's Mom
On: 3/13/13
Hello dear Cioppi, I am coming to let you know that it is time for Shammah and Solo to take you to your Mama's Birthday Party. She will love her Birthday Roses and Wine we will bring her. So take these Roses for your Mama and wish her a very Happy Birthday with much Love!
From: Lee, Kavaree & Shammah's Mom
On: 2/14/13
Ciao Cioppi! We hope you will be with Shammah at her Valentine's party today. She will make you smile and you will have much fun eating the treats. Love and kissess from your friends here as always.
From: Shammah's Mom
On: 1/31/13
Hello sweet Cioppi, you know I am here visiting with you and Solo and Shammah. I am glad she is helping you to take care of Solo and you are having the best time together. It is good for Solo to have company and some friends there and everyone is happy. We will try to help your mama not to feel bad or miss you too much. Very soon everyone of us will be together again and no more crying or tears! Shammah will help you now until mama comes. So have a nice time and enjoy the warm sunshine, send mama your kisses and lots of love today. We will say prayers for her. Big hugs to you Cioppi, you are a good boy. Shalom
From: mamma tua
On: 1/30/13
Ciao spissolo mio! to day and to morrow very bad days for me, 4 years ago your son Solo also left me to come to you at the Bridge...January the worse month Cioppi mio, on the 1st you and after some years also our son left in January. You boys play and eat and be happy, don't look down for a couple of days : I know you both feel so bad when I cry. Vengo presto amore mio, presto!

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