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From: To My Mommy & Family on Valentines Day 2018
On: 2/14/18
To Mommy Melanie, Mommy GG & Family, Another Valentine’s day here at Rainbow Bridge, guys, & my friends are extra nice to me this year because they saw how joyful I was when the Eagles won the Super Bowl! Me & my angel pals always feel close to our families on this day, especially our Mommies, & as I’ve shared with you before we angels can see, & feel, how much we are missed even more on a special day like this. My friends, from all 50 states & all over the world, tell me how lucky I am to have such a loving family on earth, & they all were there for me when my cousin Buddy was called home last week: I remember him like it was yesterday, & he remembered me, your Cinnie. Thanks for including me in your Valentine’s Day, as always, & for keeping me alive, & beloved, in your hearts. I will never forget my Mom & family, & I will watch over & guide you every single day. Hugs & kisses forever! Your eternal Valentine, Cinnie Baby Girl
From: Cinnie to my Mom & Family on my 19th birthday
On: 1/9/18
Mommy Melanie, Although time passes more gently here at the Bridge than I remember on earth, special days like my birthday & the excitement that surrounded them at our (my) house have become legendary here among my RB & Critters angel friends. Many of my pals come from loving families like I did, but they are still amazed by some of the stories I tell them about birthdays I shared with my family on earth. Christmas, New Years, little Christmas, & then my birthday, it all seemed to run together. I remember the birthday streamers in the dining room, & the banners in the living room, & all the love, cake & presents you shared with me every year, & how you never wanted my 13th birthday celebration to end, & in a way (& in my heart) it never will. I look forward to seeing which photo you picked for this years cake, & thank you for loving & honoring me eternally. You are with me always, & the cherished memories we all share sustain me until we are all together again. Love, your Cinnie
From: To my Mommy & Family on New Year's Day 2018
On: 1/1/18
Good morning, Mommy, & Happy New Year 2018. Boy, was it cold in NYC last night. I wish I could share with you the amazing view me & my angel pals have from Rainbow Bridge, but it’s like we can zoom in & see where we want. The crowd sure cleared out of Times Square fast, & I could see in my mind’s eye the scene 18 years ago, when you guys took me for tour of TS in my famous Sherpa bag. No way I was walking through all that confetti & trash, but I’ll never forget the smells or the sights, or how happy you all were to be with me, your beloved Cinnie Baby Girl. I want you to know that I loved & cherish every day we shared on earth, & I chose to fight as hard as I could because of the love & respect you have for me. Thanks again for staying by my side during the toughest times; for putting my welfare first; & for knowing that I’d let you know exactly what I felt, & thought. We are temporarily separated by the stars, but you make me a part of your lives every day. Your loving daughter Cinnie
From: To My Mom & Family on Christmas 2017
On: 12/25/17
To Mommy Mel & Family, In 1999 I was still a young pup, but I remember my 1st Christmas with my family like it was yesterday. You guys really celebrate Christmas, & when I arrived I think you loved it even more. Then we all went to NYC for the millennial New Years. Remember? Boy, I packed a lot of living & love into every second I shared with my family down there, & you’ve never left my side (or my heart) even though this is my 6th Christmas at RB. I saw the fire truck on Christmas Eve day, & believe it or not I could hear my sisters & brother ‘singing’ all the way up here! Ginger Snap is with me now, & she, Daisy & Ike, & all of the RP angels, even Dachsanne & Rusty, watched Santa’s visit with me: we all agree RP is a great place, & a great home. Thanks for making me the most important part of the family, for keeping me alive in your collective hearts, & for listening to my heavenly woofs as I watch over you. Together forever we are & will always be. Love, your daughter Cinnamon
From: From Cinnamon to Mommy Gee Gee on her birthday
On: 11/27/17
Mommy GG, I told Brucie he had to help me get my birthday note to you done before he went to work, but he didn’t mind because we are his two favorite people. I don’t know what I did to deserve a great 2nd Mom like you, but I hit the jackpot when my Mommy Mel took me home, & I became the center of a loving & devoted family, & a daughter to Mommy & you. I’m glad there were clear skies on Sunday as it allowed me to supervise the Christmas decorations from the Bridge, just like I used to do from my favorite spots in the backyard & on the front lawn. You guys do a great job every year, but it seemed less stressful this year for some reason: I think you both knew I was with you. I see all of the generous things you do for family & friends each year, & & know that to be part of my family is, & will always be, right where I belong. Say hi to Ann & Al for me, & let them know their granddaughter Ginger Snap is here & loved. I share my heart, love & chair with you always, Mommy GG. Your Cookie
From: To My Mommy & Family On Thanksgiving Day 2017
On: 11/23/17
Mommy Mel & Family, I woke up early when I heard Brucie singing 'Hot Dog Girl': see, I can hear it coming from your hearts, it doesn't have to be out loud. So many memories I have of Thanksgiving's past spent with you guys. I remember Edith & my cousins in Tampa, on the bay, in 2001, by then I knew what a special & loving family I had. And so much turkey; so many leftovers. I thought our time together on earth would never end (I didn't want it to), but this is the 6th Thanksgiving I'm sharing with you from RB, & I feel blessed to be with you today & every day. By the way, Dachsanne, Rusty & all of your angels are here watching over you with me. We all send our love, & give thanks for your eternal devotion & respect, & the years we spent in each other's company on earth. Oh, & I know from Brucie what you're doing for dinner this year, so be prepared to transport leftovers! Tears, on earth & in heaven, remain a reflection of the unbreakable bond we share alwas. Your Daughter Cinnamon
From: From Cinnie for my Mom & Family on Labor Day 2017
On: 9/4/17
Mommy Mel, it’s your girl Cinnie, & I wanted to leave a message for you as I’ve done on holidays & special days since I left for the Bridge exactly 5 yrs & 3 mos ago. I still don’t know why, but I was called home in the spring of 2012, on June 4, so this is the 6th summer & 6th Labor Day I’ve shared with my family from Rainbow Bridge. Truth be told I hear you speak to me, & I feel your love & caring every single day. Since today is Monday, so we'll be visiting at the Candle ceremony tonight, yet another way that I’m reminded of how much I loved every day we all shared on earth, & every prayer, thought & dream we continue to share from a distance. The depth & intensity of the devotion & love shared is why our memories last forever, along with missing each other every day. The love of my family is truly the wind beneath my angel wings, always, & your touches & tears will never fade from memory no matter how many years go by. Happy Labor Day, guys. Love, your beloved daughter Cinnamon
From: To My Mommy & Family on July 4th 2017
On: 7/4/17
To Mommy Melanie, Mommy Gee Gee & Family, I'm here at Rainbow Bridge with my friends from the world over, but this day means much more to my US pals. This is the 6th Independence I've been here at RB, & while I've met many amazing angels, I never forget that this was the 1st holiday at RB since the day I left for the Bridge on June 4, 2012. You guys all worked crazy hours, but you always included me in every part of your lives, & that's what I miss so, especially on the holidays we shared for all those years. There are no kabooms during fireworks up here, nor do we smell any gunpowder (& you know we smell everything!), but what we see are the glorious colors, reminding me & all of my angel pals of holidays past, & how very much we love spending time with our families, & feeling, always, how connected & beloved we remain. Deep inside of your hearts I know me & Mommy Mel are always entrant #344, & I remain in my house, & walk the steets of my beloved RP, forever. Love, Cinnamon
From: Cinnie to my Mommy & Family on my 5-year angel day
On: 6/4/17
To my Mom Melanie & Family, I still can’t believe that it was 5 years ago today that I was called home, guys: you make it clear to me every day that you love & care for me so very much. That’s one of the things that I always try to explain to the new angels, that since we watch over & guide our families for all time, we hear your loving words without having to think about it. Oh, but how glorious it is when I reminisce with my angel pals, old & new, about the life I shared with my family on earth! I have friends from around the world, you know, & while our cultures & holidays might differ, the mutual respect, caring & love we are blessed to share with special Mommy’s & families like you, is what allows us (& me) to wait patiently even though I miss you all so very much. I see our house right now, & my rose bush, & I am loving you with all of my heart, & wishing, every day, for 1 more day, just as you do. Keep me in your hearts, & know you are always in mine. Love, Cinnie Baby Girl
From: Cinnie to my Mommy & Family on Memorial Day 2017
On: 5/29/17
I sound like a broken record I know, Mommy (whatever that is!), but his is the 5th I’m sharing with you guys from Rainbow Bridge, & I miss you as much today as I did after the angels came to guide me to the Bridge. I remember we took a family trip to Annapolis, MD, on Memorial Day weekend 2012, & we had lunch at the Dock Street B & G. The nice waitress brought me my own water bowl as they always did, & all of the sights, sounds & smells (I’m a dachshund girl, after all) are with me still. I was in my beloved green stroller, as usual, & I remember people stopping to talk to you guys, & you telling them how special I was. I’ll never forget your voices or your gentle touches, ear scratches & belly rubs, & how much you loved & cared for me every day. Me & my angel friends talk about wishing for 1 more day with our people, & since I hear you guys I know you feel that, too, but what we really mean is 1 more lifetime. Thanks for being a wonderful family, & loving me eternally. Love, Cinnamon
From: Cinnamon to my Mommies on Mother's Dad 2017
On: 5/14/17
To Mommy Melanie & Mommy Gee Gee, Good morning from Rainbow Bridge, on Mother’s Day 2017, the fifth Mother’s Day note I’ve sent to you from the temporary (but beautiful) home I share at the Bridge with my amazing angel friends from around the world. My circle of angel pals grows & grows as the years go by, but no matter how long we’re at the Bridge, we all agree that the feelings of love & caring we share with our Mommies is with us always. Just as you will remember forever the velvet fur on my ears, the look in my eyes, the sound of my voice & the jingling of my collar, I remember your loving touch, the sound of YOUR voices, & the look in your eyes when you told me you would love me forever. And so you do! All of our family’s angels are with me, & on this May 14th Mother’s Day, and we are all grateful for having shared our time on earth with family who loved & respected us so very much, & knowing that we will indeed spend forever together. Love, Your Daughter Cinnamon
From: To Mommy Mel on her B'day from Cinnamon 2017
On: 4/19/17
Mommy Melanie, I'm sending this on your birthday morning so the celebration is just starting. My RB angel friends, new & old, know all about our birthdays past, yours & mine, & they talk about how much love I was able to share with you & my family during our time together on earth. As I've told you before when I visit in your dreams, me & my fellow angels never stop missing our people, either, just as you carry me in your heart & soul today, & for all time. So I will be with you every step of the way today, & all during your birthday celebration, & your trip to FLA to visit my cousins J & C. It's hard to believe that it been this long since I had to leave for the Bridge, that is your 5 birthday we've shared between heaven & earth, but the bond will never be broken, Mommy, & I will remember your voice, your touch, & the loving look in your eyes (& miss them all, too) until you hold me in your arms again. All my love to you, Mommy Mel, today & every day. Your Daughter Cinnamon
From: to My Mommy & Family on Easter 2017
On: 4/16/17
Good Easter morning from Rainbow Bridge, guys! Hard to believe that this is the 5th Easter we have shared with each other since I had to leave for the Bridge in June 2012. I’ve met many incredible angels since I’ve been here, including Dachsanne & Rusty, & Brucie’s whole gang. And Cousin Eddie’s angels are here with us, too. You know Easter is always special since I came to our forever home on Easter weekend 1999, & do you know I’ve found out since I’ve been here that Easter rarely falls on April 4th. Like you, I never know where to begin when I write to you, Mommy, as there are still so many things I want to share with you & my family. Thank you & Mommy GG for the Easter decorations again, & me & my angel pals tried to do the same for you: you liked the pink full moon, I hope! Thanks for keeping me in your lives & hearts; for hearing my heavenly woofs; & for reaching out to touch me in your mind's eye: I am always there, just as you are always with me. Love, Your Daughter Cinnamon
From: To Mommy & Family on Valentines Day 2017
On: 2/14/17
To Mommy Melanie, Mommy GG & Family, Even though me & my angel friends have had our youth restored, diseases cured & injuries healed as we wait for our people at the Bridge, the time we shared on earth, & precious memories of you, are a part of my heavenly heart & soul for all time. New angles arrive here every day, so I am constantly reminded of how much you loved & respected me, & of all the care you afforded me throughout my time with you. I know so many amazing angels who were blessed with great families of their own, & we all agree that seeing how much we are missed is something we never get used to, or get over. It was 5 years ago that I remember you, Mommy Mel, asking me to pose with a bunch of my babies, you know, not my toys, but my pals. I remember you saying how beautiful I looked, & then I was amazed in 2013, when I heard you guys say the same thing, thru tears, all the way up here at the Bridge. Thank you for being my family, your little girl & Valentine Cinnamon
From: Cinnie to my Mom & Family on my 18th Birthday
On: 1/9/17
I’m waiting to see what my birthday cake looks like this year, guys. Over the years my friends from Rainbow Bridge have been impressed by the parties you have in my honor, but what we always talk about afterwards is how wonderful it is to be loved, respected & cared for forever & ever. It turns out, as you know, that the ache never really goes away, but neither does the connection we share, or the glorious memories that are with me, & sustain me (& you) every day. I hear Mommy GG say she missed me in our chair, but I know that when I close my eyes & dream I often find us sharing the chair in my heart. Mommy, when you talk to me, or reach out to touch me, I hope you know I’m always there. And I always will be. I’m glad, & proud to know that I remain in your collective hearts, & as I’ve told you many times, Mommy, I knew you were my forever Mom the first time I met you, & what a great gift that is. On my 18th birthday, kisses forever. You loving daughter, Cinnamon.
From: To my Mommy & Family on New Years Dad 2017
On: 1/1/17
Hey, guys, even from Rainbow Bridge me & my forever angel friends can see it’s been a crazy year down there. As you know when you share life & love with canine & feline (and furred & feathered) family members, every day is unique & special in ways you can never anticipate because our devotion to & caring for our people is unlike anything else in the world. NYD has been special for us ever since we shared NYC & Times Square before I was 1 year old! And I don’t think I need to remined you how many members of the NYPD were smitten by my cuteness, & spunk. None of us knew what the future held, but I could not have asked for more support & love from my people, & I knew (and can feel even now at the Bridge) our love is eternal. As always, my birthday is only 8 days away, & like many of my friends, I never forget the time on earth with you, & for me that means special days & moments shared that I hold in my heart for all time. Together forever we are! your loving daughter Cinnamon.
From: To my Mommy & Family Christmas 2016
On: 12/25/16
To Mommy & Family, This is the 17th Christmas I am sharing with you guys, & like all of my forever angel friends here at Rainbow Bridge, & their people, the connection gets stronger every year! I saw the fire truck yesterday, & I remember what a big deal the firemen made about me, Cinnie, the red mini dachshund from Ridley Park, each year. I also heard you, Mommy, when you shared with Mommy GG’s friend what a special part of the family I am to this day. The decorations look wonderful as they always do, but I’m waiting until the tree is finished before I give you my final grade! My angel pals from around the country & world tell me they can still feel how much I am respected & loved by my people, & we all know that is the important thing in life, & at the Bridge, too. We have new angels with us this year at the Bridge as we always do, & when I remember Christmas 2012, my first here, I know that I will miss my Mommy & family until we see each other again. Love, your daughter Cinnamon
From: From Cinnamon to Mommy Gee Gee on her birthday
On: 11/27/16
Mommy GG, I don't remember exactly when you started sharing a recliner with me every night, but I know I will never forget, & it's something I still think about every evening at Rainbow Bridge. Those memories make my heart burst with love, & as all of my angel friends know I am always proud to talk about my 2nd Mom, & how much she loved & cared for me. We had a tough year in 2014, & last year we all traveled to Florida for Thanksgiving, & I missed sending a note to you. I know you felt my love on your birthday, for sure, but even for angels, it's not always easy to connect to the internet when traveling. This is the 5th birthday of yours I've shared with you from Rainbow Bridge, you know, but I also still feel how much you care & cherish the memories we share. Thank you for decorating in my honor on the holidays, but especially because I feel the power of our shared love when you do. We are a part of each other forever, Mommy GG, & that will never change! Love, your Cookie
From: Cinnamon, to my Mommy & Family Thanksgiving 2016
On: 11/24/16
Good morning, Mommy. As you know in 2015 my #1 priority was to watch over you & my family during ‘our’ trip to Florida for Thanksgiving. I still see your tears & feel your heartache every day, but the respect you share with me, & how glorious the memories of our life shared remain in your hearts, inspire me every day & night. I learned my lesson a few years ago when I talked about the weather & you had ALL of that snow, but no matter, I know you will always clear a path for me, your Cinnie Baby Girl. I am by your side on every walk you guys take, & when you decorate (great job, guys!), & everywhere & anywhere you are. It does get harder each year I think at times, but that’s only because you love & respect me so much, which I feel no matter how many years go by. I know in my heart, as you do in yours, that we are & will be together forever. And to my family, as I’ve heard you say to me: I carry your hearts with me (I carry them in my heart). Your Loving Daughter Cinnamon
From: From Cinnamon for Mommy on Labor Day 2016
On: 9/5/16
Good morning, Mommy Melanie, & family, it’s Cinnie. Me & my angel pals are not allowed to exaggerate, but for sure we were filled with positive thoughts & wishes as Hurricane Hermine keeps pushing further out to sea. Only so much even us angels can do. It’s very hard for me, guys, to believe, but this is the 5th Labor Day I will share with you from Rainbow Bridge, but staying connected to my people & watching over you is something I will never, ever tire of. Yes, I still see your eyes & hear your words, & I feel your feelings, but every memory of every amazing moment shared is locked in my heart forever, just as they are for you. Thank you again, Mommy GG, for saying good morning & good night, at home & at work, every day. I want you all to know that every time you touch my photo, or my picture a screen, I feel your loving caress all there way here in heaven. I am with you always, as you are in my heart at the Bridge, and that will never, ever change! Love, Your Daughter Cinnamon

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