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From: Joe
On: 11/28/14
Chloe, it will soon be five years since your mommy joined you. I really miss both of you but I'm happy that you were there to greet your mommy. I will always love both of you with all my heart.
From: katherine
On: 6/1/13
Hi Chloe: I was looking up Residents from Plano and I found you. What a nice family you have!!
On: 11/27/12
On: 11/27/11
From: Joe
On: 11/29/10
Dearest little Chloe, It's been 3 years today since you went to the Rainbow Bridge and I miss you just as much as always. In 2 weeks it will be a year since your mommy (Diana my wife) went to join you. I hope you introduced her to all of your furbaby friends. You both are missed and loved more than I can say. I look forward to the day that God has chosen for me to join you both, it can't happen soon enough. It's very lonely without you both but Beckham is a big help. He is a very sweet bunny and Mommy loved him very much. I hope you have had fun with your mommy and I look forward to the time when we're all together. With all my love, Daddy
From: robert
On: 6/1/10
From: Daddy & Mommy
On: 11/28/09
Darling Chloe, We love and miss you so much Baby. We have been thinking about you more than we normally do every day because today was the day you left us two years ago. We love you and want to hold you and kiss you and talk to you and look into your beautiful face. We love you always, Daddy & Mommy XOXOXOXO
From: Daddy & Mommy
On: 4/15/09
Our Dearest Baby Chloe, Happy Birthday,Darling! You were and still are the light of our lives. We love you so very much and miss you so much. We think of you all the time and talk about you all the time. You live in our hearts and in our minds and we have the most wonderful memories of you and every sweet moment we got to spend with you. We were blessed with you and we thank God for you. We had an Easter Lilly at church for you Sunday--just like the one we brought home on Easter that we were all allergic to. Happy Birthday, Chole Marie. You are our little love. XXOO
From: Daddy & Mommy
On: 12/29/08
Happy New Year, our little love--our only baby girl bunny. We love you so very much and we miss you all the time, but esp. on holidays. We will tell you Happy New Year at midnight just like we always did when you were here with us and we would hug and kiss you, too. Celebrate the new year and know we are loving you and missing you and thinkings of you always. You will always be our perfect, beautiful little baby doll bunny. Love You Always, XXOO
From: Swati
On: 12/28/08
I just visited little Chloe's residence--she seems so sweet. I'm so sorry for your loss--I miss my Honey Bunny very much too.
From: Daddy and Mommy
On: 12/25/08
Merry Christmas, Chloe Angel. We love and miss you very much. We always enjoyed celebrating Christmas with you. We have all your willow ornaments and your special 1 year ornament we made for you. We think of you today at Christmas and every day. You are always in our hearts and our memories. You are perfect and we love you and miss you so very much, Darling Baby Girl. Love Always. XXOO
From: Pat(Gottie,Tony Chrissy,Meadow&Harley's Mom
On: 12/25/08
Hi little lady.Just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas.I bet you are all having a wonderful celebration at the Bridge.Your family is really missing you.Shine your star extra bright for them tonight.Love ya little one.
From: Pat(Gottie,Tony Chrissy,and Meadows Mom}
On: 12/8/08
Hi beautiful Chloe.I am so sorry I missed your first anniversary at Rainbow Bridge.I bet you had a wonderful cellebration with all theBridge babies.And of course you were the Guest Of Honor.Your Mom and Dad are really missing you.They know that you are well and happy at the Bridge but there is a really big hole in their heart and their life is not the same as before you left.They have so many beautiful memories of your time together and these help to keep you close.Love is forever Chloe and your family certainly loves you....
From: Eva
On: 12/7/08
I am sorry to here about your rabbit's death. She sounded very wonderful, and I see you loved her very much. Sincerely, Eva
From: Daddy & Mommy
On: 12/2/08
Chloe Angel, Friday(11/28) We remembered you in a special way because you left us 1 year ago on that day. We were very sad & had all kinds of emotions come up. We celebrated your life with us & how very much we love & adore & miss you-beyond words. Beckham (your younger brother) knew things were different & he cuddled Daddy even tighter because he knew he was upset. We wrote you a note in your guest book & left you a bunch of bananas & we left you a new present on your residency sight. We still keep your ashes in your pretty cedar box with your name on it on the sofa table along with your carrier tag & the sweet card about you from Dr. P. Yesterday we celebrated Beckham's 2nd birthday (because 1 year ago we met him at the Shelter & decided to adopt him, after you had gone). We thought of you all week-end & yesterday (as always), but forgot to put your tribute in for last night. We are so sorry. We love & miss you & give you red roses-your favorite. You are always our baby. Love-XXOO
From: Daddy & Mommy
On: 11/28/08
Darling Chloe, You left us one year ago today at 8:45AM and our life has never been the same, just as we have never been the same since you came into our life on Feb. 8, 2003. You are our treasure and our blessing. You were always such wonderful little baby and such a good girl through everything. We know you are in God's hands and are perfect, healthy, strong and loving just as you were meant to be. We long to see you, hold you, kiss and pet you and be with you forever. Thank you for being our companion, a member of our family, our baby. We are thankful for every moment spent together and for all our memories. We thank God for blessing us with you. You are always in our hearts and minds--constantly. To say we love you is so inadequate, there aren't sufficient words for how we feel about you. You will always be our sweet baby girl. We wish you were here. Chloe, WE LOVE YOU. WE MISS YOU. XOXO
From: Michelle
On: 7/18/08
Your bunny's story reminds me of my Stormi who just passed on 7/8/08. She fought to stay around as long as she could and she had the best attitude of a bunny that I have had. I am sure Chloe & Stormi met up and our friends. I have 2 other buns Luna & Thumper so they have plenty of company. :)
From: Cynthia Arruza
On: 6/23/08
I got your email My ruby had a bad back leg and I had it removed then her front arm got bad, I loved my ruby. I know how it is to lose a baby . My ruby was all to myself and my son.
From: Jane
On: 6/23/08
Dear Joe and Diana, Thank you for your condolences on the loss of my Peter Rabbit, and I send heartfelt prayers for Chloe to be happy and safe at the Bridge, it will be lovely for Peter to have a little friend there, he is a black and white Dutch bunny and very friendly. God bless you, little Chloe and make every day for you at the Bridge sweet and joyful, until we are all reunited in joy.
From: Annie & Jim
On: 6/19/08
Dear Joe and Diana, What a beautiful tribute to little Chloe Marie. You were blessed to have each other. She's waiting for you....God bless, Annie

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