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On: 5/13/13
On: 5/14/12
margaret on this the 6th anniversary of your little soul mate chico pASSING I SEND YOU BOTH MY CONDOLENCES
From: robert
On: 5/29/10
margaret i know its been 4 years but i just want to tell you how sad it is to see were you lost your furbaby prayer out to you
From: Tori
On: 12/5/09
I'm so sorry for your loss of Chico he is so cute but someday you guys will meet again.Always remember that Chico is in your heart.
From: Sharon Niedermeyer
On: 2/8/09
I know how bad you feel. My baby girl was only 3yrs 3months old. Three days ago I came home from work to find her lying on the living room floor with a popcorn bag over her head. I don't know how she got it out of the trash, she can't even reach the top. She never did anything like this before. Now it just haunts me day and night. The pain is just unbearable. I blame myself I guess. Please know you are thought of and my prayers are with you always. Love your baby in spirit, because I believe they know what you are going through and feel you even though they are not there. Maybe Chico and Mattie are playing together right now, maybe they became friends. Loving thoughts, Sharon
From: Joyce
On: 12/16/08
Hello little Chico,your mom has made you a beautiful residency page at Rainbows Bridge.I know you have been at Rainbows Bridge for awhile now & will have made many friends to play & have fun with.Now you have your angel wings you can soar high in the heavens. You are young & healthy once more,no more pain.Remember to send your family a very special sign to let them know that you are always with them in everything they do.Have fun running & playing in the green meadows & cool streams,then rest in the shade & dream of your family.You will be together again once more. Joyce-acky's mum.
From: Sandy
On: 10/5/07
Hello precious Chico! I was just browsing through the RB residencies and saw your adorable little face and the wonderful tribute your mom has done for you. May you be enjoying wonderful days at the Rainbow Bridge, but remember to send down your mommy Chico kisses and let her know how much you miss her. She loves and misses you so much. Sandy (Jake's mom)
On: 3/30/07
Hi Chico. How handsome you are.I know you are having a great time at Rainbow Bridge. In that beautiful place you are young again and free from pain.Look for my Gottie and Tony (bunnys) there.I know they would love to be your friends. Before they went to the bridge they used to play with a little Chihuahua named Bo.He is just about the same size as them and they would have such fun playing hide and seek and tag. I know you will all have such fun playing in that wondrous meadow and snoozing in the forever sunbeams. Your Mom misses you soooo much.Come to her in her dreams and let her know you are well and happy.Send sweet"Chico"kisses on the wind. Although you are no longer with her you are forever in her heart.The many beautiful memories of your time together will, in time help to ease the pain. You are her Guardian Angel now. Watch over her from the Bridge until you can be reunited.Sleep softlylittle one. You are missed and loved.MargaretI feel your pain.God Bless.
From: charlie: calebs dad
On: 12/24/06
Hullo Chico-how cute you were, and the apple of your moms eyes. Now you are her Guardian Angel, and one more perfect shining star in the Heavens.Smile down from the Bridge and send one of your doggie kisses your moms way--she will know it is you. I stopped because i wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas from my furbaby Caleb and from me. The Bridge is all abuzz with Christmas, and Caleb was out and abot checking all the decorations with some of his friends-Pressy and China, whose parents are special people too. Chico-it sounds like you are going to have plenty of presents to open, so have fun. Caleb told me the presents are all colorfully wrapped with -get this-softly glowing ribbons and bows, and each one has its own individual name card that Caleb says has written-WRAPPED WITH TH LOVE OF YOUR FAMILY-now i couldn't think of of any place i'd rather have my Caleb than this beautiful Meadow. Peace to you and your family. Merry Christmas Chico.

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