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From: Nancy
On: 12/29/17
At the anniversary of Smokey's passing, I am hoping you are enjoying fond memories of your Chester.
From: Joy Hawkins
On: 4/6/17
Chester was a beautiful fur baby. Sorry for your loss. There seems to be never enough time with them. Our beloved pets teach us more than we could have expected and love us more than we could have hoped.... The hardest part wasn't losing them, it is learning to live without them. Sorry for your loss.
From: Sonja Gipson
On: 4/5/17
Nelson, thank you for your kind words. I see your boy Chester. What a cutie. I'm so sorry for your loss, and I know time heals all wounds. Though time eases the pain we never forget the joy and love they brought us. They visit us in our dreams and are always in our hearts. Love and blessings.
From: Honey's Mom
On: 3/16/17
Fly free Chester
From: John And Janet (Watson)
On: 2/18/17
What beautiful remembrances. You were obviously very special Chester. Your life on this earth was much too short and I know your Dad must miss you very much. I can tell from your pictures that you had a great personality!
From: Scott McKinny
On: 2/14/17
Chester, what a handsome boy you are. You are truly missed. Know that my Misha has a new friend in you at the Rainbow Bridge gives me peace and comfort. RIP sweet Angel.
From: Fred & Joanne
On: 2/14/17
Dear Nelson: Thank you so much for your kind words about Chance. We hope that time will help to heal our broken hearts. Our Priest wrote us a message, when he heard about Chance, and we would like to post parts of his message. "I understand how very painful it is, having lost 3 of my dogs - it is like losing a close family member - it leaves a huge hole in our hearts! There are 2 things I can say: 1st, whatever you surrender to God, He will return to you!!! Secondly- T.S. Elliot said, I could not believe in a heaven without dogs. I personally believe that these wonderfully intelligent animals will be in Heaven with us. This does not mean that they will have the beatific vision as will we; rather they will be with us as part of our joy." His whole message would not fit here, but we hope his comments will help you find peace...God Bless You, Fred & Joanne
From: Sharon
On: 2/12/17
Nelson, I'm so sorry for your loss of your beloved Chester, I can also see he was very loved. I wish I has some words of wisdom but right now my pain is so raw at losing my Snoopy.Just know I totally understand what you went through and will continue to go through, they take a piece of our heart when they leave us, their unconditional love is something so special that people who never had a pet simply can't understand.I wish you the best , God Bless. Thank you for visiting my Snoopy's page , your kind words mean so much.
From: Marion
On: 2/10/17
Chester,your Daddy created a beautiful memorial, I can see he loved you very much. Thank you for welcoming my Chewbacca to Rainbow Bridge,you even look a bit like my baby.
From: Norman & Jan
On: 2/10/17
Thank you Nelson for writing on Lucky Girl's guestbook. Your Chester was a very beautiful dog. Thank you for sharing his story so that others might heal from your love for Chester.
From: Catherine
On: 2/10/17
Oh Chester it looks as though you were so so loved!! I am sure you could not have wished for a better human to spend your life with. Thank you Nelson for giving Chester so much love and being a wonderful owner. x
From: Sondra Berg
On: 2/9/17
Dear Nelson, this is Faith's mom. I want you to know how deeply touched I am by the beautiful poem and condolences you shared. It has helped so much to know I am not alone in my grief. Your baby boy Chester is beautiful and there's is no doubt what love and joy he has brought to your life. If only more humans could learn to love each other the way our beloved pets love us, the world would be a much better place. Thank you and your angel for hugging my heart. Sondra
From: Tani (Bugsy's Mom)
On: 2/8/17
Hi Nelson, Thank you for your note on Bugsy's guest book. I love it when you refer to Chester as 'Fidel Castro'. This must have made him more special with such a unique personality. He did look regal - very charming. I hope that you are OK now, I noticed that it's just been a year since Chester's passing. Big hugs of understanding to you. Warm regards, Tani
From: Colleen
On: 2/3/17
What a lovely memorial you've created for Chester. I have another baby - Daisy - who passed away last March and we are coming close to the one year anniversary for her passing. I know she was waiting at the Bridge when Penney crossed early this morning and I'm sure they are having a ball.
From: Brett Skelton
On: 2/1/17
Dear little Chester you must have given him a great and loving life such a sweet face & im sure he felt your love and affection and has given you all of his too, our fury friends ar not just friends they are part of the family like sons and daughters and when they leave us its a huge part of our lives gone as they are always there 24/7 non judgemental always filled with love. My best Brett
From: Sonja [Stella Baker's mama]
On: 1/31/17
Awww, your love for your sweet,handsome Chester is wonderful! I'm so sorry for your loss! Prayers are with you in this hard time.
From: Sonja [Stella Baker's mama]
On: 1/31/17
Awww, your love for your sweet,handsome Chester is wonderful! I'm so sorry for your loss! Prayers are with you in this hard time.
From: Karen
On: 1/26/17
Chester your a handsome little pup and I see your mom miss and loves you very much and your mom visited my woody's memorial and left a beautiful massage to us and I said I would visit you also and I hope you meet woody with your friends there and enjoy life and we see you all when meet up take care of your selfs we send our love to you all there hugs and kiss 🐾🐾
From: Carlos Cuevas
On: 1/25/17
Hi Chester!! I'm enjoyed reading about you and looking at your pictures. You're a very handsome fur baby!! It makes me happy to know that our Mijo has awesome friends like you at rainbow bridge.
From: Mijo's mom Magdelina
On: 1/25/17
Nelson your fur baby was beautiful and so loved by you. You have pictures of him just like I have of Mijo very similar. I hope that they find each other and be the best of friends as they run and play in This beautiful place called Rainbow bridge. Our fur angel are looking down at us, and forever in our heart and soul

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