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From: Nekisha
On: 1/27/13
Happy belated birthday Miss Chelsey!!! Here's some cake to share with Gracelyne, Bella & all your new friends on the bridge!! :) Love, hugs n kisses!!!
From: Nekisha
On: 1/27/13
I finally meet Miss Chelsey!!! What a sweetheart. I see she blessed your lives almost as long as my beloved Pippen & Fella who each lived over a decade. Just as you remember Chelsey, I still think of them. Chelsey you have a new friend to run around with, my Bella. I know you & Gracelyne welcomed her with loving paws & lots of smiles. You ladies brought us a love & joy that cannot be rivaled! Hugs & Kisses pretty ladies!!!
On: 1/14/13
On: 1/8/12
From: Pat Lively
On: 8/20/11
Your frined and family member has joined you. Remember you are both loved and missed everyday.
From: Sandy
On: 6/13/11
What a sweetie! I hope that she and Gracelyne are romping and playing. May the special memories you have of them both bring you peace.
From: Betty Hanson
On: 6/6/11
Chelsey Lyne - You are such a precious angel to your family and they need to hear from you often! Let them know that you are safe, happy, healthy and will have many friends. Let Russell and Gaylette know that you will be watching for Gracelyne to cross over and you will take care of her and stay together as a family until mom and dad join you one day. I will tell .my Brande to find you and play with you.
From: Pressy's Family
On: 6/6/11
Hello, pretty Chelsey Lyne Foster. We're sorry we've not visited sooner but we didn't know about you. Our Pressy is the little old gray lady kitty who helped you welcome Gracelyne to Paradise meadow. Pressy asked her family to visit doggie playmate Chelsey. She said she gives you special kitty love headbumps and taught you to send love signs on the wind so Mommee and Daddee feel your loving presence with them and sweet kisses when gentle breezes blow. Pressy said you send love signs to tell them you're in Paradise meadow watching over them waiting until they come for you one day to cross Rainbow Bridge to be together forever. Play happy meadow games with other furangels in beautiful Paradise but stop often to smile at Mommee and Daddee so they feel the warmth of your love surround them and know you miss them too and are with them. Soar among clouds with Gracelyne now on silvery angel wings to watch over Mommee and Daddee together always, beloved pretty little girl. Pressy's Grandpa
From: Jane
On: 6/6/11
Hello, sweet Chelsey Lyne Foster, I am sure you have welcomed sweet Grace Lyne to the meadow and you two are playing with many new furfriends. Send your Momma and Daddy some angel hugs and kisses, let them know that you are both well and happy, and that you will see them at the bridge someday. I leave a little gift for you and your friends to enjoy.
From: Clare and Martha
On: 6/6/11
Chelsey Lyne, what a beautiful little girl you are! We know that you met Gracelyne Faith at the Bridge just a while ago and that you are running and playing together. We asked our Katy and BG to show you two all the wonders of that wonderful place, all the meadows to play in, all the best foodies to eat and the angels' laps to rest in. We know that you are watching over your mommee and daddee with all the love in your hearts and that the silver thread of love that binds you heart to heart with them will never be broken. Russell and Gaylette, may you find comfort and peace in knowing how much your precious girls love you. Blessings, Clare and Martha
From: Valentina Bloomfield
On: 2/14/11
Hi Honey Girl, My heart was just thinking about you and I wanted to tell you I love you. I hope you and Bella are having fun everyday laying in the warm sunshine and talking to the moon in the evenings. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I am sending you love and hugs from here to heaven. Love you <3 <3 <3
From: Dee & Ed Jacquemin
On: 6/10/10
We're Tim's friend Greta's parents. Thank you so much for sharing this site, and letting us see pictures of your Chelsey Lyne. We are still grieving horribly our loss, and can hardly function. Seeing your sweet baby's face, it reminds me of Greta. God bless you, and thank you for sharing!!
From: robert
On: 5/29/10
gone but never to be forgotton chelsey will also always be in your heart.
From: Valentina Bloomfield
On: 2/26/10
Dearest Angel Chelsey, It is because of you, beautiful girl I met your Mommy. You were so lucky to have such a loving Mommy and Daddy. I know they feel lucky too. I know by now you have met my Bella LaRue who is such a loving little girl. She passed on 2-11-2010. I miss her so very much. She always loved looking at the moon, maybe both of you can go together! I know she would love that! I am so glad she has you as a friend. By the way - I am your sisters god-mother. I am so blessed to have met your parents. BIG {HUGS} little angel girl. Love, Auntie Valentina~
From: 'Nannie' Lena
On: 1/15/08
Nan & Russell - I know that this day must have been a hard one but also one filled with remembering all of the wonderful memories made with precious Chelsey Lyne. There will never be another like her. Funny thing today, as Jack was walking all over the house, I noticed that he had knocked over the pictures on the foyer table. When I caught up to him, he was walking around with one in his hand and would you believe it was the one of Chelsey. I'm sure she much prefers watching little Jack from above and will leave the fun chases around the coffee table to sister Gracelyne Faith...LOL. Love you! Scoot
From: Allan & Joanne Getter
On: 2/25/07
We were sorry to hear of Chelsey Lyne's passing. We never met her, but she was a friend of Hannah's and now they are together.
From: Charmaine Robichaux
On: 1/16/07
Dear Gayle & Russell, I'm so sorry for your loss. Chelsey was a very lucky little girl to have yall for parents. When I first met Chelsey I fell in love with her. She was always dressed so pretty and she was so beautiful. I'll never forget her. You all are in my prayers. Love, Charmaine
From: Geri Johnson
On: 1/15/07
Chelsey Lyne will always have a speical place in my heart. She is the first & only one to give me kisses AND Scruffie's one and only true puppy friend.

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