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On: 2/18/13
From: Mara
On: 9/13/12
God bless you Cede.
On: 2/19/12
From: Kathy (Oreo/Ralph/Eva)
On: 2/16/12
Dottie/Steve..what a beautiful girl who has left you with years of happy memories..take care..
From: Liz DeLeuil
On: 7/9/11
Your beautiful black Pommie, Cede looks so much like my Magic, who is also at Rainbows Bridge, I hope they are playing and running in the meadow with warm sunshine and wind running through their black manes. Magic will look after her, I bet. There is nothing like the love of a Pomeranian. I hope you all know our furbabies never leave our hearts and souls.
From: Sandy
On: 6/7/11
How sweet your Cede was. I hope that knowing she is again with Louie helps to ease the pain in your heart.
From: Jane
On: 5/29/11
Hello, pretty Cede, I am sure you have welcomed your brother, King Louie, to the beautiful rainbow meadow. Have fun playing with all your new furfriends, and every now and then, send your mommy and daddy angel hugs and kisses from above. They miss you and King Louie so much but they know they will see you both at the bridge someday.
From: Karen Plourde
On: 2/19/11
Cede, you are the most beatiful girl and will forever stay that way. I know you are in heaven now and watching over your mommy. She misses you so much Cede. Please send Mommy happy memories of yours and her time together so she is not so sad. You didn't stay long enough for your mommy and she will always love you.
From: robert
On: 6/2/10
dottie and steve sorry about your furbaby cede such a sad thing when we lose a loveing furbaby
From: Kelly Bohanick
On: 2/19/09
Cede - on your 1 year anniversary please know you were and still are loved by many. i miss seeing your pics that your mommy was always proud of. i am sure you are having a blast in doggie heaven though and please know we are thinking of you. miss you!
From: Bob Steele
On: 2/19/09
May you have peace and comfort in this time. Know that we love you both and you are always in our heart. Bob & Anne-Marie
From: Season's Greetings @ Rainbows Bridge
On: 12/12/08
"God gave us our memories so that we might have Roses in December." a quote by J.M. Barrie. May the memories of your blessed furangel Cede, the ones that can't help but bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your heart as you remember the way your baby's tender love touched your life, be the ones that surround you this Holiday Season. My prayer for each of us this Christmas season, is that each of our babies wrap up a special little sign for each one of us back here, and send it to us this special season. May you catch a glimpse of your special sign, just when your heart needs it most.... And may each love-filled memory you have of your beloved furbaby bring to your heart the very warmth and sunshine of the Rainbow itself. That's just one "gift" your fur-angel would want for you this year ... With best wishes for you and your family this Holiday Season, Karen (Dusty & DJ's mom) http://RainbowsBridge.com/residents/DUSTY101/Resident.htm
From: verne &josette
On: 3/10/08
our sincere sympathy.
From: Pat Lively
On: 3/3/08
My deepest sympathies to you and your family on your loss. I do know what it is like to lose a loved one, whether Human or one of our special, furry babies. Having lost quite a few of my own and doing dog rescue, it is never easy. From my house of 8 furr babies, to yours, we wish you the best. If you ever need to write please do so. I will be there for you. They never leave us, we just don't see them any more. Their spirit lives on.
From: Richard
On: 3/2/08
Verne told me about this and I can relate to the loss of a special loved one.
From: Greg & Susan Keller
On: 3/2/08
Dearest Dottie and Steve, Words cannot express our sympathy for both of you with the loss of your beloved Cede. She was certanly a most beautiful and precious girl. We appreciate having had the opportunity to meet and get to know your little princess! Cede gave both of you so many wonderful memories, may they live in your heart forever! She will be missed by all whose hearts she touched. She had a wonderful life and was blessed to have both of you as her parents! Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sorrow! May your broken hearts heal by remembering her sweet love.
From: Jeanne Travis
On: 2/27/08
Dear Dottie and Steve, I can't think of a more loved dog than Cede. She made everyone happy just to look at her. You two did more for her than anyone could have. Always, Jeanne Travis
From: Kim
On: 2/26/08
Dottie and Steve -- I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Kim
From: Mariane
On: 2/26/08
I am so sorry for your loss. My thughts and prayers are with you....m
From: Lindsey Eich
On: 2/26/08
Dottie and Steve - I'm sad for your loss and am thinking of you. Lindsey

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