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From: Maria
On: 9/18/17
We haven't failed you, Cecil. It is because of you that we are trying to make the world a better place for ALL animals. RIP, sweet boy....love you much! R.I.P. sweet soul.
From: Grace hernandez
On: 9/13/17
Sweet beautiful angel so sorry humans failed you please @from heaven watch over all animals that are being abuse daily,will think of you forever,love
From: angelina
On: 9/13/17
So ashamed of humans with no humanity !!!!! 😢😠😡 God created us to love and protect and learn from animals .... but man is the ultimate cruel and dangerous creature ..... we love you, Cecil and all the lion prides ❤
From: Sue Grainger
On: 9/13/17
Cecil You Will Never Be Forgotten..Rest In Peace Lovely Boy xx
From: Melanie Reynolds
On: 9/13/17
Dear sweet cecil you will always be remembered & in all our hearts..man does not deserve to walk against a beautiful beast like you...always in my heart sweet angel..🦁🦁
From: Maria Bansfield
On: 9/13/17
God rest your soul pleasr watch over all the other lions and animals
From: Corey Sessler
On: 8/2/17
Some humans can be cruel for the sake of sport, or just be an evil person.....May You Rest in Peace Dear Cecil....You were a Beautiful Lion.....
From: ines lebel
On: 5/25/17
I'm so sorry for what they have done to you. You will always remain on my heart beautiful Cecil.
From: Melisa
On: 4/9/17
Beautiful, majestic Cecil. When I heard about the horrific way in which your life was stolen, my heart was broken. I couldn't (and still can't) fathom how anyone could have done this. You blessed this earth with your presence and you will never be forgotten.
From: Rita Morris
On: 2/15/17
Sorry to hear of such awesome Lions died in such a way. Especially Cecil. Enjoyed the memorial. Thank you for sharing this.
From: Vicki Berry
On: 11/28/16
Cecil you maybe gone from sight but you are never gone from our hearts.Forever will we ROAR !!!
From: Mo Teenan
On: 7/29/16
Hi Cecil,hope you are listening from a better place than you were living, better than I am now. Sorely missed words can't describe. I wish I had had a chance to meet you hopefully one day I will. I will always look out for you and all animals. Stay forever young love mo xxx
From: Marlena Yarberro
On: 6/15/16
I'm so sorry you had to lose your life for someone's greed. I wish there was a way we could have you back, losing you is such a great loss to this world. No longer will we have your beauty or greatness. I love you Cecil.
From: Sally
On: 6/2/16
I'm so so so sorry for your loss, not right of that hunter to take his life away! <3
From: Ken & Deb
On: 3/2/16
I am so sorry for the loss of this great animal. I remember seeing this on TV on the Rachel Maddow show. I was shocked and disgusted to see one of God's creatures murdered.
From: Ken & Deb
On: 3/1/16
I was so sorry to see what happened to Cecil and also disgusted with the dentist who committed this murder. I know there are people who hate zoo's however, sometimes I think this is the only way to save special animals like this.
From: Lisa Kelley-Musco
On: 12/22/15
RIP Cecil. :(
From: pam
On: 12/2/15
Dear Hawange National Park, please accept my sympathy on the passing of Cecil the Lion. I was horrified to learn of his murder!
From: Fiona LaRue
On: 12/1/15
Cecil, your senseless death led me into activism full-time, along with countless others! We are down here fighting for you and all of your legacy. I am working hard to see that trophy hunting lions and other endangered species will be ILLEGAL in the very near future. You are an icon, a hero, a true symbol of hope and love for all of us animal lovers. May God keep you and bless you, beautiful boy!
From: Karen Serafino
On: 11/30/15
Rest in Peace, sweet Cecil. Even in death you are making a difference for your pride and for ALL animals. I hope that you look down from your perch at the Rainbow Bridge & you smile. We are trying. <3

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