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From: Katie
On: 11/5/17
Dear Jim & Jan so sorry for you loss Cash looks Beautiful, May Cash watch and protect you till she sees you again.
From: Jim & Jan & Mai-Tai
On: 5/18/16
Hey pal it's been too long since we drop you a note. We talk about every day and still miss you in the house and sleeping at Jan's feet. Mai's still a puppy at heart and still getting into trouble but we love her. Hope you are well, our buddy Dave is with you now, welcome him and look out for him, we miss him so very much. Love you Cash.
From: Jim,Jan&MaiTai
On: 5/9/15
Cashie Girl, It's been 7 years today that you left us and we still miss you everyday. We hope you hear us when we talk to you letting you know that we're on our way home. Bet you're getting spoiled by Kay, Joe & Ernie. Hey Pal miss your welcome home and sleeping at our feet in bed. Be good I know you are say hi to the family. Jan and I love you still.
From: Jim & Jan
On: 4/29/14
Hey Pal it's been too long since we stopped by. No to say we don't think of you every day. and we still miss having you in our life. MaiTai's great but we still miss you Cash. Sleeping at Jan's feet, at the window lookg out with the the draps over your head, all of it we miss. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Take care of your self and the family. Love you, Jan & Jim & Mai Tai
From: Jim, Jan & Mai Tai
On: 5/8/13
Cash, It's been 5 years since we last saw you. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you and how we miss having you in our life. You were one special friend to Jan & me, never to be replaced. You had your own way of doing things and keeping us safe & loved. As our first pet you were special but it went beyond that as part of the family. Always there to great us, sleep at the foot of the bed by Jan and to keep me calm. MaiTai's her own dog as well, total different from you she is still and will always be a puppy full of energy. Take care Cash have fun and keep Mom & Dad safe. Love Jan & Jim & Mai Tai.
On: 5/8/13
From: Jim & Jan & MaiTai
On: 11/15/12
Cash our buddy, it's been too long since we left you a note. We talk about you all the time and you are always in our heart & home. We still miss you every day and wish you were here with us. But you are keeping Kay & Joe company. Mia is stioll a hand full and having a few new issues of late and we don't know why, if you could talk to her that would be great. Be good & know we love you always...Jim & Jan
On: 5/9/12
From: Jim , Jan & MaiTai
On: 4/16/12
Cash it's been too long since we sent you a note, but you know we think about you everyday.We still see you sitting by the front window looking out or with the drapes sitting on your head. MaiTai is stilla puppy at heart and gives us the run around. You know she had here knee and ear problems last year and she was a sick puppy for a while, but she better now and back to jumping around the yard. We still miss you and hope you are well with Kay & Joe. Love Jim, Jan & MaiTai.
From: Jim, Jan & MaiTai
On: 6/2/11
Cash, three years have passed since you left us. How the time has gone, it still seems like yesterday that we left you for vacation and you got sick. What a shock for us to get that phone call about how sick you were and us in Florida. We talk to you every night and miss you so much. MaiTai is doing great, she is so very different from you. But no dog will ever be able to fill your paws. You were a one and only. Say hi to my Mom & Dad for us, we know you are all togeather. Love Jim, Jan & MaiTai.
From: JIm & Jan
On: 2/28/11
Hey Cash, Just stopped in to say Hi. It's bee a while not that we don't think of you every day and whis that you could be here with us. MaiTai is doing good just a big puppy and full of energy. Still a work in progress for her. But a very good girl. Just wants to sau Hi and let you know how much we still miss you. Love Jim & Jan & MaiTai
From: Jim & Jan
On: 12/20/10
Cash, another Christmas and snow is here and you are not. We know how much you liked playing in the snow. We still think of you every day and we think MaiTai is looking up to you at times. She stops and starts looking up at the sky so we know it's you talking to her. We still miss you so very much and hope you are well. Stay safe we love you. Jim & Jan & MaiTai
From: jim
On: 9/30/10
Hey Cash.. It's been too long since I stop in to say HI. Not that Jan & I don't think of you very day. We both still miss you and wish you were here with us. MaiTai is still a puppy going on 3 years old next month. She is her own girl as you were. She likes cheese just as much as you did. But has not goten into the Mac & Cheese just yet. Your season of snow is just about here, maiTai is just a funny in the snow as you were. Well just wanted to say hi and let you know how much you are still missed. Have fun in the grass. Sleep well buddy.
From: robert
On: 6/2/10
jim and jan sorry about your furbaby cash that ole tumor is a bad thing that comes on fast before we know it at times so sad you were not there but you never dream that it would come to your baby as i never dream it would come to my furbaby prayer go out to you
From: Jim & Jan & Mai-Tai
On: 12/18/09
Cash... Another Christmas with out you in our house. Sure seams a lot longer than 2 Chritmas's. I know you are OK and Mom & Dad are takeing good care of you and you are togeather. A day does not go by that Jan & I don't think of you and miss you. Mai-Tai still a bundle of energy and loves her bones. She still has to rarn our turst to get some more of the house to her self. If you have a moment talk to her about why(???) she keeps tearing up her beds??? We want her to have tit to sleep on but she keeps making them in to piles of stuffing. Well got to go, hope you have a good Christmas. Love Jan & Jim & Mai-Tai...
From: Jim & Jan
On: 7/22/09
Hey Cash sorry I haven't posted a note lately. I's not because we don't think about you, we do every day, it's just been a busy summer. MaiTai is getting better thank's to your help. She is a nut! Full of energy and wanting to play. You neaver looked twice at a bone or a ball, she can not get enough of them. She always has a bone in her mouth. You happy just to be with and by us all the time, how we miss that. You take care and be safe, we love you, always will Jim & Jan
From: Jim & Jan
On: 5/11/09
Well Cash it's been a year since you left us. How fast the year passed since we had to let you go. A day does not go by that jan & I don't think about you. Who would have know when we left on vacation in April of 08 it would be the last time we would all be togeather. Now a year later it still is like yesterday that we had to say good by. Mai-Tai is doing good still a puppy and still learning the house rules. She had a good time with Brenda when we were on vacation, but you know how good Brenda was with you. You are always in our hearts, Cash. You were our first dog and will always be with us. Love you, Jim & Jan & Mai-Tai... Say hi to Mom & Dad....
From: Jim
On: 3/16/09
Cash, It's been a while sine I left you a note.. It's not that I don't think about you I do all the time. But Mai-Tai is a hand full and we are still trying to get her use to us and us use to her. She has her own set of problems a skin & hiar issue we and Dr. Sue ar trying to cure. Jan & I take about you all the time and still miss you all the time. Stay well Cash we love you.. Jim & Jan
From: Season's Greetings @ Rainbows Bridge
On: 12/12/08
"God gave us our memories so that we might have Roses in December." a quote by J.M. Barrie. May the memories of your blessed furangel Cash, the ones that can't help but bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your heart as you remember the way your baby's tender love touched your life and left pawprints on your heart, be the ones that surround you this Holiday Season. My prayer for each of us this Christmas season, is that each of our babies wrap up a special little sign for each one of us back here, and send it to us this special season. May you catch a glimpse of your special sign, just when your heart needs it most.... And may each love-filled memory you have of your beloved furbaby bring to your heart the very warmth and sunshine of the Rainbow itself. That's just one "gift" your fur-angel would want for you this year ... With best wishes for you and your family this Holiday Season, Karen (Dusty & DJ's mom)
From: Jim
On: 11/26/08
Cash, Winter is here and snow is on it's way the snow you loved so much to play in. Jan & I are off on vacation but it will be different this time. You will not be at home to greet us when we get back. Mai Tai is going to a Spa while we are away. Some place we never sent you, you were always at home and will always be at home in our hearts. Stay well keep giving mai tai tips she still has a lot to learn. Love Jim & Jan & mai Tai

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