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From: Kathy /Oreo,Ralph,Eva,Hermione
On: 12/8/22
Clare/Martha..Callie is a beautiful girl. Always remember her.
From: Susanne
On: 12/7/22
I’m so sorry for your loss of Callie she was a pretty kitty. I’m sure she and your other fur baby’s are having fun together with all the other animals at the rainbow bridge waiting for you to arrive and that they’re probably planning the biggest surprise party ever to show how much your loved when you get there cherish the memories
From: Annette
On: 7/22/22
Just thought I would come by and leave you a special toy to play with
From: heide
On: 2/9/22
I'm so sorry for the loss of your furbaby. May God bless you and comfort you.
From: Dani
On: 7/20/21
Dear Callie I know that your Mummies will still miss you so much. My Reggie joined you a year ago and I still iss him everyday. Two weeks ago my jessica joined you. Watch out because she will try to steal your food! Hehe. Callie you will always be in your Mummies hearts. You will never leave them. The love you gave wills stay with them for the rest of their lives, just like the love they gave you. I hope you are running free and enjoying the sunshine. Here is a ball of yarn for you to play with. Have a fun day, Callie. All my love Dani and the cats. xxxx
From: Donna Catalano
On: 2/12/21
Dear Clare & Martha, What a beautiful tribute to all your babies, they surely was loved!! What beautiful angels you have now!! My heart goes out to you both 🙏🏻💗
From: April Walker
On: 2/9/21
Dear beautiful Callie, my sweet Dee recently crossed the rainbow bridge as well. Have you met her yet? I still feel her absence and her presence every day, if that makes sense. I'm sure your loved ones understand what I mean. Continue to send your human family your love. Fur babies like you live on forever. Love survives.
From: Jonathan Blinn
On: 2/8/21
God Bless You all. My most sincere deepest sympathy, much love and prayers. So sorry for your loss. It was hard loosing our sweet baby girl Great Dane Gracie this past Saturday 2/6/2021 .. I find myself waking up almost every hour in tears , the pain and heartache and depression is a lot to bare but the memories I will forever cherish and though she’s gone to heaven and crossed rainbow bridge I’ll never forget her. Callie I know your up there in heaven running around with our baby girl Great Dane Gracie and of course watching over your Family like Gracie is watching over us may you R.I.P. Callie and Gracie R.I.P. baby girl (we shall meet again some day Gracie at rainbow bridge 🐾🌈 )
From: Douglas Daniel
On: 2/7/21
Really nice page and tribute to Callie, I will continue to keep you and your family in prayer!!
From: Andrew Montemayor
On: 2/4/21
It sounds like Callie was surrounded by parents who really loved her, I am always happy to know that a furbaby is well taken care of while here on earth. Today was my first day and very difficult to get going in the morning. I called out his name throughout the day in the hopes that he could still hear me. I feel so empty inside, feels like my heart is going to burst. Thank you so much for visiting Crixus' page, I am sure he is happily playing around in his new body. Best wishes to you all.
From: Josie McFadden
On: 1/31/21
Callie you are beautiful! I know you are just as beautiful now that you are at rainbow bridge. You are restored with now more pain or illness. You run through the grassy hills playing with your friends with an endless supply of food water & treats. Fly high little angel and know that your momma loves you so much. For Clare& Martha Callie will always be at your side. You now have a guardian angel to watch over you until we all meet our babies again. Callie know how much you lover her and always will. Prayers for peace & comfort. Callie Ives in heart forever. 💞🐾🌈
From: Lisa Smith
On: 1/31/21
Hi Clare and Martha, Thank you for taking the time to visit Stymey's memorial and offering such kind words. I'm still reeling from losing him, everyday is such a struggle and I know you both understand. Callie was a very beautiful little girl and I can tell how much she was loved by you both. I'm so very sorry for you loss of Callie and your other furbabies. I keep saying the only bad thing about having a pet is when they pass. Everything else we experienced with them was pure bliss. I will pray for your babies during the Monday night Candle Ceremony. Wishing you both love and peace.
From: Maribel Ruiz
On: 1/31/21
Im So really sorry about the loss of all your fur babies,They were really love by all of you so much,Right now they are running and playing around with Misaki and all the beautiful souls at the rainbow bridge.May god give you Clare and Martha peace and comfort in knowing that we will meet them again when our time comes and they will be waiting for us at the rainbow bridge to hug us and give us lots of kisses.God bless you both and stay safe.Callie is gorgeous.
From: Estel and Dan
On: 1/26/21
Such a cutie, may she rest in peace and may her spirit be by your side always! I know God watches over our beautiful fur babies and keeps them safe. He also gives them the love they had while they were with us. God Bless!
From: Dreama
On: 1/16/21
RIP, beautiful Callie. I read your memorial and want you to know that your mommies love you so much! Run free, sweet girl. Please say hi to my Poopie Puppy for me. Love hugs prayers and kisses...
From: Lisa
On: 1/12/21
Dear Clare and Martha Callie is a beautiful cat and I am so glad that she is helping my Bowser find her way at the Rainbow Bridge. It makes me feel better knowing that her new fur friend angels are showing her the ropes and how she can let me know she is ok. I am new at this so I do hope it shows up on Callie's page, It sounds like you two have many fur babies and have several at the Rainbow Bridge. This is the first for me and it is heartbreaking. May your beautiful Callie lead her to the beautiful meadows so they can leap and run and play all day free of the pain and suffering they would have endured here. I also had an at home euthanasia for my Bowse and it clearly was the way to go and so peaceful, People should be allowed this option. Thank you for sending your love to both me and Bowsie and may Callie forever live on in your hearts,
From: Roxanne
On: 1/5/21
Dear sweet Callie, help to look after my sweet Tiger who just crossed the Rainbow bridge and is now in a place with new friends who are happy and at peace. Tiger is such a sweet kitten who loves everyone and I know she will love you and all those who have crossed the Rainbow bridge. Dear Clare and Martha, I know that Callie showed so much love to her family as did all of your fur babies. They will always be part of you and one day we will be together with them again! Our fur babies are our family and the love in our heart will always remain strong for them. We learn so much about love with them by our side and the world is a much better place because of it. I know in my heart that we will see them again. May continuing signs come to you both to show that your fur babies are looking down and watching over you both.
From: jim
On: 1/4/21
Callie is so sweet. I love the pictures. The love truly flows and fills your heart. Thanks for referring me to sweet Callie.
From: Vlyssis
On: 1/2/21
Sending my condolences to Callie’s family . Callie, viewing your photos I could tell you were loved and was such a sweet adorable fur baby. I pray that you find my Chance and you two become friends and watch over us. It’s never goodbye it’s always see you later . Your warm spirits are here with us. May you rest well Callie. I will keep your family in my prayers during this difficult time .
From: Camille
On: 12/30/20
Good morning precious beautiful Callie stopping by this early morning to let you know how very much your loved and missed ,your mommy’s are so awesome I’m sure you know that but I wanted to let you know how I felt such caring ,loving parents a Blessing ! They made a visit to My Scarlett I’m sure you to met up by now and there sentiments just touch me so and Callie they Visited my Star also so wonderful I just Ed wanted to share that with you . Well my pretty friend I’ would like to give you a tender kiss and say have a Fun New Year at the Bridge and ALL God’s Blessing to you ,love Camille🌈🙏🏼❤️

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