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On: 5/18/13
From: Maggie & James
On: 8/12/12
Hello Bear, I lost my rottie, Romeo, this past Monday. He too is a wonderful companion who never complaint. I called him Romeo because he was a lover. It sound like you are very huggable lover too. Show my boy the way and know you are both missed.
On: 5/19/12
From: Joseph Myers
On: 7/31/09
Bear sounds blessed to have had you as an owner. I had to euthanize my Rottweiler, also named Bear, tonight. God bless you as you move on.
From: Kelly James
On: 12/31/08
What a beautiful page. I am sure that Bear is looking down lovingly from the bridge so proud to have called you his human. God bless you.
From: Paula (Coles mom)
On: 4/7/08
Hello Bear.....cancer...I HATE THAT WORD. I am so sorry that you had to leave this world due to that stuff. You are at peace & you are PAIN FREE. That part has to make your daddy happy. You will meet with your daddy again & won't that be a happy day? There is a large group of Rotties to your left..those are ours. Go to them. They will let you join their Rottie club. Have fun with them. To Tom....I am so sorry that you weren't there to hold your baby. He knew that you were on your way. He just couldn't hold on any longer. You are in our thoughts.
From: Cheryl
On: 4/1/08
We also had to have a tumor removed from our Rottie 4 years ago. We were lucky, Brody got better, but then 4 years later we lost him to an unknown infection. I feel your loss and know how bad you are hurting. Please know they now play together at the bridge waiting for us.
From: Dusty's mommy, Karen
On: 12/8/07
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" -Anatole France - I have found such profound truth in that statement.... I believe in my heart, that is why we never forget the joy, the love, the very presence of our babies even after they've gone. You see, the part of us they've awoken simply never again falls asleep inside us! Instead, the cherished memories of their love, their very "presence" in our lives, keeps their flame eternally glowing in our hearts, no matter how little...or how long of a time has gone by since they've left our side.... May Bear's flame continue to gently glow and shine eternally in your heart... My best wishes for a happy Holiday Season this year to you and your entire family, from the Rainbow and beyond, Karen....Dusty's mommy.....
From: Betty Hanson
On: 7/4/07
Bear - you were a truly loving and loyal companion to Tom. Send him some kisses from the Rainbow that you are safe, happy, healthy and have made many fur friends to play with. Let Tom know that God has appointed you to be the guardian, protector to watch over him until he is called to the Bridge to join you one day. I will tell my Brande to find you and play with you. To Tom - I send my deepest regrets over the loss of Bear. I too lost my soulmate not long ago, see Brande - We know that God has promised we will be with our babies again one day. I leave this quote with you, "heaven is the only place where all the dogs and cats you have ever loved will come running to meet you." Author Unknown
From: Clare and Martha
On: 6/10/07
Bear, you are so handsome! Tom, he is your very own special angel, watching over and for you, just as BG is watching over us, until you meet again and cross the Bridge together. May his love nuzzle and hug your heart until then.
From: Karen
On: 5/28/07
Bear - what a fitting name for such a beautiful baby. Tom, I have tears in my eyes as I read your memories of your baby. I'm so sorry you didn't get to say goodbye but Bear knows how much you love him. Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your furbaby. I had to have my baby put down not too long ago so I know how very hard it is. I believe our babies know we will always carry them in our hearts. And if we do happen to get another baby (as most of us do) they know it's because they taught us how to love, and it makes them smile. Visit my baby at -

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