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From: Mommy xoxo
On: 9/8/23
My Precious Little Buttons ~ Although it may seem silly to some to come here to your Memorial website page and write a note to "you" here in the Guest book under "Condolence message," this gives your Mommy some some comfort in the hopes you can know what I'm sharing from my heart here on this day, the anniversary of when we had to say good-bye to your little earthy existence. But I have no doubt your beautiful, happy little spirit lives on - over the Rainbow Bridge - where there is no pain, no leashes or fences or dangerous cars to look out for - or wild animal predators, but where you can run and run and run in a healthy and whole body and play with other beloved pets all day, eat all the chicken you want to your heart's content, and fetch endless squirrels (stuffed, of course) that are thrown for you by your caretaker parents until we all arrive to be with you one day. We miss you and still remember you like it was yesterday! Lots of love, kisses, pets, and belly scratches! Mommy xo
From: Mommy xoxo
On: 9/10/22
My dear little Buttons ~ I still miss you even after 14 years, almost as much time having elapsed as you spent here with us, with your cute little cat-like superior sense-of-self personality making an impact on everyone you met! From non-animal lovers to cat-only people, young or old, you were adored by all you met you! My perpetual puppy - playful, loving, affectionate, giving unconditional love and providing much amusement ... I will never forget you! I love you and miss you every day! xoxo
From: Silvia Rucker
On: 10/2/21
Buttons was very well loved. I miss my pets that have gone on too. It's not easy. God bless
From: Mommy xoxoxo
On: 10/2/21
My dearest little baby girl, Buttons!! Mommy still misses you each and every day, and each and every hour, minute, and even second of each day! You're always in the back of my mind and I wish you were still with me, sitting next to me on my recliner, your warmth keeping my heart warm with your unconditional doggy love and acceptance only you could provide - as the little angel that you were - and are for real now. Or you might be playing, entertaining yourself with your squirrel or hedgehog, shaking your head around and pretending you were a mighty warrior who'd conquered your "kill" and would not go hungry this night! You were SO ferocious! You might also be snoozing in the sunlight that came through the windows, or just napping on the couch. Whatever you were doing, you were so loved, and you loved us, your family. We miss you and will NEVER forget you and your sweet personality. Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge doggy heaven with your doggy friends and toys,& treats! Love always, Mommy xoxo
From: Mommy xoxoxox
On: 9/8/20
My dearest little baby girl, Buttons!! Mommy loves you and misses you each and every single day!! I wish you were here with me in my DC apartment, sitting on my recliner chair when I watch TV or am on my MacBook Air, like I am now, just the way you would squeeze your little body between me and the arm of the chair to keep warm and feel comforted by my presence. You were so affectionate and sweet, and liked to be petted, and know you were part of the family! You had a mind of your own and would sigh and make that noise if you were displeased so that everyone knew! If you were happy, you would wag your tail and leap into the air and run around like a NUT!! You had so much emotion and excitement! We loved you so much and still do!! My little baby I could hold in my arms - Sean too - and you would put your little head on our shoulder like a baby and look up at us and "give kisses" when we told you to! We miss you and love you!! We wish you could've lived another 50 years! Love, Mommy
From: Mommy xoxox
On: 5/21/20
My Cute Little Baby Girl Buttons!! Happy Belated Birthday, my Angel! I miss you so much! Whenever I see a Westie (and there is one that goes for a walk across the street every morning), I think about you and your cute little feisty personality and sweet face! I wish that I could pet you and hold you. I remember how you would sit on my chair with me and let me pet you, and how you loved to have your belly rubbed! You also liked your ears scratched. You gave kisses when we told you "give kisses" - but only if YOU really wanted to give kisses. Otherwise, you did as you pleased! You had a lot of "cat" in you! But we loved that about you too - your independent spirit! We all love you (Grandma, Sean, Steve, Jen, everyone who knew you) and miss you so much!! Have fun playing over the Rainbow Bridge and please be sure to welcome my friend Maryann's little guy, Rocky! Make him feel at homeI know you and he will be BFFs - so make sure you show him around! Have fun! Lots of Love! xoxoxo Mommy
From: Mommy xoxoxox
On: 10/22/19
My Dear Little Precious Baby Girl Buttons! Mommy just didn't have the strength to come here on the day you passed, or even the month of your passing, as that day was so difficult for me, even though it was 11 years ago! It seems like only yesterday you were still with us here on earth - your little spirit was so vibrant and vivacious - so full of life and love! You were the most affectionate, loyal, and yet fiercely independent and dominant little spunky animal, more human or cat-like than dog-like in personality. You were unique and special to me, to each person who met you - young or old, relative or stranger, dog person or cat person - animal lover or hater - ALL seemed to find you endearing and a real character. No one could resist your charms, even Auntie Ro Ro! We all miss you. Mommy still hasn't gotten another doggie and even if I do one day, no one can ever replace you in my life or home or heart, ever. I hope one day I will love another pet, but you are my angel always! xox
From: Jen
On: 9/6/18
Awww, sweet little Buttons! We humans still miss you ten years later. Our love for you endures. One of my favorite memories is when you stayed at my house while Mommy was out of town. I could tell you were really enjoying your vacation. We had a total blast together those few days - you, a playful puppy at heart, and me, a kid again. Thank you for brightening our lives and leaving everlasting happy feelings in our hearts. Until we meet again... Love, Auntie Jen
From: Mommy xoxoxox
On: 9/5/18
My little precious baby Buttons! Mommy still misses you terribly! I think about you almost every day! I can't believe it's been 10 years since you've gone over the Rainbow Bridge, although we were blessed with your presence for 14.5 years. My heart still hasn't healed - I will never get over missing you and think of you each time I see another doggie, especially a Westie. So much has happened. Your brother has a doggie, Winston, who is also very cute and smart, just like you - more human than dog in many ways! You would love to play with him. And mommy and Sean and Melissa are in CA, closer to where you were born but far from MA and FL, your homes for many years. Mommy is still trying to find meaning in her work, still regrets neglecting you that summer for this degree, so it's especially important I do something worthwhile with it. I know you understand this. I love you and miss you and know one day we'll be together in heaven - because it wouldn't be heaven without my baby! xo
From: Grandma
On: 9/8/17
Dearest Buttons, years have gone by but whenever I see another "Westie" it brings back joyous memories of you.! We loved celebrating your birthday for 14 years! and have many photos. You were a my only granddaughter. xxxx
From: Jimmy
On: 9/8/17
You were a good doggie and missed a lot.
From: Mommy
On: 9/8/17
My Dearest Little Baby Girl, Buttons, I still miss you so much! Even if some might think it's crazy, I do think it's possible to love a little furry creature as much as we love our human children - we just have many dreams and hopes for our human children and teach them to be independent, on their own. Your "brother" Sean is an adult now and so successful, exceeded my greatest hopes and dreams for realizing his potential and I know he'll do even greater things! He has found his beautiful soulmate, Melissa, who embodies the same sweet and loving soul you possessed, same feistiness too, and is wise and perfect in so many ways for him. She will be equally successful. Grandma is well, and you're the only furry creature she ever loved. I know you're looking down at us all from doggie heaven and you miss us, and I know we will see you again one day. I love you more than I can say! My little precious little angel. Love & Hugs, Mommy xoxoxox
From: Laura
On: 12/23/16
I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful little girl. I lost my baby girl westie today. I'm looking to others to figure out how to heal. Thank you for sharing your story. My little girl Maggie is probably playing with your Buttons right now in heaven. Best
From: Mommy
On: 9/8/16
Dearest Little Buttons, I cannot believe 8 years have passed by since you were with us on this planet, though I know your little spirit lives on in eternity somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge! Your dynamic little personality was too strong to die. Though some may think it's silly that I write to YOU on this guestbook that's supposed to be for US, your grieving family, I don't care. I find it cathartic and I feel your presence with me when I do this. I love you and miss you every day. Your unconditional love and acceptance are examples we can all follow for how to love one another - to accept each other for how we are and not look at little surface issues that don't really matter. Your love was pure and real. Your love was the one love I had in this life that felt completely non-judgmental and supportive. Your presence allowed me to "be" and I will always love you for that, and honor your little spirit. Thank you for loving me and letting me be love you in this life! Love and XOXO Mommy
On: 9/6/16
From: Grandma
On: 2/6/16
Dear cute little Buttons,. Sure wish you were still with us. It was sad when you left but you still live in our heart. You gave us joy and you were my one and only grand daughter. Happy birthday to you in dog heaven. xoxo, grandma
From: Mommy-Loves-and-Misses-You!
On: 2/6/16
Dear Little Baby Girl Buttons, Happy Birthday!! Today, you would have been 22 years old had you still been alive! It's hard to believe that this April will be 22 years ago that we found you at Pet Smart - Sean, Curt, Bill and I went there in Colorado Springs to pick out a new puppy for Sean! The kids found you first, I think it was Sean? I remember going over to see the little puppy the kids were so excited about and immediately fell in love with you!! You were there with your two other sisters, without your doggy mommy. I think Curt preferred the quieter one who seemed to want to stay in the little crate. Your other sister was lying in a little girl's lap being petted and also sleeping. But you were jumping up to be picked up and petted! You wanted attention and seemed to have a PERSONALITY right from the start! Sean and I immediately knew you were OURS and didn't want to let you go! We loved you from that day on! Happy Birthday, Baby Buttons! Love, Mommy & Sean xoxox
From: Buttons' Mommy
On: 9/7/15
Dear Little Buttons, Mommy misses you every day. Even though it's been an entire YEAR since I've written - and tomorrow will be SEVEN years since the most difficult and painful day of my life - the day I lost you - that doesn't mean you're not in my heart and in my thoughts every day. I have photos of you throughout my apartment and at work as well. You'll always be my baby and my only "daughter" ... Whether or not you remember us from where you are in doggie heaven, happy and busy playing with the other fur-children who've passed and whose mommies and daddies, and brothers and sisters, all miss them too - like any loving parent, I wish you carefree happiness, even if it means you don't remember your life on earth - so that you don't feel sad and miss us too. I will choose to think of you as the happy, carefree puppy we met, only you're running free and rolling in the grass like you loved to do - no leash, and eating lots of chicken! All my love ~ Mommy xoxoxo
From: Mommy
On: 9/8/14
My Dearest Little Baby Girl Buttons, Mommy still misses you each and every single day! No matter how much time passes, I still wake up every day and hope these past six years were just a bad dream -- that you're still here with me. You'll still be at my side that night in my chair watching TV with me, still greet me happily when I come home, wagging your tail and giving me kisses! I miss holding and petting you - your unconditional love, your soft little furry body, your warmth and affection. I long for the day when I can see you again - over the Rainbow Bridge, and I hope that you're happy in doggie heaven, playing with your furry friends who've passed and who miss their Mommies, Daddies, others family. Please let Dante, Inga, Kody, and Cassie know that Jen and Steve miss and love them very much, and please know that Sean, Grandma, Steve, Jen, and Grazia love and miss YOU very much - even Aunt Mary (who thought you were a "he") remembers how cute you were! Lots of Love, Mommy XOXOXOX
From: Grandma
On: 2/8/14
I find it difficult to go to Rainbow Bridge, the music, etc. makes me feel very sad. I was about to click but stopped because my eyes are full with tears. This is my second attempt. I have muted the music now and acting brave. I wish you a Happy Birthday in Doggie Heaven. You gave us many hours of pleasure. You know how much I love you; you will always be in my heart. No one can replace my Buttons!

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