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From: john ansell
On: 8/22/16
My condolences on the loss of buster. My cat who died recently was also called buster. God bless
From: R0BERT
On: 9/29/12
From: TwnTYeMueUW
On: 9/25/12
Hey hey hey, take a gdaner at what' you've done
From: MTVFxqgo
On: 10/28/11
Just do me a favor and keep writing such tercnhant analyses, OK?
From: Pat Lively
On: 8/10/10
Buster you are joined by many. Show them around.
From: Pressy's Family
On: 7/9/10
Hello, handsome Buster. We're sorry we've not visited sooner but we didn't know about you. Our Pressy, the little old gray lady kitty you helped welcome to beautiful Paradise meadow, told us about you. She asked her family to visit kitty playmate Buster. Pressy said she chases colorful butterflies and rainbows with your meadow family and gives you all special kitty love headbumps. She said you and your meadow family showed her wonders of Paradise meadow and gave her angel wing lessons. Pressy says you gather to send love signs on the wind so Mom knows her fur and feather angels are together as a meadow family waiting for her until she comes to cross the beautiful Rainbow Bridge together for all time. Join with your meadow family to watch over Mom as guardian stars shining brightly for her so she feels the warmth of your love surround her. Soar among clouds with your meadow family on silvery angel wings to watch over Mom together always, beloved Buster. Pressy's Grandpa
From: Clare and Martha
On: 7/9/10
Buster, watch over your mommy always.
On: 5/16/10
From: Joyce
On: 11/24/08
Hello beautiful little Buster.I know you have been at Rainbows Bridge for awhile now & will have made many friends to play & have fun with.Now you have your angel wings you can soar high in the heavens. You are young & healthy once more,no more pain.Remember to send your family a very special sign to let them know that you are always with them in everything they do.Have fun running & playing in the green meadows & cool streams,then rest in the shade & dream of your family.You will be together again once more. Joyce-acky's mum.http://RainbowsBridge.com/residents/AXEL001/Resident.htm
From: Dusty's mommy, Karen
On: 12/9/07
"God gave us our memories so that we might have Roses in December." a quote by J.M. Barrie. May the most joyous and happiest of memories of your sweet Buster be the ones that you remember this month of December. May it be those very memories, the ones that can't help but bring a smile to your face, that surround you this Holiday Season and bring to your heart the very warmth and sunshine of the Rainbow itself. That's just one of the little presents that your furbaby angel would want for you this year.... May God bless you and your entire family this wonderful Holiday Season. With best wishes, Karen....Dusty's mom.... http://RainbowsBridge.com/residents/DUSTY101/Resident.htm

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