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From: Robyn Pierce
On: 9/10/13
Thank you so much for sharing about Buddy. Now I know I am not crazy. My little pomeranian of 13 years left us one month ago. I am still so grief-stricken. Nobody understands. I think you might.
On: 4/29/13
From: ZSNdaYchYmSbRLF
On: 9/24/12
melody march 24, 2008 i really want to get a farie prantbiush and i have been saving up for it for a long long time and i can barily find one and i dont even think they sell them anymore so please send it to lilmissmelody_1_13 so please send it to me.
On: 4/30/12
From: Greg Pearse
On: 9/29/10
Hi again from Greg Pearse. Well 4 weeks ago we lost Bailey due to diabetes complications and tonight just 4 weeks later we lost our beloved Bonnie to the same thing. Two blows to my heart is hard to take. Once a Westie is in your life things are never the same. I hope that Buddy, Belmont, Bailey and Bonnie are all playing together over the bridge. They gave me 11 great years of kisses, wagging tails and that wonderful tilted head as they looked up at you listening to every word you said. My heart is torn in half tonight and the pain in my chest is unbearable. Take care.
On: 5/16/10
From: Greg Pearse
On: 10/5/09
Hi from Sydney Australia. I lost my first Westie back in 2001. His name was Belmont and he was hit by a car when a tradesman working on our house accidentaly let him out. I miss him. I know have two more. A boy called Bailey and a little girl called Bonnie. They are 7. They have both developed diabetes and require two needles each a day. They are related. Unlucky genes I guess. The diabetes gave them cataracts and they went blind. $10,000 later we had the cataracts removed and all good. Westies are the best dogs in the world. Buddy is a very handsome boy and you must miss him heaps. He is probably running around with Belmont right now. All the best. Greg
From: Cheryl
On: 5/3/09
Hi There Busweiser.... What a great name!!! Especially here in St. Louis where Busweiser is still the King of Beers. Mom said t his was a tough year especially wththe lss of two more furbabies. I know you were leading the welcoming committee with outstretched paws of welcome to the new little ones. Just think, 3 years since ytou went to th e bridge, that is when I m et your mom, as you corssed over shortly after Cy. Since tha happend, I have made so many good friends, and I cherrish each and every one of them. How strange it is, that with such sadness, good does come out of it. That is called the cycle of life. So go and play hard, run fast, and love always. Cheryl AKA Mom to Cyrano
From: fad
On: 4/18/09
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From: Maria
On: 12/23/07
Merry Christmas, Buddy! You must be having such a wonderful time at the Bridge, playing Christmas games, eating Christmas cookies and singing carols with the angels - it must be magnificent! Remember to send you mommy a special gift of your love, sealed with Budweiser kisses and hugs ... place it on the Rainbow and watch it slide down, straight into her heart - she will feel the warmth of your love filling her with sweet memories of her Buddy. Bellyrubs and kisses coming your way.
From: Chery
On: 12/22/07
Hi Buddy, and Merry Christmas!!! Lots going on at the bridge , or so Cy tells me. What a celebration will be happening soon. All the un ending presents under the tree in the meadow, and the feast!!!!! Wow all those cookies baked by Princess, and tasted for quality control by Cy. Can't get much better then that. But in all the excitement, don't forget to smile down on mom , as she misses you very much and thinks of you daily. But for now, it is time to run fast, play hard, and love always. Chery AKA Mom to Cyrano and the entire crew.
From: Sharyn-Misty's Momma
On: 12/20/07
Hello little Budweiser, my wish for you is to have the merriest Christmas possible. Eat lots and be sure to tell Jesus Happy Birthday. Send Mommie a sign to OK? Hugs little guy,
From: Ruby , Chuckys mom
On: 12/18/07
Precious baby, your mom has made you a beautiful residency here in tribute to you. The special soul and spirit that you are touched her in many positive, happy ways and she misses you so much. This holiday season please send her extra waves of love so she feel comfort and joy in her memories of you.
From: Elly (Koko's Mom)
On: 12/1/07
Hi Lorelei, Buddy is so sweet. I know he feels all the love that your messages are sending him.I'm sure you must miss him so much. Love Elly
From: Gabby,Little Mans mummy xx
On: 10/8/07
Hello sweet little Budweiser,I am sorry little guy that I havent called round before.I have concentrated too much on one thing,but I am here now to leave you lots of love and lots of Fairy kisses xxxx I know that your Mummy misses you very much so send her lots of signs that you are still looking over her,Ok Buddy xxxx
From: Big brother Blaine
On: 9/10/07
Hey Bud! I see mom has decked the area out ofr your favourite season.....miss ya...got your picture by the computer.. Big Brother Blaine
From: Maria
On: 9/5/07
Hey, Buddy, just wanted to drop by and visit with you a little ... needed to let you know you're loved very much by your Mommy, so pay her a visit, send her a sign - remind her of how much you love her and always will ... when you're done, ask Ralphie for a cooling, refreshing grape popsicle - he'll help you slurp up every little juice drop! Sending you kisses and bellyrubs on butterfly wings ... go catch them, Buddy!
From: Dusty's mommy (Karen) NJ
On: 4/7/07
"Those who don't know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either." (a quote from Golda Meir) ... Perhaps there's a hint in her words as to why we pet owners grieve so deeply, as our pets have brought such joy and laughter to our lives...We've almost no choice but that our whole hearts grieve when they are no longer by our side... May the warmth of the Rainbow, along with the beautiful memories you have of your sweet baby, surround and comfort you near the 1 year anniversary of the loss of your little angel. Rest well in God's gentle loving arms, beloved little Buddy...
From: Cheryl
On: 1/24/07
Hey there Budweiser, What a handsome fella you are. My special guy Cy has probably found you by now. He is the colle service dog, who looks out for all. You have a very special job to do now, and that is to let your mom know just how much you love her. Look down on her from the rainbow, and she will know it is you. But for now, run fast , play hard, and love always. Cheryl aka Cyrano's mom
From: Barbara Ann
On: 12/3/06
Hi Buddy! You are so beautiful! I know you have met Tucker who arrived at the bridge on Dec 1 at 3:00. I bet he is nibbeling on your fur,that was his favorite thing to do with his brother Denny. I'm giving you belly rubs and kisses. Forever Tucker's Mom

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