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From: PaGary&MamaRita
On: 6/27/20
Dear Buddy Lee, I have been busy lately and I apologize for not writing sooner. Sophie Lynn was really sick. She should arrive there tonight. Please show her around, new friends, and stay close to each other until she isn’t scared of the place. Sophie has been really sick this past few weeks with renal failure. Her mom,Sandi, took her to Dr.McLamb and they found her sickness. Don’t forget we love you,miss you, and you are in our thoughts every day. Love mama and dad.
From: Rita (Buddy Lee) mon
On: 6/22/20
Hi Buddy Lee, I love you more every day baby. I miss you so very much.You took my heart when you went to Rainbow Bridge.Mama still cries over you.I hope you know how much you are still loved. I love and miss you bunches.Daddy said hi,and he loves you and misses you.We will be together someday baby.Love you Mama and Daddy.
From: Buddy Lee(Mom)
On: 6/7/20
Buddy Lee,Hi Baby We have missed you so very much.I love you and think of you every day.Daddy says hi and he loves and thinks of you often. Baby our lives has not been the same since you left.We know you are healthy and happy,just waiting for us.The same goes we can’t wait to be with you again Baby.Just to feel those sweet puppy kisses,hugs we miss those so much.Don’t forget how much mama and daddy love you.
From: Rita (Buddy Lee) mama
On: 3/1/20
Buddy Lee hi baby,mama and daddy miss you more and more every day. Thank you baby for helping mama while I was sick. If it had not been for dad,yourself and the good Lord I would not have made it. Baby your presence really gives me comfort. Your sweet puppy breath,cuddles and hugs. We love you and you will always be in our hearts.We loved you in life and in death forever.Until we are together again at Rainbow Bridge.LOVE.
From: Rita Cundiff
On: 12/11/19
Baby,it’s been another year. I love you so much. Time does not always heal your pain. I love and miss you more ever day. My heart went with you, the day you left. I hope you are having fun at Rainbow Bridge. Daddy and I will be with some day, don’t give up. We love you with all our hearts.Merry Christmas Love mom and dad.
From: Rita Cundiff
On: 9/16/19
Dear BuddyLee, Mama loves you so much. I think of you constantly.I miss you more each day.I know you are waiting at Rainbow Bridge.I know you are enjoying the warm weather and playing in the grass.I know you are not in pain anymore,that means a lot to us.Lwill always love you,and keep you in my heart. Love always mama.
From: Buddy Lee
On: 6/26/19
Baby I know that it has been two years now. We still love and miss you more each day. Daddy and I talk of you every day. All the good things about you. Like the day you found your very own stick in the yard, you were so pretty coming across the yard carrying it.Baby we love and miss you so dearly. I know you are happy , whole and not in pain that means so much. Love Mom and Daddy
From: Buddy Lee
On: 6/26/19
Baby I know that it has been two years now. We still love and miss you more each day. Daddy and I talk of you every day. All the good things about you. Like the day you found your very own stick in the yard, you were so pretty coming across the yard carrying it.Baby we love and miss you so dearly. I know you are happy , whole and not in pain that means so much. Love Mom and Daddy
From: Buddy Lee (mom and dad)
On: 6/18/19
Baby you are always in our hearts and prayers. We miss you more ever day. I think of you ever day.To hug you just one more time,to smell your puppy breath. There are so many wonderful things about you. We will always love you Love mom and dad.
From: Rita(Buddy Lee)mama
On: 1/13/19
Dear Baby we miss you so very much. I know you are whole again and not hurting,that means so much.I love you baby boy so much.Daddy misses you to. We talk about you every day,of the good times we had. You will live forever in our hearts.Love mama and daddy
From: Rita Cundiff
On: 10/1/18
10-1-2018 Dear Baby,I love and miss you so much. There is not a day,that daddy and I don’t think of you. Remember all the good times we had together. Your sweet puppy breath and soft hugs.You will live forever,because you will live in our hearts.There was only one Buddy Lee. Love forever Mon and Dad.
From: Rita Cundiff
On: 8/21/18
8-20-2018 Buddy Lee mom. Buddy Lee I think of you all day,ever day.You are missed and loved ever day all day.I didn’t know that my heart could break so many times,over and over.I love the times we had playing,puppy kisses and snuffling at night.I ca not wait till we can be together again.I will see at Rainbow Bridge.Mommy loves you baby boy. Love momRita
From: From Mama and Daddy
On: 7/6/18
Dear Buddylee, your departure date has come and gone, but not without much heartache, sadness and a wish that you were back with us. This past year without you has been anguishing, lots of tears, and daily visits at your grave site. We thought this would get easier as time goes by, but it has not. We seem to we see you out of the corners of our eyes everywhere we go. We are forever finding your toys that you stashed away and bits of your treats scattered about, for a rainy day, we suppose. We see you in other people's cars, people walking their Buddy's, or we hear your tags tinkling as you walk around the house. You had made such big,big part of our lives and home and we will never be able to replace you, your eyes, and the great attention you gave us. Yes,you were our little boy and you will always be in our hearts and minds as we struggle thru life, always missing you. We will see you later down the road. We will be forever loving you. Mama and Daddy.
From: Rita
On: 6/6/18
6-6-2018 Buddy Lee was my baby. I miss you more and more, you have been gone almost a year. It hurts as much today as it did when I first lose you. I think of you every day. I will alway love you with all my heart. Mama loves her baby, daddy loves his boy. Love mama and daddy.
From: Rita and Gary
On: 3/30/18
Thank you, one and all for the warm condolences, heart felt concerns, and sometimes a shoulder to lean on when we all need it. Again, thank you for everything's!
From: Rita and Gary
On: 3/30/18
since Buddy Lee has went to Rainbow Bridge, some days are bright with his memories and other days we just get thru them. Here it is Buddy Lees birthday tomorrow, 4/1/2005. This is another day of memories about his youth, coming home for the first day, him trying to grasp the great big yard-ALL MINE! Buddy trying to carry his very own stick, every dog has gotta have a stick! Then the first bark-scaring him! Where did that come from?!! Well, he did save us from the drivers of UPS, FEDEX, and mail trucks. Nobody got by him without him checking them out! Later on HIS SPOT on the couch, bed, front car seat, toy box and his eating SPOT, We miss you so terribly much, we are getting by until we meet again. You keep up with PUP, TRIXIE, SAM, LADY, SARGE, SISSY, and we will try to be our best to be reunited with you and OUR group. Never forget we love you, miss you, and thank you for choosing us for your parents, love mom and dad.
From: Dana (IddyBears Mom)
On: 1/26/18
Rita and Gary, I'm so sorry for your loss of your precious Buddy Lee. As you cherish and remember every memory and moment, please be comforted and know that your Buddy Lee is at the Rainbow Bridge meeting many new friends including my Bailey. The Bridge kids will be with your fur-angel in the beautiful Paradise Meadow. My thoughts are with you, and I'm leaving flowers to comfort you... God Bless...
From: Minks Mom
On: 1/14/18
Dear Rita and Gary, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious and loved Buddy Lee. I understand the pain and heartache of loss and will keep you in my prayers.
From: Carol (Murphy's Mom)
On: 1/13/18
Rita and Gary, I am sorry for the loss of your sweet angel Buddy Lee.
From: Lito Ortiz
On: 1/11/18
Rita, Gary: Now that he's at Rainbow Bridge, Buddy will be forever young; he'll be Mama's baby always. I’m sorry for your loss. Know that you are not alone. I, too, have lost a beloved pet; everyone in this website have. We know you’re hurting, and we’re here for you. We feel the pain that you feel; we’ve suffered the loneliness that you suffer, at not having our beloved pet by our side anymore. But we all feel the same relief---that where our beloved pets are now, they’re safe, and happy, and content, whatever afflicted them in this life is gone. And we all share the same hope---one day, we will be together again with our beloved ones. My baby, a female Beagle named River, left for Rainbow Bridge on March 21, 2017; you can see River here--https://www.rainbowsbridge.com/residents/RIVER002/Resident.htm. Happy new year! I hope 2018 brings something to help ease the pain.

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