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From: Rob/Dad
On: 12/1/17
I still think of you, and expect to see you when I look down at the kitchen floor. Miss you.
From: Rob
On: 6/15/17
Gone but never forgotten. Miss you Bud.
From: Dad
On: 12/12/16
Missing you Buddy-Boy. You were such a great pup. I'll never forget ...
From: Rob
On: 6/30/16
Buddy Von Schnauser: Almost another year has gone by since you left us. We think of you each day as if you are still here. I still catch myself looking over at the couch and expect to see you sitting by your Mom. Waiting for the sadness to subside; it has not. We love you and we miss you. Dad.
From: Rob
On: 3/24/16
Still think of you everyday. Your spirit and energy are dearly missed. Love, Dad
From: Rob
On: 1/19/16
Hi Buddy; We really missed you this Christmas. Grandma came and visited. I just wanted to let you know that we think of you everyday and miss you. Tell Fluff we said "Hello", and we miss him too. Love, Mom and dad.
From: Rob
On: 8/22/15
Hi Buddy; I can still recall when you would go for walks with your Mom and you would see me sitting on the steps. You would bolt, running to me with your head down, as fast as you could. Miss you. Dad
From: pam
On: 7/26/15
Dear Christy and Rob, you have my sympathy on the loss of your sweet Buddy. God bless you.
On: 7/4/15
From: Rob (Dad)
On: 6/30/15
It has been nearly a year since you had to leave us, Buggus. The days are getting warmer and I think of you squinting while looking into the sunlight. I can hardly get on here without my eyes watering up. Miss you so very much. Love, Dad
From: Rob
On: 4/1/15
Spring is here Bugga. I look up at the blue sky and wonder what you are doing.
From: Rob
On: 1/16/15
Tere are times when I am in the house by myself and I can swear that I can here you in the bedroom. I look over at your Mom sitting on the couch and still expect to see you there. Love, Dad.
From: Rob
On: 12/1/14
Christmas will not be the same without you. Love, Dad
From: Rob
On: 11/22/14
Great memories of you flood back and it makes me sad that you are not here with us. Miss you. Love, Dad.
From: Rob Walker
On: 8/23/14
What a beautiful dog.
From: Rob
On: 8/12/14
How could a 9# Yorkie effect a family the manner in which you did? Because all 9#'s of you had more life in you than any dog or animal I have known in my 53 years. It is hard not having you here with us. They say that time will heal all wounds; I don't know; I don't think so. Thinking of you everyday.
From: Rob Matthes
On: 7/27/14
Miss you.
From: Frank ( Buddy's dad)
On: 7/24/14
I'm sorry you lost your Buddy too. I hope they've met each other at the Rainbow Bridge and don't get into too much mischief. I'm glad we have such great memories. They really mean a lot right now.
From: Sydney
On: 7/14/14
Dear Christy and RobI am so sorry about the loss of your precious fur baby Buddy. What a beauty he was. I know how much you miss him and my hope for you is that the sadness is soon replaced by loving memories of the wonderful times you shared. Please take care. You are in my thought
From: Debbie, Ginger's mom
On: 7/13/14
I'm sorry for your loss.

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