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From: Jeanine
On: 11/5/18
Hi Buddy, I have been thinking alot about you recently. Missing you... You would love all of the babies your Mom has now. Your own Animal Shelter! Hope you and Spitty, Maggie, Thomas, Tippy Toes are having the time of your lives in Heaven. I miss you sweet Buddy Boy.
From: Mommy Dara
On: 10/9/18
Dear Buddy, I will always love you. Missing you just as much today as the day you left me. The hole in my heart grows bigger with time. Love you so much, Mom
From: Auntie Jeanine
On: 5/29/18
Hi Buddy, I miss you my friend. You were such a good boy. You would be in seventh heaven with all of the little ones to take care of....You mom now has 5. But you will always be our BUDDY BOY...out sweet one. Say Hi to Spitty for me - his birthday is Saturday. Hard to believe he would have been 16. I can't even picture what he would be like at 16...Probably still planning PetCo raids! Love you Buddy. Auntie Jeanine
From: Lawrence
On: 3/15/18
Your memorial tributes are nice. Buddy sounds like a great cat. I hope your grief has eased a little. Have a great day!
From: Mom
On: 10/9/17
My beloved boy, Buddy, you are in my heart as much today as you were on this day eight years ago when you went to be with the Lord and prepare a place for me to join you. You are my love, my life, my real Buddy. I will always love you. Mommy xo
From: Mom
On: 6/22/17
My beloved Buddy, I miss you every single day. You were the love of my life in so many ways. With you, Tippy and Slicky, I always felt loved. You knew Big Bro would comfort me when you and Tippy left, and he has been a good boy. But, there will always be only one Buddy. I love and miss you. Mom XO XO XO
From: Mommy
On: 5/12/17
My beloved son, Buddy Boy, I miss you so much. You were my soul mate and I have never gotten over missing you. Love, Mom XO
From: Mom
On: 10/9/16
My heart is with yours today by very dear Buddy. I will always love you. Mommy
On: 10/8/16
From: Mom
On: 8/28/16
Dear Buddy, my precious boy, I miss you so much and love you beyond words. Hugs my babe, Love, Mom
From: Mom
On: 5/11/16
Buddy, I will love you forever. Miss you more each year. Love xxoo Mom
From: Mom
On: 1/10/16
Happy New Year to my most beloved son. Love you forever. Mom xo
From: Mom
On: 10/9/15
I will always love you. Mommy
From: Mom
On: 10/8/15
My dear baby boy, I never face a day without thoughts of you. The nearly 18 years we spent together were the best years of my life and you are part of my heart. I often think of the final days we shared. You were truly a gift from God and I look forward to being together with you again one day. Love, Mom XO
On: 10/8/15
From: Mom
On: 7/31/15
Hi my beloved boy, I miss you and love you so much. You are my heart and soul. Love, Mom
From: Mom
On: 6/2/15
Hi Buddy! Today is Spitty's birthday and I know you and Tippy and Maggie and Slicky have a special party planned so I just wanted to say "have fun" and I love you all. XO Mom
From: Cavalette
On: 5/18/15
Beautiful Memorial..Such Beautiful Words..
From: Mom
On: 5/13/15
Buddy...you were and always will be my best buddy. Show Tippy some fun today and celebrate her birthday with her. All my love, Mom
From: Mom
On: 5/12/15
My darling son, today is the anniversary of Tippy joining you in Heaven. Miss you both so very much. You are always in my heart and on my mind. Love you, Momma Dara

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