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From: Buddy
On: 12/12/15
Dear Momma Kate, did you ever think-- think it would come to this? This year. This day. This moment. We spent so much time together and yet we still push all else aside to find one another. To find ourselves. I love the rain here. Sitting in it. Running in it. All of my senses pulsing and thriving with each chilled drop covering every inch of me. It makes me feel alive. You make me feel--. And that sound. That monotone. Beautiful. Consistent. Infinite. A thousand cadences to a thousand songs filled with sudden rises and slow relapses of a thousand pittering words. Words that now decay;Decay into me, deeper and deeper. I like listening to the rain splashing against the roof of my home. I often close my eyes and hope, with all my might, that the rain would be strong enough to pierce through that absolute barrier;that impervious threshold and immerse me,consume me,once again so that, at the least, I’d have some confirmation--some affirmation that what this has come to is not--real. -Buddy
On: 9/26/13
From: R0BERT
On: 9/26/12
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On: 7/19/12
I have read Mandel before. Would ask the local liaibrran to reserve the book for me. It sure looks like great reading. This is Diana from Israeli Uncensored News.
On: 5/16/10
On: 3/31/07
Hi Buddy. How beautiful you are.I know you are having a great time at Rainbow Bridge. In that beautiful place you are young again and free from pain.Look for my Gottie and Tony (bunnys) there.I know they would love to be your friends. Before they went to the bridge they used to play with a little Chihuahua named Bo.He is just about the same size as them and they would have such fun playing hide and seek and tag. I know you will all have such fun playing in that wondrous meadow and snoozing in the forever sunbeams. Your Mom misses you soooo much.Come to her in her dreams and let her know you are well and happy.Send sweet"Buddy" kisses on the wind. Although you are no longer with her you are forever in her heart.The many beautiful memories of your time together will, in time, help to ease the pain. You are her Guardian Angel now.Watch over her from the Bridge until you can be reunited.Sleep softly little one. You are missed and sooo loved.Kate I feel your pain.God Bless.
From: Amy
On: 11/16/06
I am sorry for your loss of your dear fur baby. We lost two of ours in the last month. It's so hard. I hope it will get easier over time. All of our fur babies are together having a great time until we see them again. May the memory of your fur baby bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your hearts. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Amy
From: Debra J. Fidler
On: 11/2/06
Our animals will forever have a very special place in our herat and lifes. I don't understand why God takes them from us at such a young age. But I started believeing that their little hearts were too special for this life and now they are in a better place and waiting on us to reunite. I know how much you love Buddy and he knows that too. Seek comfort in your newly added family member. He can't replace your Buddy, but I am happy that you opened your heart and your home so soon. I did 5, August and I swore I wouldn't. My newly added feline boy also names Simba is 6. I wouldn't give him up for the world. Love and be loved, Debra
From: Jutta
On: 10/10/06
Kate, words can't express the feeling of loss. My deepest sympathy, and hopefully Buddy leaves Kasha in peace..she loves to pester dogs!
From: Kelly, Bear and Murphy's Mom
On: 10/8/06
Good Morning, Buddy! My horse, Bear, will find you and take you for a wonderful ride across the meadows at the Bridge. Visit your family and let them know you are happy and healthy.
From: Cindi Elsberry
On: 10/7/06
I am so sorry to read of your loss. God Bless you Cindi
From: Tammy(Frankfurter's mom)
On: 10/4/06
Kate, So sorry for your loss.Buddy has been made whole.No more pain,or sorrow.He is free to run and play.Words cannot explain the loneliness at this time.I know we will see our beloved pets once more.The best part is they will live forever.God bless and comfort you. Tammy
From: Sonia Guggenheim
On: 10/3/06
My thoughts are with you. I know and understand how much joy a special pet can bring someone, having lost my cat Marishka a few years ago. Our special memories will always be with us. Love, Sonia
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 10/2/06
Hello sweet Buddy, I wish you lots of fun times at the bridge, hang onto your memories mom they will help you thru the sad times ahead...I will light a candle for you at the service tonight.
From: Amanda
On: 10/2/06
I'm so sorry about your loss of Buddy. I wish you comfort during this difficult time. It is very unfortunate what happened to him, but maybe God needed him in Heaven. Buddy is there waiting for you, so cherish the memories until then. God bless, you are in my prayers.
From: Cheryl
On: 10/2/06
Good Morning Buddy, and welcome to the bridge. You now have a very special job to do everyday, and that is to let your mom know just how much you love her. Smile down on her from the rainbow, and she will know it is you. My special guy Cy will show you around, and introduce you to all the other fine residents of RB. But for now, run fast, play hard, and love always. Cheryl aka Cyrano's mom
From: frank
On: 10/1/06
i'm so sorry i know how much this hurts they are still with us in our hearts &dream our love is always with them
From: Heide (Gwendolyn's mom)
On: 10/1/06
Hello Buddy! Your mommy loves you very much and misses you too. You can rest easy now...run and play with the other Angels at the Rainbows Bridge. I'm sure that you and Gwendolyn have already become friends. Visit when you can and know that you are loved always. God Bless you you and your mommy. ~Heide~

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