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From: Diego
On: 11/18/19
Heidi and myself have visited you. We feel your sorrow because we feel it as well. Heidi is playing with with Buckley and they are having a great time together, waiting for us humans to join them. Heidi can be visited at https://www.rainbowsbridge.com/residents/HEIDI117/Resident.htm Heidi has left a red rose because that is what her favorite flower was
From: Jennifer higgs
On: 6/16/19
So sorry for your loss.he seemed like an amazing boy.i know u miss him alot.i just lost my orange tabby reeses june 5 and am heartbroken
From: Maryann & Charlie
On: 6/19/16
So sorry T T to hear.
From: Annie Gierum
On: 6/19/16
to terry we love you and know the hurt that is in Terry's heart. we all miss Buckley

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