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From: Mommy
On: 9/24/16
Hi baby! Mommy and Daddy are thinking of you today. We have your urn out with us so you can enjoy visiting with us all weekend. We miss you more than you will ever know. I hope you have met Max and Bo. They are our newest family members. I think you'd like them. I hope you are enjoying the Rainbow Bridge with all of your friends but know Mommy and Daddy look forward to seeing you again someday. Rest in peace our sweet little angel. We love you very much.
From: Mommy
On: 9/24/15
Good Morning my baby boy. I cannot believe we lost you three years ago today. I miss you every day. Daddy and I always talk about you - what a fighter you were and what a great kitty you were! Dafoe has tried to help fill the void losing you left with me. He's my couch buddy now. And you know, we got a new kitty, Bo. I don't know if you'd like him - he isn't nice to the other kitties. Somehow I know if you were still here, you wouldn't whipped him into shape. I hope you are having fun playing with Beezer, Felix and Hexy. I hope all of you know how much Mommy and Daddy miss all of you. Go enjoy your freedom my little angel. Someday, we will be couch buddies again. I love you with all of my heart.
From: Mommy
On: 12/15/14
Mommy is missing her Bro-diddy a lot today. I love you my little angel.
From: Mommy
On: 9/24/14
Hi my sweet little angel. Today is a hard day for Mommy. I held you for the last time 2 years ago very close to this time of day. I would give anything for one more day with you. I hope you are having fun at the Bridge. Please give all of our love to Hexy, Felix and Beezer, too. And please know Mommy and Daddy miss you a lot - and talk about you all of the time. You were the best kitty we could've ever asked for. We miss you and love you with all of our hearts. Rest in peace, Big Guy. Love, Mommy.
From: Daddy
On: 9/24/14
Het big guy, I hope you are having fun at the bridge. I want you to know that mommy and I still talk about you and think of you all the time. It was so great having you in our lives. You were an awesome member of the family. I know you are still with us in spirit. I hope you are having fun with Felix and Hexy. I know you had to be happy to see them. I also hope that you and Beezer have found a way to get along. We miss all of you and we look forward to the day when we will all be back together again. Have fun and run free. We will see you again in the future. Daddy loves his Br-Bro-Diddy!!!
From: Lori
On: 9/24/14
Hi Brody, I wanted to tell you I think of you often and miss you so much. You were my teacher and DaFoe, Domenick & Nikki said to tell you hello and thank you! Tell your brothers I said hi and I know you are having lots of fun together...especially eating all the goodies you want. Love and miss you, Aunt Lori xoxo
From: Nana Peggy
On: 9/23/14
My dear Brody.... Tomorrow will be two years since you left us and went to the Bridge. You are thought about so very often and with much love and affection. You were such a brave and courageous kitty. You taught us all what it is to fight to live. Your mommy and daddy ,I know still miss you so much . I know that your mommys heart still aches to hold you just one more time. And mine aches to see you too . Run , play and be free of pain my dear grandkitty...... and know that someday we will all be together again... and what a glorious day ..that will be. love and miss you dear Brody...
From: Mommy
On: 5/14/14
Good morning my sweet little angel. I had to stop by this morning to wish you a happy birthday. I miss you so much and I miss that sweet face. Mostly, I miss you laying with me every night on the couch. I know you are still here with me - but I wish I could hold you and see you just one more time. Happy 14th Birthday in Heaven Mommy's little angel. I love you.
From: Kathy (Oreo/Ralph/Eva)
On: 1/14/14
Jennifer/Keith...Brody is a beautiful boy and is very lucky to have you as his forever family. May he sen you the sunniest days,brightest stars, and fluffiest snowflakes until you join him on the Bridge...take care...
From: Regina
On: 1/11/14
My sympathy in the loss of your beautiful little Brody. Your tribute to your precious furbaby is beautiful.
From: Daddy
On: 9/24/13
How are you doing little buddy? Mommy and daddy miss you so much. I hope you are having a lot of fun at the bridge. I hope you and Beezer have become friends. I want you to know that mommy and daddy talk about you all the time. You made our lives so much better. You fought so hard to overcome everything that was thrown at you. We know you did your best and we cant wait to see you again. Please give our love to Beezer and tell her we still love and miss her as well. Please keep an eye out for Felix in the next few weeks/months. We thought we were going to lose him last week. He is still fighting on, just like you did. I am sure that as soon as he sees you, he will run up to you and clean your head. You were always his favorite. Take care little buddy. Daddy loves and misses you.
From: Nana Peggy
On: 9/24/13
Sweet Brody... Today is a sad anniversary for those of us you left behind. Filled though with memories of you and your gentle soul. The heart of a lion who fought so bravely while you were here. How blessed we all were to have had known you and had you in our lives. Though the day is filled with tears... it will give way to smiles as we remember the little kitty who was so brave in all his struggles. I love you Brody...and I miss you with all my heart. I know this is a hard day for your mommy and daddy too. So if you can... let them know you are okay. Until we meet at the bridge... run, play and be happy and healthy sweet boy.
From: Mommy
On: 9/24/13
Good Morning my sweet angel. I couldnt let today pass without visiting you at the Rainbow Bridge. It's been a year since we lost you and I still miss you and think of you every single day. I would give anything to have you for just one more day. I miss you so much. You were Mommy's best friend. I will remember you today with love and with lots of sadness. Today is the worst kind of anniversary. I miss you my little buddy. And I love you more than you'll ever know.
On: 9/23/13
From: Nana Peggy
On: 7/11/13
Brody... Was thinking about you and my fur babies you must have met already. I hope you are all happy and chasing one another around and playing. Brody.. I know your mommy and daddy miss you still with all their hearts... and always will. I miss you too and wanted you to know ... today ... I thought of you. Love you sweet boy.
From: Mommy
On: 12/15/12
Hi my little Angel. Mommy is missing you a lot today. I just wanted to stop and visit and shed a tear for you. I hope you are making a lot of new friends at the Bridge. Please come and visit Mommy and Daddy in our dreams soon. We miss you. Love in our heart for you always, Mommy and Daddy
From: Nana Peggy
On: 11/21/12
Jennifer and Keith... I finally was able to access sweet Brodys guest book. There isn't anything I can say to make the hurt any less ...even now. You know how much I loved him and I think about him a lot ! I know the pain you both felt...but I also know the great love you had for Brody. You both did everything possible to give him a wonderful life... in spite of his illnesses. He loved you for it. he is free now. To run and play with all those furbabies of ours who have gone on before him. He will see you in your dreams... and one day you will all meet on the bridge.... and what happiness that will be. Thank you for letting him be a part of my life... I was so blessed to have him as a grandkitty.
From: Jane
On: 10/10/12
Dear Jennifer and Keith, he's beautiful and precious in every way. What a wonderful blessing that you found such a sweet furkitty and brought him into your hearts and home. My kitty, Inky, looks so much like Brody. Inky was 16 when she left for heaven's most beautiful meadow last year. I am sure our black babies are romping with joy with many new furfriends at the rainbow meadow. We will see our babies at the rainbow bridge someday. Blessings of healing and peace, dear friends. And blessings to all of the furbabies who now are a part of your family. You are wonderful to care so much! Jane
From: Diane
On: 10/7/12
Hello Jennifer & Keith, I am so sorry for the lost of your beautiful Brody. King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes: "To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven…a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance…" The Zohar, the classic work of Kabbalah, describes the inner psyche of man as "crying being on one side of the heart and laughing on the other side of the heart." Yet, there is an even deeper understanding, we will learn to be joyous and broken hearted at the same time. Our fur babies where so beautiful and a gift of true joy & love, how can we not be happy when we reflect on their memory and begin to celebrate their life. One day we will be together again with our beautiful companions; I lost my Zander & Zianna & have attached their link if you care to visit. With Love & Sympathy Diane.
From: Mommy
On: 10/5/12
Hi Little Angel of mine. Mommy misses you so much. I hope you are making lots of friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you will come and visit me in my dreams soon. I love you my little baby. Mommy

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