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From: Wendy Taylor
On: 1/21/18
Bob Barker, You are coming up on another month here soon, then Bee and I am sure you have other friends with anniversaries coming up too. Try and send your mommy a sign. We made it through the holidays. I still haven't taken your Christmas shrine down. I hope you hear me talking to you and see the light from the candles I light. I have one for you, Bee, Lillie, Cindy, Biff, Axel, River, four others (for other friends that you all might have) and one big one for all the others that have crossed the bridge. I light them all first, take a moment, read the Christmas Rainbow Poem to all of you and then talk each one of you one on one. Funny, when I finish lighting all the candles I think "it's like a bonfire in the living room". We love you, miss you so much. Your mommy and I are so different now without you both. Stay close to each other. That makes us feel better. I love picturing you and the others all snuggled up close together.
From: chris
On: 1/19/18
Bob, from what I have read, you have lived a very traveled and full life that is truly remarkable. My Penny is there with you near the bridge, she is a little shy at first, but she will warm up to you. Pammie told me all about you and your siblings. you are a great dog!! Take care
From: Cory Zacharia
On: 1/17/18
Thank you, dear Pammie, for your sweet words of comfort. Wishing you health and happiness in the New Year! Fondly, Cory
On: 1/15/18
I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Bob Barker (what a perfect name for a puppy). I'm positive my Gracie Mae Hare-ington is chasing him and they are having fun being young, energetic and youthful. Losing our little ones is so incredibly hard. But they're only lost for a second in time as one day we will all be together again <3
From: Kathy Morris
On: 1/10/18
So sorry for your loss. I just lost my Toby 1 1/2 weeks ago. The loss of him is unbearable. I constantly cry, think about you, miss you so much my heart aches. Sammy misses him too. Sleeps in his bed. Isn't eating....I hope he's at peace, and knows how much we love him. I hope with time your pain and our pain will ease. They leave such an impact, bring so much joy while thet are here. So much sadness when they are gone. Until we meet again...
From: cindy moore
On: 1/5/18
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We lost our baby doxie girl of 17 yrs on Nov 3, 2017. It's difficult, I know. Prayers and hugs to you!!
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 12/31/17
Hi Sweet Heart Bob. It's just Bee's mommy looking in on you. I am going to visit Bee after I visit you. I noticed that your mommy posted a new picture at your memorial. It was your last week here and you still looked so beautiful. I am reading the poem your mommy emailed to me every night with your candle shining along with Bee's. I hope you can hear me and see the light shining from me to you and Bee. Even though the poem is a Christmas Bridge poem and it's really made for us that were left behind, I think I will keep reading it every night to you guys for awhile. Mommy loves you so much and this holiday season was very hard for her. I know you are sending her signs she just can't see them but keep sending them, your mommy is a lot like me, too full of pain still and we just can't see them yet. Love you BIG Little man. Keep close to my Bee. xoxo
From: Carmen
On: 12/20/17
Hi there little man! You are very precious, Bob Barker. Your daddy has a super cute pic of you on your memorial. I can tell he misses you as much as I miss Biff, my bulldog. We all have a hard time going forward when y'all leave for Rainbow. Have fun there! I hope Biff has met you already. Love and hugs from Kansas.
From: Dave & Stef
On: 12/17/17
Pam, Thank you for the message. It seems like you and your baby had a very special bond as we did with our Daisy. I appreciate your thoughts, perspective and support. It means a lot. Your care and love for Bob Barker is very clear from what you write about him. We'll see them again one day. Thanks again for your perspective and support. - Dave
From: Richard Faraci
On: 12/17/17
Hi Pam, Firstly, I very much appreciate the loving message you left for Bentley in his guest book. I truely appreciate your touching g words. Bi. Is so handsome, I see how he can steal your heart away. Never forget that this is temporary, and we will all be with our furry friends in the near future. I firmly believe that if you remIn very still and listen very quietly, and really look, you will see the spirit of Bob leaving very subtle clues that he is still with you. Never underestimate the spirit. May you rest easy knowing g you are not alone and neither is Bob. I left a teddy bear for Bob to enjoy. Be safe, be strong Rich
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 12/17/17
Bob Barker, I was writing condolences and I found a little buddy for you. Call out to him with my Baby Bee. His name is Kasey Fivecoat. I know you will all be great cuddle buddies. Keep my Bee close to you. Wait for us at the bridge. We love you so much and miss you every day. Big hugs and kisses to you and Bee. Leaving a blanket for you and Bee to give to Kasey. I think her really likes blankets.
From: Lori Hoell
On: 12/15/17
It’s been two months since I lost Marvin. I’m in a terrible place. Crying every day praying he will come back to me. You have a special bond with your baby Bob Barker. Cherish the memories. I’m trying to do that myself. It’s so hard. Sending big hugs and prayers to you.
From: Suzanne Diangelo
On: 12/13/17
He is beautiful Pammie, I am so sorry ,,, I feel the same way about bella, just now the tears were flowing too.. Bella had a stroke and she walked into the hospital, I thought she would be ok she was up and alert at night , so I missed out, the techs got to see that!You had beautiful memories with your little man! I got Rose for bella , she got spend about 6 weeks with her ! and than 2 months ago got Hope and Lily was always there, I spoke to Susan Deren for a reading she said Bella is fine, I hope one day I feel peace and really believe the hurt and missing is too strong now! Be Blessed and may your little man and my little girl enjoy eating grass together!
From: Alison
On: 12/12/17
Hi Pammie, thanks for sharing your page with me. It comforts me to know that my Sidney is running amongst sweet little ones like you Mr. Bob. I hope they are playing and having a great time pain and carefree.
From: Sharon
On: 12/10/17
Bob Barker what a unique name for you. I can see by your memorial that Pammie loves you so much and you ofcourse were unique. What a special little boy you are. I'm very happy to know you were so loved and cared for, your Mommie sounds like a spiritual person that can connect with you she also made me very comforted with her message for Tiggur. I would so like to hold you when I see my little guy again. May I give you hugs and kisses till we all are together again. Blessings to you Pammie for the beautiful message you sent.
From: Jennifer Gravely
On: 12/10/17
Thank you for sharing your sweet boy with me. He is very precious.
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 12/7/17
Hi Bob Barker, I was at Baby Bee's site. Changed things for the winter and holidays. Just wanted to stop in and look at your pictures, say hi, think about giving you a hug and some kisses. Wanted to hang a stocking for you as well. You and Bee take care of each other. You both are loved so much and misses big bunches.
From: Susan
On: 12/5/17
Pammie, what a wonderful 14 years you and Bob Barker had together. Your love for him and his for you shines through your words. No wonder his passing has left such a hole in your life. I know well how that feels. But remember, that love is still shining. Bob is with you in spirit and always will be until you meet again one day at the bridge. Perhaps he greeted my Hobbs when he went to the bridge a week ago. They both sound like such kind, loving spirits. And they aren't in pain any more.They are happy and free. I try to imagine how happy Hobbs must have been when he found his legs worked like when he was young and he could run and do his Springer bounce again. Hug Vienna and Max often and just look in your heart, Bob Barker is right there with you. Blessings, Susan
From: Nanci Williams
On: 12/1/17
I’m so so sorry for the loss of your sweet Bob Barker. What a sweet little man he was. Prayers of love and strength during this tough time. 🙏🏼🐾
From: Penny Crosby
On: 11/25/17
Dear Pammie, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved companion. Always remember that Bob Barker loves and misses you and your family and that he is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge! I will keep you, Bob Barker, and your family in my prayers.

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