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On: 4/19/18
So sorry for the loss of Bob Barker. Such a beautiful dog. I know Bob Barker and Buttons are having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge. It will be a year next month that Buttons transitioned and I still miss her so much every day. I hope you are able to find comfort in the happy memories of Bob Barker. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
From: David
On: 4/10/18
Such a beautiful little guy that obviously brought so much happiness and love into your life! They are such wonderful visitors that come into our life, what seems to be such a short time but the memory will last until you see him again. Thank you for sharing his story and life with us!
From: Janette Roach
On: 4/3/18
Dear Pammie thank you for writing on pearl guest book it was very touching and it made me feel hurt so much but it gets better writing about it.
From: Chris Poulier
On: 4/1/18
Hello, I saw your post on Honey Carvin's Rainbow Bridge home. I too lost my darling boy Tyson a English Staffordshire. I love your memorial page. You have updated it every month and I feel exactly the same pain you have described. As you say, they are not in pain anymore. Like you, I too think of my angel even before I wake up. I look for him unintentionally early mornings just like you. I truly feel your pain and as you say, we will be with them again soon. This is only a temporary separation and our angels are in vigor and vitality now. Hugs... Chris and Deuwe
From: Dominick Puma
On: 3/22/18
Hi Pammie, What a beautiful boy and I know Bob Barker is happy and safe playing with Sasha and all the others fur babies. They say time heals, but as you wrote, I wake up every morning and expect to see my girl and then realize she is not there. Bob will find comfort with Sasha until they meet us again. Dom
From: Lorrie
On: 3/15/18
Very sweet and I’m still crying over BobBarker and my Nellie. Hermione is still grieving too for her litter mate and sister. Love our darlings forever!
From: Linda
On: 3/13/18
Little sweet Bob, your life was filled with so many fun adventures, thanks to your loving mommy and daddy. I'm jealous of all your fun travels! I wish any of my cats would have been so easy going and fun. But I know now you are running free with the wind in your cute floppy ears. Please welcome my new baby Lundy in case you see him as he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last Friday. He's super friendly and sweet and just wishing for friendship just like he did on this Earth. XO Linda
From: Kendra Walters
On: 3/9/18
When I think of the rainbow bridge I think of all the dogs that have gone before the new arrivals taking the new ones in and showing them around. No more pain or suffering. I think of the the animals that are being reunited with they pet parents and imagine the others watching anxiously waiting for their momma or daddy and playing with each other. They are happy and healthy. Sorry for your loss. Bob barker hope you're having a good time with my Pepper Ann
From: Lori
On: 3/8/18
Hi Pammie. I'm sorry you are missing your little guy so much. I think about you often and wish you healing and grace. Please know you are not alone. Your friend in Colorado. Lori (Sonny's mom)
From: Clayton Johnston
On: 3/8/18
Rest easy little Bob! Enjoy the open fields bud.
From: John and Julie
On: 3/8/18
Hi Pammie, thank you for the kind message in Kenya’s guestbook. Your words mean a lot during this hard time. I am so sorry for your loss of Bob Barker. He is so cute. I know he and Kenya are probably great friends right now, running around and playing without a care in the world. They truly have left a piece of thems lives with us and are always watching over us until the day they see us again. Thank you again and all the best. John and Julie
From: Meg
On: 3/2/18
hello Bob Barker, what a wonderful name please befriend my Coco. To Bobs humans I'm sorry for your loss,thank you for your kind words of support Meg Cocos Mummy
From: Lisa Myrick
On: 3/1/18
Oh Bob Barker, what a handsome little fellow you are! I know your mommy loves you very much and misses you deeply. I miss my Jackson so much, too. He is new to Rainbow Bridge so please help ease his fears and show him the ropes until I get there. Pammie, I know the sting of your loss now that I have lost my Jackson after only a little less than 9 years of having him with me. I know the bond of love that you and Bob Barker share helps to sustain you and helps give you strength to be strong for your other fur babies who need you. Thank you for sharing your beloved friend with all of us here. Blessings to you always.
From: Nicole
On: 2/28/18
Hi Pammie, thank you so much for your condolences and for sharing your pain. I will keep in mind that one day Fluffy and my family will be reunited, and that she now has her sight back and is enjoying herself with others such as your sweet baby Bob Barker at the Bridge, waiting for the day we all join them.
From: Lori`
On: 2/27/18
Hi Pammie, Thanks for the invite to visit your little buddy Bob Barker. What a cutie. Your memorial is so wonderful. I know you miss him so much and sometimes it takes a great deal of time to be able to move on. Be kind to yourself and know his gentle soul will be waiting for you. Lori
From: Steve Ferreyra
On: 2/17/18
I am so sorry for your loss. Bob was a beautiful companion and friend. I can tell the special bond you had with him from your heartfelt words. He was your soul dog as was my Mika. Today is one week since she passed and I received her ashes yesterday. The sorrow and sadness is overwhelming me today. I've run out of tears for now. I hope Mika and Benny are happy and at peace; free of pain now. One day I hope to open my heart to another fur baby, but nothing will ever replace my love for Mika and her little brother Benny. God Bless.
From: Sal
On: 2/11/18
Pammie I am very sorry for your loss. Bob Barker sounded like a remarkable dog. It's been a little over a week since we had to say goodbye to Pretty, our beloved cat of 17 years. We are having a very , very difficult time with it. Take care Sal- Pretty's Dad
From: Cary J Lang
On: 2/4/18
Dear Pammie. My deepest sympathy for your loss. I lost my Little Star 1 month ago and my pain is as deep as yours I'm sure. We as pet parents need so much to support each other and Rainbows Bridge is the perfect site for that. I have met so many friends here who have given me so many words of encouragement and solace just like you have. What a beautiful fur baby you have in Bob Barker. The sunglasses really make him look cool. Never forget all the unconditional love and memories they continue to give you. Your words and story on Bob Barker's memorial are so special. Little Star has another friend to guide her at Rainbows Bridge until we all meet there. Bless You Pammie. Cary (Little Stars Daddy)
From: Christy Holt
On: 1/31/18
How precious.. I know he is truly missed. I'm so sorry for your loss.
From: Becky Meyer
On: 1/23/18
Sweet Bob, You are a cool looking little guy and bet you've got some great new buddies now. Please look for my miss Kitty. She's pretty cool for a cat and help her adjust. You too be sure to send your love back to us every day.

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