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From: Becky
On: 7/1/18
Hi Bob, I'm sorry you got sick. I'm glad you had a good life. To Mom Pammie. Thank you so much for your kind words on my Maude's page. I hope our babies are running up there and laying in the sun.
From: Joan Hayes
On: 6/5/18
Hi Pammie, I'm not sure if I answered your message, please forgive me if I'm answering twice. Your memorial of Barker was beautiful, and he had Cushing's the same as Jasper, its a cruel disease I hated it, Jasper went in the back legs in the end. Its sounds like Bob had a very adventurous life. I will leave my email if you ever want to talk please don't hesitate Love from Joan and Jasper xo
From: Denise Boothe
On: 5/15/18
Your sweet little bob was so adorable I'm sure my bugz and him are playing together .deepest .hugz u will see him again .
From: Frank and Ana
On: 5/10/18
Pammie, thank you for signing Brady’s Guest book and for your caring and thoughtful Comments.l’m sure bob and Brady have Met and are friends.Bob looks sweet and friendly these souls are a gift to us For a very short time unfortunately. Thanks again Frank and Ana
From: charlene pfeifer
On: 5/8/18
Pammie I know that Angel and Bob barker are friends now an I hoe they are having a good time angel has a Sister name Daisy she is a Chihuahuashe she is still with us I got Daisy on September 18 in 2013 and angel used to have a Brother it was a Cat his name was Timmy My brother Jerry used to have Angel and Timmy in march 31 2013 My brother Jerry gave Angel to me Timmy passe away before Angel did My brother Had for 9 years I had for 4 Years almost 5 years in 2018 I Really Like the glasses That Bob barker had on I thought that wes cool
From: Wendy Lee Taylor
On: 5/7/18
Hi Mr. Bob Barker, Today you have been with my Bee 7 months. I just needed to pop in and look at your pictures. Your "last week picture" reminds me of some of Bee's last weeks pictures. You were so beautiful and looked so healthy. Bee did too. I know you both were struggling though. It is the only comfort that your mommy and I hang on to. We miss you big bunches and think of you all the time. Look for the candle light tonight. Big hugs sweet one.
From: Alida
On: 4/27/18
Thank You very much for Your message
On: 4/19/18
So sorry for the loss of Bob Barker. Such a beautiful dog. I know Bob Barker and Buttons are having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge. It will be a year next month that Buttons transitioned and I still miss her so much every day. I hope you are able to find comfort in the happy memories of Bob Barker. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
From: David
On: 4/10/18
Such a beautiful little guy that obviously brought so much happiness and love into your life! They are such wonderful visitors that come into our life, what seems to be such a short time but the memory will last until you see him again. Thank you for sharing his story and life with us!
From: Janette Roach
On: 4/3/18
Dear Pammie thank you for writing on pearl guest book it was very touching and it made me feel hurt so much but it gets better writing about it.
From: Chris Poulier
On: 4/1/18
Hello, I saw your post on Honey Carvin's Rainbow Bridge home. I too lost my darling boy Tyson a English Staffordshire. I love your memorial page. You have updated it every month and I feel exactly the same pain you have described. As you say, they are not in pain anymore. Like you, I too think of my angel even before I wake up. I look for him unintentionally early mornings just like you. I truly feel your pain and as you say, we will be with them again soon. This is only a temporary separation and our angels are in vigor and vitality now. Hugs... Chris and Deuwe
From: Dominick Puma
On: 3/22/18
Hi Pammie, What a beautiful boy and I know Bob Barker is happy and safe playing with Sasha and all the others fur babies. They say time heals, but as you wrote, I wake up every morning and expect to see my girl and then realize she is not there. Bob will find comfort with Sasha until they meet us again. Dom
From: Lorrie
On: 3/15/18
Very sweet and I’m still crying over BobBarker and my Nellie. Hermione is still grieving too for her litter mate and sister. Love our darlings forever!
From: Linda
On: 3/13/18
Little sweet Bob, your life was filled with so many fun adventures, thanks to your loving mommy and daddy. I'm jealous of all your fun travels! I wish any of my cats would have been so easy going and fun. But I know now you are running free with the wind in your cute floppy ears. Please welcome my new baby Lundy in case you see him as he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last Friday. He's super friendly and sweet and just wishing for friendship just like he did on this Earth. XO Linda
From: Kendra Walters
On: 3/9/18
When I think of the rainbow bridge I think of all the dogs that have gone before the new arrivals taking the new ones in and showing them around. No more pain or suffering. I think of the the animals that are being reunited with they pet parents and imagine the others watching anxiously waiting for their momma or daddy and playing with each other. They are happy and healthy. Sorry for your loss. Bob barker hope you're having a good time with my Pepper Ann
From: Lori
On: 3/8/18
Hi Pammie. I'm sorry you are missing your little guy so much. I think about you often and wish you healing and grace. Please know you are not alone. Your friend in Colorado. Lori (Sonny's mom)
From: Clayton Johnston
On: 3/8/18
Rest easy little Bob! Enjoy the open fields bud.
From: John and Julie
On: 3/8/18
Hi Pammie, thank you for the kind message in Kenya’s guestbook. Your words mean a lot during this hard time. I am so sorry for your loss of Bob Barker. He is so cute. I know he and Kenya are probably great friends right now, running around and playing without a care in the world. They truly have left a piece of thems lives with us and are always watching over us until the day they see us again. Thank you again and all the best. John and Julie
From: Meg
On: 3/2/18
hello Bob Barker, what a wonderful name please befriend my Coco. To Bobs humans I'm sorry for your loss,thank you for your kind words of support Meg Cocos Mummy
From: Lisa Myrick
On: 3/1/18
Oh Bob Barker, what a handsome little fellow you are! I know your mommy loves you very much and misses you deeply. I miss my Jackson so much, too. He is new to Rainbow Bridge so please help ease his fears and show him the ropes until I get there. Pammie, I know the sting of your loss now that I have lost my Jackson after only a little less than 9 years of having him with me. I know the bond of love that you and Bob Barker share helps to sustain you and helps give you strength to be strong for your other fur babies who need you. Thank you for sharing your beloved friend with all of us here. Blessings to you always.

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