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From: Granny
On: 12/25/17
Merry Christmas My Sweet Magdita Missing You Tons Today More than Ever!! Carmelita Send You A Big Hug!! I Love you Much!! After Two Years That You Left Us Hugs To Heaven Hope You Are Doing Well With Other Kitties Playing With You At Rainbow Till We Meet Again My Princesa!!
From: Granny
On: 12/24/17
Merry Christmas Eve My Beloved Magdita Missing You Much Today More Than Ever!! Miss You Much Keep You In My Heart Always!! Sending You All Our Love To You!! Your Mommy, Sister Carmelita, Uncles Alex And Alain, And Your Granny!!
From: Granny
On: 11/23/17
Happy Thanksgiving My Angel kitty!! Missing You Most Today I Give Thanks For Having You For 3 Amazing Years of Our Lives!! Thank You For Been A Beautiful part Of it Love You Magdita And Miss You dearly!! Many Hugs to heaven!!
From: Granny
On: 10/31/17
Happy Halloween My Precious Magdita Missing YOU Every Day Since You Left Love You Till The End Precious Kitty Warm Hugs From Mommy Granny And Sister Carmela Hug You Tight Loving Magdita Keep A Place For Me Right By YOUR Side Love You!! Much And Miss YOU!!
From: Granny
On: 9/20/17
My Princess Today Has Been A Year Since You Left Us Still Feeling Your Presence And Emptiness In This Place I Miss You Like That First Afternoon You Said Goodbye To Us Will Meet Again My Kitty Soon I Will Embrace You Again Eternally Hug You Tight My Beautiful Blackie Love You Always Granny
On: 9/19/17
From: Granny
On: 7/4/17
Missing You My Lovely Precious Kitty On This 4TH Of July!! How Much I Remembered You My Magdita..Always With Me In My Heart Miss You Always Happy 4TH! My Loving Blackie.
From: Granny
On: 5/14/17
Your mommy sends you big hugs and kisses since it's also her birthday she told me to tell you You are very much loved and missed in every way every moment of her life she misses you just wanted you to know my sweet precious Magdita We Love YOU!! Till the end of times.
From: Granny
On: 5/14/17
My beautiful Blackie today I've been missing you so much since it's Mother's day you were my sweet companion all the time I miss you always and today just want to tell you are in my heart not a day goes by I don't miss you my sweet Negrita love you much and miss you greatly!I'm always close to you Granny!
From: Granny
On: 2/20/17
Came to visit you my precious Princess have you with me always you know that still grieving Not a day goes by that I don't feel your presence near me always in our hearts! for ever my loving sweet Blackie!never left our side since I know you are still with us love You dearly! your granny..
From: Granny
On: 1/1/17
Happy New Year My Sweet Princess Hugs And Many Kisses From Your Granny Here Love YOU!! Much...
From: Granny
On: 12/31/16
Happy New Year's Eve My Precious Love You And Miss You!! Hugs From Granny!!...
From: Granny
On: 12/25/16
Merry Christmas My Beloved Princess We Are Truly Missing You Today Christmas Time Can't Keep You Out Of Our Hearts And Thoughts Have A Merry Merry Christmas There At Rainbow And Hope You Can Wink At Me Like You Used To From Above Stay Happy Knowing Grandma Here Loves Dearly Till The End Hug You Tonight Kiss You For Ever My Sweet Blackie Merry Christmas Precious!
From: Granny
On: 12/23/16
My Beautiful Princess I'm Wishing You A Magical Christmas May You Know I Miss You Very Much As Days Go By Never A Moment That I Don't Think Of You Precious Love You And Miss You! Dearly Merry Christmas To You My Adorable Blackie Always In Our Hearts!
From: Granny
On: 12/13/16
My Beautiful Magdita Like I Used 2 Called You Princess Today More than Ever I Missed You So Much! Been Three Months Now Since You Departed And Still Feel Your Presence So Much! Keeping You Close To My heart My Beloved Kitty Till Soon Reunite Miss YOU And Love YOU! Hugs From Granny!
From: pam
On: 11/29/16
Dear Angelina, I am so sorry about your sweet Blackie's Passing. God bless you.
From: Granny
On: 11/24/16
Happy Thanksgiving My Adorable Blackie You Live In My Heart Precious Kitty Giving Thanks Today For Those 4 years You Gave Us! The Best Of Our Lives..Bless You My Precious Girl!! In My heart Eternally..
From: Granny
On: 11/12/16
Happy Birthday My Precious Kitty Hope You Like The Flowers And Candle You love Flowers Very Much Missing You Every Day Big Hugs I Hold You Close In My Heart Always
From: Rose (Paisley's mom)
On: 10/6/16
Dear Angelina, my condolences on Blackie's passing. May she always be with you in heart and spirit. Blessings, Rose
From: Carol - Carshion's mom
On: 10/2/16
Dear Angelina, I'm so sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest sympathy. Our pets are our loyal companions to the end no matter how long they are with us. Your sweet Blackie is at peace and is now an angel in heaven. I recently loss my beloved Carshion and I understand the pain and grieve of losing our beloved pets. For Beautiful Blackie, Rest in peace, your mommy created a beautiful & loving memorial for you here at Rainbow Bridge and she misses you very much. Let her know that your love, bond & memory lives on for eternity. Take sweet care Blackie until we all meet beyond the clouds. I left you a tumble wheel toy to play with in kitty heaven. From Carshion's mom. Feel free to visit my beloved Carshion's memorial at

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