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From: Ms. Tonya
On: 8/8/17
Hey Bingo , I have came to give you Happy Birthday greetings and wishes early for your birthday on 8/12/17 in case I don't get to make on that day. Oh I know you and T.J and Buddy are together and loving one another and playing together. Visit you Mom Cat, Surprise her I know you can do it. I send lots of love up to you honey. xoxoxox Ms. Tonya 8/8/17
From: Jeffrey Burcham
On: 6/11/17
I can see Bingo is a King. Then again, I feel cats are royalty to begin with. As the saying goes, dogs have owners, cats have Staff and that's true. I am saddened by the fact that you have had to say goodbye to such beautiful kitties but it's nice knowing your kids are with my kitties Sparkle, Patches and Molly.
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/24/16
12/24/16 Merry Christmas honey. Santa is coming to night. The Angels are singing soft Christmas songs to you. I send Christmas love to you . xoxoxox Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 8/14/16
Hello love, You had a birthday Friday 8/12/16, I can't believe I have just noticed after all this time you and you Mom Cat have the same birthday. How silly of me! Happy Birthday sweetheart blowing kisses up to you. Love Ms Tonya xoxoxox 8/14/16
From: Momcat Sooma
On: 8/12/15
Happy birthday to The God Cat, King Bing. I welcome a visit from you on our shared day. You are where it all started for me. You taught me to love with all my heart. I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, your momcat I'll be.
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 4/5/15
Hello sweetheart I'm sending this message to you and all the others at the bridge today. xoxo Happy Easter precious baby 4/5/15... As you and all the others set in the presence of Jesus today surrounded by Angels being loved way more then can be imagined. Have fun at the big Easter Egg hunt today. I love you xoxoxoxo Ms. Tonya
From: Ms Tonya
On: 12/31/14
Bingo, xoxoxo I'm sorry to disturb you while you are napping on the laundry which would be blankets and sheets for all you babies to sleep on. I know darling, it's ok Buddy is Buddy and you can't change him, he is special but so are you and T.J. You are the oldest so that makes you the wiser OK.. I bring you lots of love and wish you a Happy New Year at the Bridge. Have fun at the party Happy New Year love Jan. 1st 2015. xoxoxoxo Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/24/14
Bingo, I see you you can't hide... what did you do? It's ok Buddy and TJ want mind if you changed the plans for the Christmas party just a little.. I love you precious. Merry Christmas baby. oxoxoxoxo Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 8/3/14
Hello beautiful boy! Had to stop by since I was visiting TJ and let you know I know all about the big birthday party tomorrow that you and Buddy have planed for him. Sending love up to you and have fun baby. xoxoxox love Ms. Tonya 8/3/14
From: Ms Tonya
On: 7/4/14
Bingo. xoxox hello precious. Have fun at the parade and 4th of July party at the Bridge today baby. I'll be blowing kisses up to you tonight . Love Ms Tonya xoxoxo
From: Momcat Sooma
On: 9/23/13
Twenty years? TWENTY? How can that be, my God Cat? You are the one who set the standard. The one who taught me so much. My guru. I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, your momcat I'll be. Your ever-lovin', brown-eyed Momcat, Sooma
On: 9/22/13
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 3/17/13
It's almost here darling Bingo, Easter and you and T.J are helping Buddy and so I have brought you a Easter basket to help you get started. Have fun at the Easter Parade and egg hunt and with the games. I love you xoxo Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/22/12
((( Bingo ))) Merry Christmas little one precious in all that you are, I know you and Buddy and TJ have the best Christmas plans ever. Visit your Mommy with Buddy and TJ on Christmas Eve. xoxo love Ms. Tonya
From: Momcat Sooma
On: 9/23/12
The God Cat, forever and always. Curl up with Barbe and purr my love to her. I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, your momcat, I'll be. Your Ever-Lovin', Brown-Eyed Momcat, Sooma
From: R0BERT
On: 9/22/12
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 4/7/12
BINGO, it's Easter Bunny time oh weeeeeeee, have fun at the Easter Egg hunt with Buddy and TJ loving you darling xoxoxo Ms. Tonya
From: Momcat Sooma
On: 3/9/12
My Dearest King Bing: Thank you for setting the standard, and for being my greatest guru. The world is a better place because of the lessons you taught me. I hope you are happy with the way I pass those lessons on to other people. You were a great gift to me, and my heart is filled with gratitude for having been chosen as your earth momcat. Sit on Auntie Barbe's lap and purr to her the love I feel for her. Only you can radiate that message. I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, your momcat, I'll be. Your Ever-Lovin', Brown-Eyed momcat, Sooma.
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/21/11
xoxox Bingo xoxox what a strong special boy you are. So brave, so special. Bingo I know in my heart you have a basket of laundry up there with you that has Mom Cat and Jim Cat Dad's sent on it. I bring you Christmas love darling, I bring you a piece of my heart and soul. Watch for me Christmas Eve I'll be the one out back looking up with candles lit waiting and listening and blowing soft kisses up to all of you. Merry Christmas precious xoxoxo Ms. Tonya
From: CorgiMom
On: 9/8/11
What a beautiful story.Bing you truly are the King of Cats.Keep an eye on Barkley there at the Bridge.He loves cats,he only pretends to ignore them.I know you are King of the Kitties on RainbowsBridge

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