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From: Colleen
On: 7/16/23
Biff was your baby and I was honored to have met him. Tell him to find Lily and show her the ropes.
From: BaluGede
On: 8/11/20
I’m so happy for you! :
From: Shannon Bumgardner
On: 1/1/20
I lost my girl 2 days ago and I so feel the same way you do... this is awful...
From: Wendy
On: 1/25/19
Hi Buddy, I just had to pop in and look at your picture album. I can't believe how many times I come here just to look at your pictures to make me smile in order to get out of bed and start another day. Tell Bee that I don't visit her site often or look at her picture because it is just still too hard. I do think about her everyday. Can't wait to meet you at the bridge. I still don't dream about you, Bee and Bella. I only feel you in my backyard. Everyday. So odd. Is it because you are the Knight and you are the messenger? Mama and I miss all of you so much. Take care of each other until we get there.
On: 11/8/18
Dear Biff, I hope you and my Gracie Mae Hare-ington are friends by now. I miss her terribly as I know your parents miss you. Please keep each other safe and happy. Run through the meadows, chase butterflies, take a dip in the pond and be forever at peace. xoxo
From: Wendy
On: 9/16/18
Hey Buddy, Today is Bee's birthday, tomorrow is your 1 year anniversary. Me and Bee always ate vanilla ice cream on her birthday so I hope you, Bella, Bee and all your friends are eating ice cream. I will tonight surrounded by lots of candles. See the light that I shine for you. Your mommy has changed since you have been gone. I have changed. Reports from people state, "she has no passion anymore". I guess that's just the way it's suppose to be. Hugs! And give my baby a birthday lick. xoxo
From: Wendy
On: 8/26/18
Hey Buddy...Had to come by and look at your pictures. I have been pouring myself into work these past several months. For now I feel like I don't want to be home but at the same time not far from home. I hope your mommy is finding something that works for now as well. Bee's birthday is coming up and your anniversary is too. Celebrate together with Bella and the others. We miss you big bunches! Will carry a heavy heart until we are all together again.xoxo
From: Wendy
On: 7/29/18
Hi Biff, I haven't been at Rainbow in 2 months. Please don't think I forgot about you or Bee. I think about you, your sister and Bee all the time. I started working full time again to bury my pain. I will try and do better about coming and looking at your pictures. I just finished visiting Bee. You three stay close to each other and wait for me. Big hugs and kisses!
From: Wendy Lee Taylor
On: 5/7/18
Hi Biff, I am trolling the bridge site. As you know you have been with Bee for 7 months today. I needed to look at your pictures and talk to the three "B's". I think I did ok today. Some tears, quite and sad. I am lighting lots of candles tonight so look for them. I am taking good care of the hummingbird feeders so keep coming. Oh my, just as I was typing this I could hear one! I can actually make the noise now. I had to add another feeder since Bella has joined you guys. Funny how she is the only one that feeds off the new one. You and Bee only go to the old one. Stay close to each other and wait for me and your mommy at the bridge. We love you guys so much. xoxo
From: Carmen
On: 4/27/18
Hi Biff!! It is seven months and seven days since you went to Rainbow. I hope you are having fun there, and know you have Baby Bee and Bella and others as playmates. I miss you as much as always and think of you every day. I'm trying to move forward, but it is still hard without you. I got two little male bulldog puppies. They are distantly related to you (from where you were born in NM), but they don't look like you, so we didn't name either one after you. Both are dark red with white on their heads. Their names are Choctaw and Buckwheat. Choctaw is a serious and sensitive little puppy, so he is the one that reminds me of you. Buckwheat just plays with everything from the moment he wakes until the time he drops. Walter does a good job of babysitting them. I still hope it is not too long before I can see you Biff. I love you and miss you always my little Knight in Red/White!!
From: Wendy Lee Taylor
On: 4/14/18
Hey Buddy and Bella Butt, Just felt the need to pop in and look at your pictures and Christmas card. I have one I framed but I like looking at all the other pics. your mommy posted. The 3 of you are sending me messages, you the strongest Biff. I am thinking so because you are the "Knight". Thank you for keeping Bella and my Bee close to you. We miss all of you so much. Keep sending me messages and I will keep passing them along to your mommy. See if you can get Bella and Bee to send me stronger signs. Tell Bee I am taking care of Tink that she sent me the best I can. Love you all so much. xoxo
From: Wendy Lee Taylor
On: 4/1/18
Hey my Knight in Red & White..I know you are there with your sister and my Bee. You have two now and I am sure you all have a bunch of others that you keep close. It's Easter today. I hope you guys are having an extra special day there at the bridge. Your mommy and I are still struggling. We are really trying but it is so hard Biff. I felt you and your baby sister in my heart telling me relay a message to your mommy. I did and it made her feel really good. Thank you for sending me a sign. I know Bee was with you too. Keep sending me signs. Besides the hummingbirds, it's the only time I felt relief, "smiling in my heart"? I guess that is how you guys are able to send messages. I know it was real and that's all that matters so keep sending them cause I will be looking. Can't wait to meet you and Clare at the bridge. It will be the last tear I will ever wipe from my face. Tight hugs for now.
From: Wendy Lee Taylor
On: 3/4/18
Hi Biff, It's me again. I just heard you and Bee had to welcome your sister at the bridge. I know the three of you are all together and cuddling between playing. Please stay together and take care of each other until we meet you at the bridge. We miss you all so much. It's so hard for us mommy's to be left behind. Find the window together and come in our dreams.
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 3/1/18
Hey Buddy, I just wanted to peek in on you, look at your pictures. I have your Christmas card your mommy sent me still out with a candle next to it. I know I have to put it away to preserve it. I am thinking spring. I am going to put it in Bee's special box that I have. I go in it (not very often, it's too painful still) but I look at it every day and know what is in it. Tell Bee I miss her still so much it hurts. I depend on you Biff. I know it's a lot to ask but I know how strong you are and what a protector you are. Keep her close to you always. I hope when you feel her soft fur against your face it makes you think of your mommy's gentle touch when she pet your sweet little head. We miss you both so much. Big hugs and kisses!
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 2/11/18
Hi Biff, Your mommy visited my Bee's site so I know you got the message about staying close to each other until we meet again. When my time comes I know once I see you and Bee, it will be the very last tear I will have to wipe from my face. We love you both so much and miss you to no end. Your mommy and I are very different people since you have both had to leave. I am not sure if that is a good thing but I do know it is because of the profound impact you both had on us. You both were different, special and we built this different special bond with you both. We know you are free of all your struggles. It was a trade. We begin our struggles in order for you to be free of yours. It was the hardest gift to give ever. Try and go to your mommy's dreams and tell my Bee the same. I hope you hear me talking to you every night. Look for the candle light I light for you and Bee every night. I think of you cuddling with my Bee when I am doing this. I feel comforted. Leaving a blanket to cuddle.
From: Nancy (Bo's Mommy)
On: 1/24/18
Hi Biff--Your Mommy visited my page so I asked my Mommy if I could come and see you. You are a very catsome doggy boy and I love your nickname Night in Red/White--very fitting for your beautiful coloring! Your Mommy asked if you could lay with me and you know already that is okay and we are friends already! I had two doggies when I lived with my Mommy and we would cuddle too. Your Mommy misses you so much so I am going to show you around and show you ways to stay in touch with her so she never forgets that you are just a memory away and your spirit is always right there with her. It is not the same as us being right there to cuddle with them but they can still "feel" us. It sounds like you were quite a boy and loved your Mommy so much too. It will be a great day when we get to see our Mommy's again.
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 1/21/18
Biff, Your mommy wrote me and I just wrote her back. I forgot to mention to her that I was talking about your mommy, you, and the dogs that are still with us. Talking about all the different relationships and your personalities. Thinking of it now, I hope that was a sign from you and Bee. I have been reaching for anything as a sign. Crying now just thinking about you, Bee and your other friends there at the bridge. Your mommy and I miss you both so much. Stay close to each other. We will all be together again some day. Send us signs baby, here me when I talk to you and look for the light when I light your candle. So much love for you, Bee and your friends. Give my dad's Lillie a kiss. Tell her I am sorry I let her down, I didn't know she was so sick. Tell her I am sorry I pushed her to take a walk just the day before I realized she was sick and had to let her go. I called her the "pup-pup". She's a tag-a-long kind of girl. Ha! She snores like you too.
From: Charlie
On: 1/7/18
Dearest Carmen, I just visited Biff's site and it made me cry. I never thought anyone knew how I felt when I lost my bully fur babies...but you did...I too could not breathe for months. Even now that it has been 3 years since losing my first bully baby Ottis I still miss him so very much and think about him everyday. I too had a special bond with Ottis and felt my heart break harder when I lost him than I ever felt have when losing a relative or human friend. I have felt bad about that but know in my heart that Ottis and I had a bond that no one else could ever replace. I too have thought about wanting to go now to be with my babies and what stops me is the fear that if I went when it was not my time and by my own hand that possibly God would not let me be with them and that is what stops me. I cannot even imagine not being with my bully babies when it is my time. I pray to God all the time to please let me be with them again. Thank you for your message of love.
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 1/7/18
Sweet Biff, Today is Bee's 3rd month and your anniversary is coming up soon too. Another long month. Stay close to each other. I wonder and it makes me smile thinking that Bee is running circles around you. If she does (cause she never did that when she was here) don't worry, she is so loyal she will come right back and be by your side. I still have your card that your mommy sent to me next to a picture of Bee with candles that I light for you both. See the light that shines for you and Bee from your mommy and me. We love you both so much. Tight hugs and big kisses to both of you! Keep pulling lots of flowers out of the ground.
From: Waqas Saleemi
On: 1/1/18
Hi Biff. U r such a handsome little dog. I can see from ur pictures that you had a great life full of love. Reading ur beautiful memorial brought me to unstoppable tears. I hope u have run into Juju and Barley and become friends with them. For Carmen, I wish u find the strength to cope with this loss knowing that one day we will be reunited with all our dear departed for eternity. Take care - Waqas -

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