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From: Kathy /Oreo,Ralph,Eva,Hermione
On: 12/8/22
Clare..B.G is a beautiful baby. Always remember her. Take care..
From: Susanne
On: 12/7/22
I’m so sorry for your los of B.G. He was a handsome kitty. I’m sure he and your other fit baby’s are having fun together with all the other animals at the rainbow bridge waiting for you to arrive and that they’re probably planning the biggest surprise party ever to show how much your loved when you get there cherish the memories
From: Judy and piper
On: 6/9/21
BG sounds wonderful kind and loving he so so handsome I am happy that Jake has someone to play with thank you for your kind words I know what you’re going through I understand the pain
From: BaluGede
On: 8/9/20
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From: Aidan Judson
On: 2/29/20
Boy George, I love it! A culture club kitty. You were so very, very loved. My heart goes out to your parents who will forever miss you. Kitties are so special; the chose us & don’t love just anyone. You will never be forgotten & will be forever missed. Please show my sweet Dee bugs the ropes in kitty heaven and tell her I’ll see her again one day...just as you will see your parents again. We love you precious babies more than words could ever articulate. You have our hearts. My heart beats with yours. Love, Aidan
From: Michael Nunez
On: 2/14/20
I stumbled across this beautiful page. B.G. you have a loving family that cannot wait to see you again! I hope all is well and there is no grief in your hearts - only hopefulness.
From: Karen
On: 1/21/20
Thinking of you B.G...Karen volunteer
From: chris & Donna Kelley
On: 12/7/19
such beauty
From: Marlen (Max & Bailey's mommy)
On: 7/15/18
Dear B.G., you were certainly a special boy and your mommies were so lucky to have had you. You were also lucky to have mommies that care so much for you. It is obvious they both have lots of love to give and all your brothers and sister have been blessed to have such caring loving mommies. Shine your love down on them, I'm sure they will never forget you.
From: Bill and Linda
On: 7/1/18
Our innocent and sweet babies are with us always. It is Gods will when we pass to the Bridge, but it doesn't seem quick enough for me. We must go on for those who depend so much on our love. May thr our good Lord keep BG, Tashi, Katy and now our dear Clapton.
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 10/12/17
I found your baby B.G. You ladies sure have beautiful babies!
From: Sidni
On: 6/28/17
Dearest B.G., you are never forgotten even tho much time has passed, it seems like yesterday I met your loving Mommies and mourned your loss with them. But B.G., it's only a thin veil we go through to meet again. You are always loved and missed and on your anniversary, I too miss and think of you special man. I know you are with many special friends, embrace their love too until you reunite with your Moms.
From: Lorraine Jackson
On: 3/17/17
Dear B.G., You must be a truly amazing kitty! You are really missed by many that love you. I know that Clare and Martha send love to you every day and night! Lorraine
From: Eunice Cook and C. C. Lee Cook
On: 6/28/16
My thoughts are with you at this special anniversary. He was(is) special and he has special mommy's. That's a lot of 'specials' but they are well deserved by you three. Love and dearest thoughts, Eunie and C.C. Lee
From: Sidni
On: 6/28/16
Dearest sweet B.G., here we are again wishing you were here, but I think you are, I love to look at your photo, so handsome and unique. Watch over your Mommies B.G., they love and miss you every day, never forgetting the love and companionship you all shared. So long ago seems only like a minute ago. Love you always wonderful Boy!
From: Betty Colston
On: 6/27/16
In rememberance
From: Kim & Bob
On: 6/27/16
Dear sweet, B.G.! We hope that you have been romping and playing over the bridge, happily and healthfully! We all miss you, but look forward to seeing you again when we come home, as well! Love always, Kim & Bob
From: Doris Draper
On: 6/27/16
For BG a real joy! Thinking of you always.
From: Ann & Alan
On: 6/27/16
Hi B.G. This is your human's English friends stopping by to remember you. I know your humans loved you very much, and you had the honour of being their first cat in their home together. Time marches on, but memories stay in our hearts forever... Hope you have met all your friends coming across the Bridge... and that you have met our furry family who have crossed the bridge. Ann & Alanxx
From: Mariette
On: 6/27/16
Hi B.G. You are a long time resident at the Rainbow Bridge - 16 years. It must be so beautiful there and I am sure you must have thousands of friends by now, including my own kitties. Please watch over those who love you who are still on earth. I know you love them and will meet them at the Bridge when it is their time.

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