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From: Aunt Pati
On: 11/8/18
Hi Benny, we lost a very special Lady, my son and his girlfriend's dog Her name is Meika ...Please show her around and make friends with our lovely German Shepard. She is so beautiful and will be missed by the Clark Family.
From: Momma
On: 10/21/18
Benny, how is it going at the rainbow bridge? I still miss you so much .I have your picture still next to my bed.welost David and I'm so so sad..I know that we will all be together again.. until we are..know that I love you and miss you so much and our golden cord will never be broken..treat treat😚😚love you, mommy
From: Momma
On: 8/27/18
Benny, thinking of you !!! I love you forever ❤❤❤please give David a big hug he is there somewhere. Treat 💗💗💗
From: momma
On: 3/24/18
Benny Ben!!! how is it at rainbow bridge? i think of u all the time..i miss you so much! i havent been on monday candle ceremony because it never works on this phone. i will keep trying..mortimer and milo keep me very☺☺i will never ever forget my precious benny..send me some signs this week..they make so happy..i love you so much! to. the rainbow bridge and back. .long blinks and hugs and kisses sweetie pie..we will be together someday. .that i promise to you. .love, momma
From: Chris
On: 12/24/16
I love ya ben always thinking about u boi
From: Mommy
On: 8/12/16
I love you ! I love u! I love my sweet Benny Ben! Missing u!!! I'm so sorry I have not been on here in awhile. I think of u each day. Have ur picture next to my bed and in kitchen too! I see signs all the time!!!! Thank u sooo much !!! U are soooo awesome!!! Nothing and I mean nothing will ever break our golden cord of love and bond! Forever! I sure hope ur happy! I miss u !! XXoxoxxo!!!!!!!
From: momma
On: 5/12/16
BENNY!!! 2 years ago today I had to let u go!! The absolute hardest thing I ever did in my entire life! I love u sweet Benny and I miss you soooooooooo much! I wantvu to know I will not ever stop thinking bout you ! I will always love you forever ! To the rainbow bridge and back!!I know you are happy now and free and meeting lots of friends.. Monday nights I. Will be here lighting a candle.. Even though I cannot log into the ceremony room..Benny you are the best!!!! Ever! Nothing compares to you..I love you soon much!!! Momma..hugs and kisses and treats..long blinks. Nighty night my angel.
From: momma
On: 5/9/16
Benny, I love u sweetie pie! I'm thinking of you every day! I'm wishing I could get on computer to Monday night candlelights but my phone isn't letting me on for some reason and computer is broken.but please know I'm here Mondays always right here thinking of u. Sending my love up to you at the rainbow bridge! Hugs and kisses to you and treats too! Thanks for the signs..I sooooooo much love them ? They make me smile!!! Every time! Wednesday will be 2 years since we parted..brings tears to my eyes..I missy Benny much.miss your soft purrs your wake me ups at waiting for me to come home..sleeping in my bed..all of u I were so special! So loving so purrrfect!! We will always be together in our hearts and our golden cord WILL never be broken.. We will be connected ..till we meet again. I love and miss you so much!! Xoxo long blinks ..momma!!nighty night..
From: momma
On: 3/27/16
From: Aunt Pati
On: 3/16/16
Hello Benny ...Sending you some Lucky Charms for St Patty Day!!!
From: momma
On: 2/29/16
Benny, another week without u seems like forever! I miss you every day. I think about all the lil moments we shared and how special you are and how lucky I was to be your mommy. Thank you for always living me through all tht you went thru. You were so strong and I was weak. I wanted you to get better and couldn't give up. I'm so sorry Benny. Thank u for waking me up that last time. You are my angel ! Thank you for your signs.they really help me. I know you are happy and free and have no pain now. We will be together again and it will be forever! Xoxo that will be the happiest moment ever! Xoxo I love you, mommy
From: Aunt Pati
On: 2/21/16
Benny ....Sending you Love !!!! Box of Chocolates !!!!TREAT!
From: mommy
On: 2/1/16
Benny, another week has past without you here beside me.greeting me after work with those beautiful eyes and soft purrs. It's not the same without you that is for sure. Mortimer and Milo are so sweet.. And keep me on my toes. I miss you so much ! I think of u each day. 6:02am was my wake up time with u..I miss that ..thank you for taking me up that last time..I know you did that for me. You were so strong and so loving and I am so sorry u went through all that u went through.. Sooooooo much! You are now happy and with no pain.that makes me feel better..knowing you are with Jesus and all the furangles..u will always be my angel.i love you so very much. See ya later when I get there..xoxo love mommy
From: momma
On: 1/25/16
I love you Benny Ben..I miss you sooooooo much! Everything about you. Your cute lil whiskers and your soft purrs on my pillow. I know God is taking care of you and you are not in any pain. I'm sorry for all that u went through. U were so strong till the very end. It breaks my heart that you went through so much. We will be together again forever .I promise you. Hugs and kisses my sweet angel. Mommy loves you to the rainbow bridge and back. Xoxo..
From: mommy
On: 1/11/16
Hi my favorite Benny! Want you to know that I lookam thinking of you and your sweet lil face. I hope you are having fun with all your furry friends. Nothing ever will keep us apart. We are always connected. My love for you will always grow each day. You are the best! I am the luckiest momma to share all the fun times we had together. Christopher will be turning 20 this week. Time flies. Please send him love and a good year for him ahead. Tell Jesus to help him feel well and comfort him with peace and love. We love you Benny.. Xoxo Nighty night ! Long blinks to you..hugs .send me a sign this week..I will be looking.. Bless you and us here. We will be together again.. Till that day comes. Be happy!
From: mommy
On: 12/7/15
My sweet Benny! Oh how I miss your little face ! Your soft purrs and your hugs. I miss coming home and u always waiting to greet me at the door each and every time. Please know that there is not a single day that I am not thinking of you. I miss you more than words could ever express. Mortimer and Milo have been keeping me so busy. Thank you for helping me to make that decision in bringing them to our happy home. It would be more happy if you were here too. I'm so sorry Benny for all that u went through till the end of your time here with me. Forgive me for trying so hard to keep you for another day. I will always know that we will be together again. Forever next time we meet. I love you so much!keep sending me signs. We will always be connected. Our golden cord will never be broken. Xoxo! Momma
From: momma
On: 11/1/15
Hi hunny! My precious lil angel . I miss you so much every single day. Thanks sooooooo much for all those wonderful signs this week. Wow! They make me realize you are always here by my side. I love you Benny with all my heart and soul. I will never ever stop thinking of you. You are so special and I thank God for picking me to be your momma.please have fun at the rainbow bridge and play with all the furbabie .we will meet again someday. That will be the best day Eva! Xoxo love you so much..mommy ..PS..treat treat.. Left a bag here for you.I know how you love to climb inside..xoxo long blinks
From: momma
On: 10/26/15
Benny ..its been too long without you here. I'm missing you so much. I'm so sorry I haven't been on here in a while. Mortimer and Milo are keeping me so! I know you wanted me to be there mommy. I'm happier. It's so hard still cuz u can never ever be replaced. No kitty will ever be like my precious Benny. I want u to know that. Mortimer is into everything.. Milo is more relaxed ..they look like you only smaller. Milo has longer hair. You would just have a blast if u were here with us. I look at ur photo and realize how lucky I was to have u in my life .even if it was shortened. I would do anything to hold u again and kisses and long blinks to each other. I miss that so much. Know this...I live you with all my heart and soul. Forever to the moon and back. Keep playing and having fun until I get there. Love u, your momma..c:
From: Aunt Pati
On: 10/14/15
Hi Benny !!!! October is here & My favorite fall-blooming plants is the Chrysanthemums, nicknamed “mums,” with its blooming flowers brings a colorful fall treat I have one displayed on our front porch so I am also sending one your way too. Look after my Bff !!!! TaTa & Meow later !!!
From: momma
On: 9/20/15
Hello my precious Benny.I'm sorry I haven't been on here as much as I want too. I love you with all my heart and soul every day. Mortimer and Milo have been keeping me so busyThey love our home and are into everything. You would love them. How is the rainbow bridge? I wish they would have visiting hours there. Cuz I would come all the time. I miss you so much Benny. Thanks for your signs and the lighting candle. It reminds me of you every time its on..I feel your warmth and comfort each time I see it. Nothing will ever replace you and nothing will stop me from missing you and our love is forever. We will meet again sweet Benny. Nighty night mommy..treat treat..long blinks..

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