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From: Ross, Chris & Cromwell
On: 1/5/18
Hi Benji - it's been a while since our last visit, but rest assured both you and your brother Louie are never far from our mind. We hope you had a good holiday period and 'played up' on New Years Eve. Dad showed us a video clip of you both opening Christmas presents one year. I must say you really got into the swing of things young man. Poor old Louie was given the elbow just so you could be the first. I'll bet you're glad your brother loved you so much he let you go first. I now know why Louie has to be captain of the ISS - you could take the passengers anywhere. It is a fabulous clip. I showed it to Cromwell and he got excited just looking at you both. I'm sure he recognised another 'brother'. Don't ever forget how much you are both loved and missed, but I don't think you will. C U later mate P.S. Just to keep your skills up, I've left you a present to unwrap.
From: Aunt meal meal
On: 1/2/18
Happy New year my sweet Benji sorry I'm a day late but my Tristan been sick all through this week I'm sure you and Louie had a fun filled day partying with all your angel friends I know Sebastian and my Gabby girl were with you and your brother which makes me happy all my love my sweet heart enjoy your week leaving you with many kisses and lots of love💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Forever loved and always in my heart 💞💞💞💞 your aunt meal meal
From: Mom & Dad
On: 12/31/17
Happy New Year, our beautiful baby boy! Oh puppy, these celebrations just aren't the same without you and Louie to share with us. Dad had to feed all the left-over turkey to the birds, tonight. When you were with us, that NEVER would have happened, we simply didn't have left-over turkey (or anything!) You sure loved your food. Remember how we had to 'watch you', when Mr Louie got old? You would say to him - here, let me help you with that! Puppy man, you were sooo cute and adorable, Mom & Dad miss your funny mannerisms. When you were supposed to have apee, sometimes you didn't want to and you walk around the corner where Dad couldn't see you. Then, you amble back hoping that Dad wouldn't notice that you hadn't pee'd. But puppy, your guilty look always gave yu away! We could see your little brain trying to fathom - just how did Dad know that! Puppy, you were such a beautiful babe. Rest Peacefully, sweet Angel Benji, Mom & Dad will never forget you, love, Mom & Dad
From: Auntie Gin, Sienna & Santino
On: 12/30/17
Sweetest Benji boy: I am so sorry to be late wishing you a Merry Christmas but know that you were on my mind. I think about all the Christmas's Dad and Auntie Gin shared stories about you boyz and my pups. You will always be in our hearts forever and ever. Love Aunt Gin, Sienna & Santino
From: Mom & Dad
On: 12/29/17
Hi Beautiful doggle man. We've just been to Mr Louie's page, it's 17 months, today, since he left us. It was a rough Christmas for your Mom & Dad, no Benji, no Mr Louie. We didn't even put the big tree up, no poin if we didn't have our Benji to rip all those packages to shreds. Oh puppy man, it used to be such fun to see your excitement. You were such a good 'ripper', Dad always used o let you open his presents, too. Babe, it's just not the same without you, your happiness was infectious and you always brought us such joy and fun. You were our little ray of sunshine. Puppy man, we think of you every day and we still shed tears for you. Oh to be able to hug you once again, oh puppy Dad prays for that. Rest peacefully, sweet angel Benji, you are in our hearts forever, love you, Mom & Dad
From: Aunt MealMeal
On: 12/26/17
Merry Christmas my sweet darling Benji Having a good Christmas with your Brother and all your angel friends my honey eating plenty of Christmas treats too I'm sure that makes my heart feel so what better I know you are soooo missed mommy and daddy love you lots and lots and it's sad for them both but I know they both feel like me knowing you all are together makes it a letter better for all of us like I said before ,but know this my Benji you ate loved and remembered forever and ever have a fun filled Christmas and a awesome New Year with your friends Gabby Sebastian and your Louie Cisco ! Plenty of kisses and tons of Belly Rubs Love you your Aunt Meal meal 💞💞💞💞💞💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️
From: Mom & Dad
On: 12/24/17
Our beautiful baby boy. It's 7 months today, on Jesus's birthday, since you left us. Puppy, it has been so hard without you, and this morning, not having you here to rip your Christmas packages open, is just devastating. Your Mom & Dad used to love the way you and Mr Louie would inspect the packages, every day, but never touch them until we shouted 'Merry Christma'. We were up all hours, to see you and Louie fly past in the ISS. The second view was spectacular puppy, you were our shining star of Bethlehem. Puppy man, Dad still has trouble, thinking about how you suffered, but babe, we just didn't want to lose you, we knew that life without you was never going to be the same. Thank you puppy, for the best years of our lives, you were such a special babe. Merry Christmas, sweet pup, your Mom & Dad will never forget you and we talk to you every day, at your shrine. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel, Benji, love you forever, Mom & Dad
From: Dad
On: 11/29/17
Hi beautiful pupppy man. Dad has just been to visit Mr Louie. He's been gone 16 months, now. But, I guess you were counting, too. Oh, puppy, we tried to help you cope with his death, but that bond you had with him, just was never meant to be broken. Come here, my precious little man and let Dad cuddle you, just like we did, when there were thunderstorms. We don't know why they made you so nervous, Mr Louie didn't care about them at all. Ohhh, puppy, Dad can still see those beautiful big ears. Dad used to think that if you could flap them, you would have been able to fly. Puppy man, if we could have you back, even for a day, our lives would be so much better. Love you sweet Angel Pup, you are in our hearts forever. Rest peacefully, love, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 11/25/17
Hi, our precious baby boy. Puppy, it's six months day since you left us. Poor ol' Dad has been counting the minutes. Oh, puppy man, you were just the greatest puppy friend anyone could wish fo. Puppy man, Dad doesn't know why all those horrible things happened to you, you were such a loving pup, surely only 'nice' things should have happened. Puppy man, Mom and Dad only want to remember the great times we had together, and, there were many Dad thought he heard you, the other night, it was wonderful to imagine you, really there. Ohhh puppy, come and sit with Dad and let me give you your favourite head, back and shoulder rub. We know that beautiful body had succumbed to a lot of pain. Ohh puppy man, we did try to save you. Lots of love, hugs and kisses, sweet Angel pup, Mom and Dad love you forever and never a day goes by without us thinking of you. Love, Mom and Dad
From: Dad
On: 11/4/17
Hi Dad's little moppit man. Just letting you know that Mr Louie has plenty of birthday cake, one from Aunt Ginny and one from Mom and Dad. Lucky for you Mr Louie is a 'restrained' eater, not like you, bubby boy! Come here to Dad and let me give you your favourite neck and head rub, stretching those beautiful ears out and scrunching them up, in a topknot, making you look like 'Pierre', the french man! Ohhh, puppy, you were just so beautiful. Now run and see Mr Louie and get some of his cake. Love you sweet Angel Pup, Mom and Dad think abou you, every day. Rest peacefully, forever in our hearts. Mom and Dad
From: Dad
On: 10/29/17
Hi my beautiful, floppy-eared Moppit Man! Dad has just been to Mr Louie's page, it's 15 months since he wen to the Rainbow Bridge. Oh puppy, just to have you, sitting beside me on the sofa, once more, with you giving me your famous sloppy kisses. Bubby, you were just soo adorable. Dad really misses you and Louie, especially when we have chicken. Dad used to love that moment when he would put all the scrappy bits on a chopping board - on 2 big piles - one for you and one for Mr Louie. Oh babe, it was such a beautiful thing to see you both devouring your 'entree'. Oh puppy, so many memories, for which we are eternally grateful. Thank you puppy, for being such a wonderful buddy to us, you will live forever in our hearts. Rest peacefully, sweet Benji, your smiling face is with us every day. Love, Mom and Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 10/25/17
Beautiful Babe, it's 5 months today, gosh puppy, how the time is flying. But, it really is strange, it seems a long time, but Dad can still see you in all your favourite places, around the house, just as if you were here, yesterday. Mom picked some beautiful fresh gardenias for your shrine, this morning, the perfume is so strong and sweet - just like you were, our babe, strong and ohhh so sweet. Dad was just looking at the beautiful framed picture of you that Aunt Ginny had sent us. How can a puppy boy be so gorgeous? The frame makes it look like you are peeking through a windows. Oh puppy, if only you were, Dad would be out there to let you in - in a flash! Dad prays every day, that it will happen, even though he knows it won't. But puppy, Dad's gotta have hope. Love you sweet Benji, rest peacefully and say Hi to Mr Louie and give him a kiss from Mom & Dad. And now, Dad wants one of your famous sloppy kisses - smooch. Ohhh, puppy.
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 10/17/17
Benji and Louie: Your mommy and daddy miss you both so much. They light a candle for you both in the evening. Reach down from the rainbow bridge and touch their hearts with your paw and let them know you are free from all pain and suffering. You are just like puppies again. Running around and have a good time. Let them know that you know they did everything to keep you with them but it was time for you to go and you will meet them at the rainbow bridge. Until then surround their hearts with your paw prints. If you see my Baby Bee. Tell her mommy misses her so much and I will see her at the bridge when it is time.
From: Megan
On: 10/16/17
Dear Mary and Andrew- Thank you for allowing me to stop by Benji's Rainbow Bridge memorial page! I loved seeing what you've shared about your life together. It's so hard to say goodbye to our pets when they die, though in time the happy memories do return and take the place of our grief. I hope it gives you comfort to know that you are thought of! -Megan, with Dexter "Big Essie" and Rinchen in Philadelphia
From: Dad
On: 9/29/17
Hi beautiful puppy. Dad's just visited Mr Louie, it's 14 months today since he left us. Oh puppy, what awful times, losing both of you. Dad wishes he could turn back the clock to a time where you and Louie were both healthy and active. We had the best of times together, puppy. Mom and Dad haven't been near the beach house since you left us, we just know it wouldn't be the same without our cavalier boys. Watching you both play and explore, was a most wonderful experience. Puppy, come sit with Dad while he massages your back and neck and fluff those beautiful ears. Puppy, you were just the greatest. Dad still remembers our bed-time routine where you were allowed to have 4 pieces of chicken stick, and amazingly, how you could count. If Dad tried to trick you and not give you 4 pieces, you'd sit up and demand that he 'deliver'. Puppy, you were just such fun. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Benji, we love you forever. Mom and Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 9/25/17
Hi my beautiful baby boy, Dad's doggle man. Oh babe, It's 4 months, today since you left us, but the pain isn't getting any easier. Puppy, your Mom and Dad were so geared to providing for you, we just didn't see the end coming. But puppy, Dad knows you were suffering and that really hurts. Having such a beautiful puppy, and not being able to help you. It still makes us cry for you. Puppy, all your frozen food is now 'all gone'. The birds and the lizards really enjoyed it. It was just so sad for us, we much rather our Benji was there to eat it. Come closer, puppy man, let Dad hold that beautiful head in his hands, once more and fluff those beautiful ears up and fold them over your head, so you'd look like a frenchman! Oh, babe, you were just so wonderful. Dad's leaving you another filet, I know you have exotic tastes. Puppy man, we miss you like crazy, always will. Rest peacefully sweet Angel pup, say hi to Mr Louie and Cisco. Aunt Ginny send her love, too. Love you, Mom and Dad
From: Aunt Ginny, Sienna, Santino & Pepe
On: 9/24/17
Dear Sweet Benji Boy: Thinking of you today as I do everyday and miss hearing all the up to date stories Dad would tell me about you and brother Louie. Mom and Dad miss you so very much, life will never be the same for them without you. You left behind wonderful, sweet memories that will remain in everyone's hearts forever. Your beauty and gentleness will always be etched in our minds and in our hearts. Love you little guy! Puppy kisses for brother Louie and my Cisco.....
From: Dad
On: 9/15/17
Puppy man, come and give Dad one of your famous sloppy kisses. Oh, puppy, it's Dad's first birthday without you and my second birthday without Mr Louie. Puppy, we had such wonderful food, and it just wasn't the same without you sitting there, staring me down - you're eating and you're NOT sharing. Oh puppy, thaat look! You really had it down to a 'T'. How to make Dad feel sooo guilty about not sharing his dinner with you! But, puppy man, that's why we love you sooo much. You used your puppy powers to control you Mom & Dad. Of course we were willing subjects, you were just too cute to ever say 'non' to. We saw you and Mr Louie fly over in the ISS. It was sooo bright and that meant that you had all you cav friends on board with you - Cosco, Sebastian, Gabby, Nelson. Rest peacefully sweet Benji, Mom & Dad still love you, we will never forget you, you're in our hearts forever. Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 8/29/17
Hi Beautiful Puppy, Dad's Moppit Man! Just visited Mr Louie, it's his 14 month at Rainbow Bridge, but, we couldn't visit him without coming by to bring you a filet mignon, although Dad is sure they do feed you properly at the Bridge. We had a beautiful view of you and Louie and Cisco, Nelson, Gabby and Sebastian as Mr Louie piloted you overhead in the ISS. Our Cav Babes, just floating through space, so serene and beautiful. But, here's Dad's special head-rub, belly-rub and back massgae - and some eye drops for you. Oh Puppy, just to hold you once again, would be such a joy and to get one of your absolutely face-washing kisses, wow, that would be just heaven. Love you, our beautiful babe, you are always in out thought and prayers. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Benji, love you forever, Mom & Dad
From: Dad
On: 8/25/17
Puppy Man, amidst all the sadness in the other message to you, Dad forgot to tell you that Aunt Pip had brought you and Mr Louie a little baby bear and marked it from you and Louie to Dad. The near has a push-button and he says - I love you sooo much! Puppy, it is the sweetest thing thing and Dad has been sobbing his heart out, hearing that message of love from his boyz. Dad even let baby bear hold the locks of hair that Dad took from you both, just before you died. Oh Doggle babe, Dad can still smell your coconut shampoo, it will always remind me of you. Love you puppy, yu were the light of my life. Rest in Peace, sweet Benji, Mom and Dad are always here for you.


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