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From: Mom & Dad
On: 9/20/18
Hi sweet Babe. Dad's here to let you know that your ol' walking buddy, Vegas is on his way to Rainbow and it would be so nice if you and Louie could meet him at the Bridge. The poor old boy had cancer and his Mom and Dad had to put him to sleep. He used to love coming to visit you at home, and especially liked you chicken sticks and he quickly learned where they were kept. I think you taught him that trick Miss you my beautiful puppy man, MOm & Dad always will. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Benji, you live on in our hearts. Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 8/29/18
Hi Sweet little Pupppy Man. Dad has just been visiting your brother, Louie. It is 25 months today since he went to Rainbow Bridge. Ohhh, my beautiful, long-eared moppit man, Dad just wishes you and Louie could come back home. We try and adjust to you being 'memories', but puppy man, it just ain't enough. Even such tasks as putting you to bed, were such fun, playing count the treat, flossing your teeth, putting lotion on your itchy-bites, oiling your pads. And finally, that beautiful moment when those beautiful eyes would close and roll back and the snoring would start - all tucked up under one of Grandma's hand-crocheted rugs. Ohhh babe, Mom & Dad really miss all that. Nelson's Dad got Cromwell and new baby brother - Windsor. They would be great playmates for you. Rest peacefully sweet Angel Benji, our hearts are marked with your paw prints. Love you, Babe, Mom & Dad. Aunt Camille paid you a visit, that is really sweet of her.
From: Mom & Dad
On: 8/25/18
Ohhh, little puppy man! 15 months today. The time is just flying past and for the first time since you left us, poor ol' Dad has felt the distance between us, seems to have widened a little. Dad still lights your candle every night and prays with you and Louie at your shrine, and greets you again, next morning and, talks to you many times a day. And watched for you both on the ISS. But somehow, my boys seem to be a little further away. Dad just hope it means that you are settling in better, at the Rainbow Bridge. Puppy, we also saw Aunt Deborah, remember when Mom used to sit outside the Dr's waiting room? Well, she asked about you and was so sad when we told her your sad story. Oh puppy, if only we could 'turn back time'. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Benji, you are in our thoughts, most of every day and we can't see that changing any time soon. Love you forever, Mom and Dad
From: Aunt meal meal
On: 8/16/18
Good Morning my handsome Benji ❤️💕 Dropping by to give you a treat and some loving kisses and plenty of hugs you were on my heart and I realize I missed your anniversary so here I am popping in to tell you that your loved and always in my heart . I'm sure you and Louie are with my babies and all of your friends give them kisses for me and tell your Louie I'll be stopping by on his day . Your mommy and daddy miss you both so much and love you lots I know you and your Louie know that just remember your with all of us always enjoy your treat my baby .... God bless you my sweet heart love you aunt meal meal 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💞💞💞
From: Dad
On: 7/29/18
Hi Babe, Dad's just been to visit yur brother, Mr Louie. It's 2 years today since he left us. That was the start of all our problems and ended with you, our baby boy leaving us, 10 months later. Oh puppy man, we miss you sooo much, your happy smile, your cheerful personality. You were just so good to have around, a true 'friend'. Dad really misses your 'going to bed' routine. You were just soo clever when Dad used to break your chicken stick into pieces - and you knew when Dad tried to cheat you. You could actually count, such a clever boy. And remember puppy, after your treat, Dad would play 'big bear' and go 'Rrrrrr' and bite you on the back of the neck - and instantly, you would start snoring. So much for Dad being scary, huh? Gosh, Puppy, we miss you so much. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Benji, Mom and Dad think about you many times, every day. And will, forever. You left pawprints through our hearts. Love you, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 7/25/18
Our beautiful Benji. 15 months, today, babe, how time flies. Puppy man, Dad doesn't need to tell you that we still miss you, we tell you that many times a day, at your shrine. We did get to see you, a really bright ISS pass. It was soo beautiful and Mom & Dad were outside waving and calling to you. Poor ol' Dad knows it's symbolic, but it does help us keep a connection to you and Mr Louie. It's still upsetting, every time we have a chicken and Dad has a big chopping board full of scrappy bits. That was always an entree for my boyz, and you sure used to love those moments. Oh, Puppy man, there are still soo many things we miss about you. Why is death so cruel? You and Mr Louie were everything Mom & Dad could wish for, but God took you back, seems you were only 'om loan' to us. Oh babe, just to hold you in our arms again, scruff up those beautiful floppy ears, Baby Boy, the hole in our hearts is unfillable. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Benji, Mom & Dad love you forever.
From: Ronda McKay
On: 7/10/18
Dear Andrew & Mary, I cried when I read your poems to Louie and Benjii. they were both beautiful little dogs and I know you miss them terribly.
From: Mom & Dad
On: 6/25/18
Hi Puppy Man. Poor old Dad is amazed that time just keeps sweeping by - 13 months, today, and puppy, it still hurts. Dad knows that it says the life we had together was exemplary. You were such a great puppy to have around. Every day when Dad has a shower, he always expects to see your sweet little face come a peeping around the doorway - your first steps indetermining whether you were going to get a ride in the truck - or not. Ot was such a cute little routine, and Dad could never let you know what was happening - to do so, would unleash that 'hurry up' you were so famous for. If we let you know, you would instantly go in to over-excitement mode, with whimpering and that ceaseless - c'mon everyone, we're going out. Puppy, you wouod have made a great 'sheep dog', the way you rounded Mom, Dad and Louie up! Ohhh, Puppy, we miss you so. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Benji, Mom has a star named after you. You are in our hearts forever, love you, Puppy, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 5/29/18
Hi Dad's beautiful, floppy-eared moppit! Poor ol' Dad is back so soon, it's Louie's 22 month anniversary, today. We know you missed your brother terribly and that you pined for him. Poor puppy, Dad can still see you searching for him. Sadly, Dad searches for you and Louie, still. I don't think he's ever going to give up. Mom loves to go outside, just at dusk, there is one star that always twinkles and she is sure that is you, signalling us. Mom got you and Louie some new flowers this week - from the marigold tree. Such a beautiful perfume. You and Louie always used to spend time there, enjoying that perfume. Ohhh, puppy man, Dad still does soo many things that we used to share together, especially the chicken chopping board. All those tasty morsels that you and Louie used enjoy, now, all either thrown out or given to the birdies. Miss you like hell, little buddy, you were our Angel in Disguise. Rest Peacefully Sweet Angel Benji, you are in our hearts forever, love,8 Mom & Dad
On: 5/25/18
From: Mom & Dad
On: 5/25/18
Hi beautiful puppy man. One year today and babe, we still miss you. That joy we had with you, wanting to be involved in everything we did, your beautiful puppy tail, that seemed to be like a wind=up toy, it just wouldn't stop swinging from side-to-side. Dad still smiles when he remembers how you an Louie would stand together and when Dad spoke to you, you would swing around and put your butt in Louie's face and 'swished' him with the tail, soo funny. But babe, we have such an empty house now, although we still often look to where you used to sit, hoping you'll be there. But, sadly, we're getting used to the fact that it's not likely to happen. Dad got up before dawn today, hoping to see you'n Louie fly over. But puppy, it was all clouded in. Dad waved up at you, but no glimpses - sorry Babe! Aunt Ginny, Sienna and Santino sent you a lovely message and Ginny from Rainbow also sent you a sweet note. You are our lucky babe. Rest peacefully sweet Angel Benji, Mom & Dad love you forever.
From: Aunt Ginny, Sienna & Santino
On: 5/24/18
Dearest Benji Boy: One year ago today, God decided he needed another special angel pup. He also decided, it was time to give you love, peace, rest and eternal life. Letting go was the hardest thing Mom and Dad had to do but both you and them put up the hardest fight possible. I am sure your sweet brother Mr.Louie was at the gate waiting to welcome you to the beautiful heavens. Your spirit will always live on and you will always be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. I always ask my Cisco to watch over you boyz....with love always, Aunt Ginny, Sienna & Santino
From: Mom & Dad
On: 4/29/18
Hi Beautiful Babe. Just been to visit Mr Louie. He's been gone 21 months today. Mom & Dad still miss you so much. You were always such a part of everything that was going on, it just doesn't seem right without you. Just this week, Mom was doing her walk and she met the man who used to walk the 2 whippets. He'd been sick for some time, but the first thing he asked was - where's Benji. Mom had to tell him the sad news. Puppy, you had such a beautiful nature, everyone just loved you. Of course, you were very handsome, too. Babe, your departure has left such a hole in Mom & Dad's loves, it will never be filled. But puppy man, we treasure the time that we shared together, definitely the best of times. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Benji, you are always in our hearts, minds and prayers. Love you, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 4/25/18
Hi Beautiful Babe, Dad's 'moppit man'! Puppy, what an awfull week for your poor ol' Dad. It is 11 months today, since you left us, and all week there were many fly-overs of you an' Louie in your ISS spaceship - but, there was cloud every time. Don't fret, sweet babe, the next cycle is only 2 weeks away. We had the pest man come around, this week and whilst cleaning up, your Dad found a couple of glass vials that went into your insulin pen. Of course, that took Dad back to those awful, last few week where we tried to do everything we could to save you, before that awful realisation that we were in a battle that we weren't going to win. Ohhh, puppy man, the tears have flowed this week for you. Then Dad made a little video tribute for you and it is so sad, poor ol' Dad cries for you, every time he watches it. Puppy, you were just such a wonderful babe. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Benji, you are always in your Mom & Dad's thoughts and prayers. Love you, Mom & Dad
From: Aunt Ginny, Sienna, Santino & Pepe
On: 4/2/18
Dear Benji Boy: Sorry we are one day late with our Easter visit. We hope you had a blessed Easter with Mr. Louie, Cisco and all your special friends. We also hope the Easter bunny was good to you. You and your brother ware loved and missed so very much. God bless.....Aunt Ginny
From: Aunt Meal meal
On: 4/1/18
Good morning sweet adorable Benji and a very Happy Easter to you ! A fun day ahead for you and Louie and all your angel friends I'm dropping in this morning to give you lots of love and many kisses and to let you know you are soooo missed mommy and daddy love you so so much and your aunt meal meal to so my baby enjoy your day finding Eggs and eating them all up I'm sure Sebastian and Gabby will be helping you 😍😍😍 Gods blessings my Benji forever in our hearts Your Aunt Meal Meal 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💋💋💋💋💋
From: Mom & Dad
On: 3/29/18
Hi Babe, Dad has just been talking to Mr Louie - it's 20 months since he left us. But, babe, Dad knows he just can't visit one cavalier without visiting the other. Dad knows it was one of your cavalier rules, that whatever Dad did for one cavalier, he had an obligation to do for the other. At least porr ol' Dad knows his responsibilities! We saw you fly over in the ISS, this morning. It was a beautiful view and it was travelling soo fast. Dad waved his tea-towel like crazy and called your names. Lucky there weren't any people out and about at 5am, they might have though your old Dad had flipped his lid. Babe, you were such a sweet puppy, we just miss your fun-loving nature so much and Dad yearns for one of your famous sloppy kisses. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Benji, you are in our hearts forever, love, Mom * Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 3/25/18
Our beautiful Benji! Babe, it's 10 months today, not that your Dad is counting. It is just so hard to believe that so much time has passed, yet to us, it it just seems like yesterday. Dad can still see you in most of your favourite places and we can still sense your presence in some of your photos. We look at them, and it feels as if you are still here with us. Of course, that's what Mom and Dad would love to happen. We said goodbye to Uncle Brian, last Friday, that was very sad, too. We hope you were able to greet him at the Rainbow Bridge and guide him on to heaven. Puppy man, Dad keeps your 'long dolly' and Mr Louie's monkey, under the organ stool, just in case you ever come back and look for them. Dad gives both dollies a hug, as they are the last things to be in contact with you and Mr Louie. Poor ol' Dad only has memorabilia of his precious pups. Rest peacefully, sweet Ange Benji, Mom & Dad love you forever, always will.
From: Dad
On: 3/16/18
Hi, Dad's precious Angel Pup. Just letting you and Mr Louie know that Uncle Brian died last night. I think all humans have to cross the Rainbow Bridge, too and even though he did n't have any puppy dogs, he was a special friend to you and your brother. Please keep watch for him and stay with him to guide his way to heaven. He will be sadly missed. Puppy man, Dad saw you sail over in the ISS, last night. It was soo bright, I know that you and your cav buddies - Cisco, Sebastian, Gabby and Nelson were all onboard with you. I just hope you share that special viewing window with the others. Mr Louie is such a good pilot, isn't he? Miss you sooo much, puppy, you were simply 'the best'. Rest peacefully, sweet angel Benji, you are forever in our hearts. Love Dad
From: Dad
On: 2/28/18
Hi little Buddy, Da'ds beautiful moppit man. Dad has just been to see Mr Louie, it's his 19 month anniversary. It really is on the 29th, but this year, February doesn't have a '29', so poor ol' Dad had to improvise. Babe, Dad thought he saw you, 2 nights back - standing on the rug by the door, just like you did when you wanted to go out to pee. When I looked again, you weren't there, but I talked to you and tried to pat you - just in case there was some 'feeling' in what I saw. Oh, puppy man, Dad would be sooo delighted if you could make a come back, like that. We had a big storm, last week. Dad knows you wouldn't have liked it, but at least at the Rainbow Bridge, you don't need to be afraid of storms, ever again. Dad always ysed to sit with you and hug you until the danger passed, Oh puppy, why did things trouble you so? Rest peacefully, beautiful, sweet Angel Benji, you are in Mom & Dad's thoughts - every day. Love you forever, Mom & Dad

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