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From: Papa
On: 4/19/18
hi baby doll. Hope you are having a nice romp.
From: Kevin
On: 4/1/18
Hey baby doll. Hope you and your brother are both having a good time. I miss you both so much. Love, Papa K
From: Kevin
On: 1/26/18
Hey baby girl.. Thinking about you and hope you are well.
From: Papa K
On: 1/22/18
Hey Sweet thing. You behaving yourself and keeping your brother in line? Sitting here with Papa D. reminiscing about you both. Love as always.
From: Kevin
On: 11/23/17
Hey girl, happy Thanksgiving to you and your loving brother. We gave thanks today for the time we got to spend with you both. We miss you the two of you immensely. Love from Papas D&K.
From: Papa K
On: 10/16/17
Missy Bella, what's up? We are having a beautiful fall day and I know you would love to be romping in our green space with Bennett. I have a feeling the green space you two enjoy is much vaster and more verdant. My love to you both.
From: Kevin
On: 10/1/17
Hey sweetheart. Can't believe it is October. You may have seen the shrine your Papa made for you and your brother. Everything from paw print casts to pictures to drawings of you both as well as your leads and a snow baby sculpture. Please continue to look over us. Much love.
From: Kevin
On: 8/14/17
Hi sweetheart. Sitting here with Papa D and talking fondly of you. Miss you lots. Love Papa K
From: Kevin
On: 7/25/17
Pretty Girl: You best be behaving up there. If not, at least have lots of fun. As always, miss and love you. Papa K
On: 7/10/17
I am looking at your picture and wanted to reach out but have no words just tons of love. Papa K
From: Papa K and Daddy Dave
On: 7/4/17
Hi baby girl. Happy Independence Day. Love and miss you but have your picture where we can see you whenever we want,which is often.
From: Kevin
On: 6/27/17
Hey, sweet girl. Been 2 weeks so thought I would check in. Sending you lots of love. FYI - Bennett is enjoying your sunshine. Love, Papa K
From: Kevin Brady
On: 6/13/17
Hi sweet girl. You staying out of trouble? My birthday is in two days and I would love for you to send me a dream. Lots of love smooches. Kevin
From: Kevin
On: 6/6/17
Baby girl...Papa and I were talking about you, all good of course. Still have a hole in my heart. Much love, Papa K
From: Carol
On: 5/27/17
Such beautiful remembrances of a life lived well. May today be a day of happy memories of your beloved Bella. Thank you for sharing. Love and caring, Carol
On: 5/26/17
From: Papa K
On: 5/18/17
Baby Girl...Had lunch with your Grandma today and we talked about your sweet disposition and how you sread joy and love to all. Behave up there. Much Love
From: Papa K
On: 5/10/17
Missy girl. Going to bed way to late(as usual)but wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. Love from you know who.
From: Kevin
On: 5/8/17
Babycakes: What is going on? As always, hope you are romping like no body's business. Love and miss you. Papa K
From: Kevin
On: 5/3/17
Hi baby. Just checking in. Love you. Papa K

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