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From: Peter
On: 2/12/18
I hope you come back to visit us we all miss you very much
On: 6/10/16
From: Sarah's mom
On: 3/27/16
Happy Easter Bear. Hope your enjoying yours. Love and miss you
On: 2/9/16
PETER how many presents did you get for Christmas 9
On: 1/22/16
I love you bear bear so much and miss you
On: 1/18/16
On: 1/8/16
Bear bear we miss you peter
From: sarah's mom
On: 1/1/16
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Love and miss you.
From: sarah's mom
On: 12/25/15
Merry Christmas Bear. I hope you and the family pets are having fun today. Love and miss you all.
From: Sarah's mom
On: 11/6/15
just letting you know that your still in my thoughts hopeing all is well with you and that your having fun with your friends and let the rest of the family pets know we still love and miss them too. hugs and kisses......
From: sarah's mom
On: 6/25/15
things are going good for your mama and the boys are doing good too. we still miss you a lot and we hope all is well with you and your fury friends. give all the family pets a wet licky kiss from us love always
From: Sarah's mom
On: 5/2/15
Time sure has gone by since you went to rainbow bridge. So much has been happening that its hard to keep up with things. the most important thing is that Sarah and the boys are doing really good. Sarah still thinks about you every day. she plans on getting a new frame for your picture. since the one she has now is damaged she is really looking forward to getting it fixed. I just wanted to send you a message to let you know we still miss you and the rest of the family pets. Love hugs and kisses from all of us..
From: Dale Weinke
On: 4/20/15
Sorry for your loss, I can't imagine how hard to loses a pet that is so close to your heart.
From: Sarah's mom
On: 12/25/14
Dear Bear. It's Christmas Day and you have not been forgotten time sure is going fast Peter is a being a great big brother to Trevor. Both boys are always reminded of you because your mama want's them to remember you. Your mama misses you very much all the time and especially around the holidays. we all miss you and the rest of the family pets too. Im sure your all having a fun day playing and shearing your new toys. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Love and missed by your mama and the rest of us.......
From: Sarah's mom
On: 10/22/14
as I sit here tonight thinking about you and how much you have been missed over the years since you went to rainbow bridge I decided I would send you a note of how things are going as for your mama she is doing great she has became one of the greatest single moms I know Peter and Trevor are getting big and learning so much so fast but I know you are loved and miss very much. we all want to send you hugs and kisses and make sure you give the rest of the family licky wet kisses from us too Lots of Love your family..
From: Sarah's mom
On: 9/11/14
well things are changing again Mark and I moved to Kiel wi. things are going better for us. Sarah and the boys are doing good and I know they miss you a lot and would want me to let you know that. right now they don't have the internet so Im letting you know that we all are sending hugs and kisses and we haven't forgotten about you. let all the family pets know that we miss them too. have fun with your friends hope to send more messages again soon.....
From: Sarah's mom
On: 7/27/14
I know it's been a long time but with sarah and the boy's living here it seems like your spirit lives within sarah and your here with her. Now she and the boys moved to Green Bay and they took you with them. So now I am missing you more. Sarah dosnt have the internet yet so it will take time for her to get back to your page but I know you are with her in spirit and she will aways Love and miss you. I hope your days are filled with fun and that the rest of the family pets are haveing fun too. Hugs and kisses sarah's mom :)
From: sarah's mom
On: 2/5/14
Just stopping by to let you know that things are still going good the boys and your mama are all fine and miss you bunches. I know she cant leave as many messages as she would like to because she cant get on the internet to do it but I do know she misses you and loves you very much. I miss you too hugs and kisses from all of us.
From: sarah's mom
On: 1/21/14
just stopping by to let you know things are going pretty good. your mama and Peter and Trevor went by Matthews and sara's she took you with so you are always remembered and loved no matter where she is. I miss the 2 little guys and your mama a lot but time will tell how things will go. I miss you bunches too. you have a good-night and give all the other family pets licky wet kisses from all of us. hugs and kisses. Love and miss you....
From: sarah's mom
On: 12/27/13
your mama and Peter and Trevor are living with me and mark for now. The boys are getting soooooo big. time sure is going fast. I want to say Merry Christmas to you and all the rest of the family pets that are there with you. I know you loved this time of the love laying in the snow. Well you give all your friends likey kisses and all our love and hugs too. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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