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From: Jack
On: 12/24/23
Merry Christmas Bean, Merry Christmas
From: Jack
On: 12/25/22
Merry Christmas Bean, Nothing else much to say. Hope you spend it with Littleman and all your other friends there at the Bridge, love jack
From: Jack
On: 12/16/21
Dear Bean, I wish the reason I'm late with my message this year was different. Sharon's brother died last week at the age of 73 so things have been out of sorts around here. I pray you and the rest of the pack are ok. My time to join all of you gets closer as the years go by. Stay in Rick's dreams, like Littleman stays in mine. Plus, Merry Christmas. Jack
From: Roberta
On: 10/2/21
Happy birthday, Bean!!! Thinking of you and your Daddy!!!Love, Roberta xoxoxo
From: Jack
On: 12/10/20
Dear Bean, A couple days late with my message, but what's a day or two when 11 years have now passed since you joined Littleman and all my other friends. Eleven years and yet this one was by far the most difficult as I moved from our long time home for a host of reasons all important and all unimportant in the great scheme of things. Come to Rick in peaceful dreams and let him know you're safe and happy, just playing with all your new friends until the two of you are reunited for eternity. Bye for now my friend, Talk again someday. Love, Jack
From: Roberta
On: 10/30/20
Hi Bean, Happy Halloween!!! I hope you have a spooktacular night and you get lots of Halloween goodies!!! I'm not quite sure if I should still be writing anymore but, here I am. I broke my right foot recently so, I guess I'll be Gimpy for Halloween this year!!! Hahaha! Hope you enjoy the ghosts & goblins!!! Love, Roberta xoxoxo
From: Roberta
On: 10/3/20
Hi Bean, Happy Birthday!!!! I hope your special day is fun & full of happy surprises! I really miss everyone & hope everyone is well. It's still very weird, sad, & lonely here due to Covid. I pray things are better in Australia. Happy Birthday, Bean!!!!! Love, Roberta xoxoxo
From: Roberta, Tori, Secret, Frankie & Liam
On: 6/23/20
Hi Bean, I hope you and your Daddy & his family are all safe. I miss all of you so much!!! ILYS!!!!!! Always, Roberta xoxoxo
From: Roberta
On: 4/12/20
Hi Bean, Happy Easter!!!! I think of you and your Daddy often! Please tell him I said hello & that I miss him!! Even though the Easter Bunny had to wear a mask and gloves this year, I hope you got a big basket filled with lots of goodies!!!! Have fun hunting for dyed eggs! Sending you lots of love! Love always, Roberta xoxoxo Things aren't too good here but I haven't forgotten about you!!!!
From: Roberta
On: 2/14/20
Hi Bean, Happy Valentine's Day!!!! I hope you get lots of chocolate hearts today!!! Love always, Roberta xoxoxo
From: Roberta
On: 12/23/19
Hi Bean, Merry Christmas!!! I hope you get lots of presents and yummy goodies from Santa Paws!!! I'm sure you were nice this past year and only a little bit naughty!!! Hahahaha!!!! Kiss Tori under the mistletoe and have lots of merry fun!!! Happy Holidays, Bean!!! Please tell your Daddy that I miss him ALOT!!!! Love, Roberta xoxoxoxo
From: Jack
On: 12/6/19
Dear Bean, Well, here it is 10 years down the road and though we never met in person the date is burned into my heart an mind just as so many other ones are. Funny thing about that, some things you just never forget. It would be nice if you came to Rick in a wonderful dream to make him smile when awakes as you did all those years ago, love. Jack
From: Jack
On: 11/14/19
My Dear Bean, Please forgive me for not writing on your birthday, but as you know all hell has broken loose here. With mom in and out of the hospital, Sharon's job about to end, selling mom's place in Ohio, Audra selling hers and buying a big house with an in-law suite resulting in me putting my home of 33 years up for sale so her mom and I can be relieved of the burdens of this old place, I've been a little busy and depressed over all of it. I never thought I'd leave the home that has all the memories tied to it, but maybe its for the better as only the good memories will remain in my heart. I hope you, Littleman and all the rest are well. Love, Jack
From: Roberta
On: 10/30/19
Hi Bean, Happy Hallowbean…………I mean Halloween!!!!!! I hope you have lots of scarily good fun trick or treating and that you get lots of yummy goodies!!!! Try not to get too scared of the ghosts and goblins-it's only make believe! Enjoy the Halloween festivities and don't be a sacredly cat---be a scary cat instead!!!! Love always, Roberta xoxoxoxoxo
From: Roberta
On: 10/2/19
Hi Bean, Happy Birthday!!!!!! I am writing this a day early in America but, in Australia it's already your special day!!!! Yipee!!!!! You're ahead of us there in lots of ways like how to speak properly and not having a crazy person running your country!!!!! Ha ha ha!!!! But, enough of that, I hope your birthday is full of lots of fun, presents, and yummy goodies!!!! Enjoy yourself and try not to get too ripped on catnip!!!! Hee hee hee!!!! I love you!!! Have a great day!!! Love always, Roberta xoxoxoxoxo P.S. My Mommy died recently and I'm really sad!!! If you see her, please give her lots of kitty kisses!!!!
From: Roberta
On: 9/19/19
Hi Bean, just wanted to stop by, say hello, and tell you that I love you!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I haven't written for awhile!! Things haven't been so great!!! Please tell your Daddy that I miss him!!!!!!! Give Tori a big hug and kiss for me, please!!! Love always, Roberta xoxoxoxoxoxo
From: Roberta
On: 5/2/19
Hi Bean, Happy Easter(late!!!!)!!!!! I am so very sorry that this Easter wish is so late!!!! Please forgive me! I have not been well and things have been overwhelming. I really hope that your Daddy is okay!! I wish I knew where he was!! Anywho, I hope you had lots of hippity hoppity fun on Easter!!! I'm sure you and Tori had fun searching for Easter eggs and jelly beans!!! I hope you two only ate chocolate bunnies-hee hee hee!!! I miss you and your Daddy BIG TIME!!!!!! With love, Roberta xoxoxoxo
From: Roberta
On: 2/14/19
Hi Bean, Happy Valentine's Day!!!! I hope you get lots of catnip infused chocolates and other tummy treats!!! I am thinking of you with lots of love!!! Please give Tori a bunch of kisses from me! Have fun and enjoy the festivities of this day!!! Love always, Roberta xoxoxoxoxo
From: Roberta
On: 2/1/19
Hi Bean, Just stopping by to say hello and give you my love. Please tell your Daddy that I have been writing to him at the email address that is not yahoo( can't remember what it is. Gmail???).I'm not sure if he's been getting them. Anywho, I think of you often and hope you're still hanging out with Tori!!! With love, Roberta xoxoxoxo
From: Roberta
On: 12/22/18
Hi Bean, Merry Christmas(a couple of days early)!!!!! I hope Santa Paws brings you lots of presents and yummy goodies this year!!!! Tori told me you were mostly nice and only a little bit naughty!!!! Hee hee!!!! I hope you get all of the goldfish, frankiecense, and pyrrh that you want!!!! Have fun and Happy Holidays!! Make sure you visit your Daddy! Love, Roberta xoxoxoxo

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