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From: Gerri Schabb
On: 7/3/20
Barney must have been quite a character, and obviously, a very happy dog. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.
From: Robin Watkins
On: 7/13/19
My Gracie was a Scotty mix. Best friend I have ever had. My soul mate. Smart loving and loyal. I do understand your great love for Barney and Miss Daisy. They are now your own special furangels. God bless.
From: Gloria and Family
On: 4/2/14
DEAR BARNEY, Will you join Jake Childers tonight as the family will await my MISS DAISY.I have spoken of her to you. She is a Scotty Mix and the best smartest dog I have ever known. You will like her Barney. Please let her know how much she will be missed here below. I know you will be good friends. I hope you had a nice First Anniversary dinner. Most Sincerely, Gloria and family
On: 1/31/14
From: Pressy, Master Thomas, Char
On: 12/19/13
Hello, Mister Barney Bush. We came to deliver this Christmas tree for you, India, and Mrs Beazley. Grandpa asked us to make sure all the members of our Paradise meadow family had a Christmas tree for their homes in the meadow. See all the trees on the wagon Char is pulling. Master Thomas is sitting on top to keep count...he counted all the trees as we collected them in the magic forest in the meadow to make sure we have one for everyone's home. They're all decorated...aren't they beautiful. Know you have been very busy attending Mama Cinder's choir practice for the family to sing to Mom Laura and Dad George at midnight on Christmas Eve. Well, we've got to keep going to deliver these trees and we have many more to deliver...please remember choir practice tonight. Merry Christmas to you, Barney.
From: Gloria and Miss Daisy and All
On: 4/26/13
Dear Barney, I kinda borrowed a pix from your Daddys Facebook page ~ to show you. I had to take a picture of the pix and its not too good, but I just know you will remember this day. You and Miss Beazley and India did the cooking that night. I love the picture. I just know it was the best dinner EVER !! Don't forget to show it to India. Don't forget to look in on your Grandma and Grandpa. I am sending you a treat. It won't be as good as one your could have cook. Do share with India xoxoxo Gloria and Miss Daisy and ALL.
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 4/25/13
Dear Barney, I hope you looked in on the opening of the Bush Library. There is a wonderful statue of you and Miss Beazley. I am so proud of you Barney. We all are. Bless you today and forever....
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 4/24/13
Dear Barney, I want to let you know the BUSH Library will soon open in Dallas on May 1, 2013. I hope you have a chance to peek in on the family. You were a big part of the Bush history. I also want to thank you for joining Jake as they escorted Oliver (Cinders Son) to his new home. Thank You Barney for caring. Have you found India yet? Do let us know. Be a good boy, OK? Most Sincerely, Gloria and ALL of the family.
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 4/15/13
Dear Barney, Thank You so much for helping the family meet Oliver at the Gate as he came home. I know he was ready as he was so ill. Thank You. I have some news for you, in-case the news has not gotten to you yet. Your parents are now Grandparents. Jenna had a baby girl. They have named her Mila. Don't forget to send best wishes to all the family. Thank You Barney. Be good and know you are remembered.Sincerely, Gloria and All of the family. I am sending you a big box of SO fresh Cupcakes you can share with your friends to celebrate the occasion.
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 3/31/13
May you have a wonderful Easter. Don't forget to do to the sunrise service. Gloria and all the family.
From: Karen - Dusty's mom
On: 2/24/13
To precious Barney, a new angel at the Rainbow... I’m sure that with your new feather-soft guardian angel wings, you now so lovingly watch over your family back here. And I just know, too, that you’ve found the coziest & softest places to take your sunshine filled Rainbow-colored doggy naps, haven't you... May butterflies grace your dreams as you sleep… And may each time you look up and see that wondrously magical Rainbow, may you know that your mom & dad and all those who loved you back here have helped make it shine a little brighter for you. How? With their tears, sweet baby. You see, each love-drop filled tear here has mixed with the sunshine there at your new home, and your Rainbow shines even brighter for you now..... An old Indian proverb: "The Soul would have no Rainbow if the Eyes had No Tears" says it best... You now find rest in the Arms of God's very own Angels...what more could have ever been wished for you? What more could have ever been wished...Rest well, little one.
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 2/14/13
Happy Valentine's Day. Jake asked me to send these to you. xoxo Gloria and family
From: Joan (Brinkley's Mom)
On: 2/14/13
Happy Valentine's Day. Brinkley asked me to send this to you. Brinkley's mom.
From: theresa anders
On: 2/13/13
sorry about your loss remember the good times you are not alone i have been through this too. such a cute dog enclosing a gift.
From: Joyce(Joshua's Mom)
On: 2/12/13
They will not go quietly, the pets who've shared our lives. In subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives. Old habits still can make us think we hear them at the door Or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor. Our feet still go around the place the food dish use to be, And, sometimes, coming home at night, we miss them terribly. And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill, That one place in our hearts belongs to them.... and always will. - Author unknown. I am so sorry for your loss but I do hope that this poem offers you some comfort. Blessings………………….. Joyce PS. I understand your poem about "just a dog" as I had so many people say that to me when we lost our Joshua. We now have Tedy and believe me he is not "just a dog" in any way. God BLess
From: Tracey
On: 2/11/13
Mr. and Mrs. Bush you were my favorite presidential couple who brought integrity and safety to our country. My heart and my prayers are with you both. Love and healing. Tracey
From: Heather
On: 2/10/13
Dear Barney, I am so sad to learn of your passing. Even though I am from another country, I remember so well your days at the White House. It was always such a pleasure to see news clips of you and to watch as you assisted with the White House Christmas tours. You represented your President and your country so very well! You will forever be remembered for your wonderful personality and beautiful disposition, not to mention your sweet handsome self! My sympathy goes out to the Bush family who loved you so dearly and gave you such a wonderful life, filled with extraordinary experiences that few dogs enjoy. Sweet Blessings to you, Barney.. and may you find peace, comfort and joy among old friends, and new, at Rainbows Bridge. With Love from Heather
On: 2/9/13
From: Miss Daisy and her Mum
On: 2/8/13
Dear Barney, Miss Daisy is having a little fit. She wants me to make sure you have a ball. So. its best I send you one. You MUST also remember, Pressy's Grandpa said you could chase armadillos - but always remember- they have family too, so do not hurt them. OK? So here is a ball. Hope you are up for a good game soon. I know there will be many who would love to play. I bet India remembers all of the White House Rules. We miss you Barney. I bet Miss Beazley is still looking for you. Please sent her a message.... xoxoxo Gloria and Miss Daisy
From: Joan, Brinkley's Mom
On: 2/8/13
Dearest Barney....please find my sweet boy Brinkley. He will be frightened to be away from home without me there. I promise he'll be a good friend to you. He is kind, sweet, loving and gentle. I hope to meet you some day when I will again be with my sweet boy. Brinkley's Mom

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