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From: mommy
On: 2/11/18
Thinking of you my sweety ,always thinking of you <3
From: mommy
On: 12/24/17
Mommy is missing you today my sweet boy.My heart is aching for you and all the other furbabies that gave me so much love all my life.see you soon <3 mommy
From: mommy
On: 12/11/17
Hi Sweety, I love you and still miss you so much. I am trying to ,"grow up" and go on but you are always on my mind. Thanksgiving came and went and now Christmas is upon us. Snow is on the ground and I think about how you loved it. My heart and my thoughts are with you forever ,my Sweet Boy <3
From: mommy
On: 11/11/17
ohhhh Barkley,I am crying my heart out still.........Since I am old now, I have lost so many dogs in my life but still cry for you.I'm trying to let go but it is sooo hard. Maybe I am crying over all losses. You are sooo missed <3
From: mommy
On: 8/14/17
Still missing you my Sweet Boy
From: mommy
On: 7/15/17
Always on my mind xxoo
From: mommy
On: 5/26/17
Happy Birthday, My Sweet Boy <3 Mommy loves and misses you so much.<3
From: mommy
On: 3/2/17
Hi Baby,mommy missed you on Valentines Day. Didn't get here to leave you a valentine but you were in my heart. Still missing you and still talking about you and to you. Always my sweet boy <3...............
From: mommie
On: 1/1/17
Sweet Boy ,another yr without you. I heard the fireworks last night at midnite and thought of you happily running up and down the deck <3 I love and miss you, my sweet boy. This was a very hard holiday.......
From: mommy
On: 11/23/16
I love and miss you more everyday. It doesn't get better. how about a nice visit in my dreams tonite my sweet boy <3
From: mommy
On: 8/15/16
My Sweet Barkly,I will never forget you. You are always in my heart,on my mind and in my prayers. 5 years, missing you <3
On: 8/14/16
From: mommy
On: 7/5/16
July 4th Missing you so much tonight.My heart is breaking You loved fireworks and loved running the deck as they went off. It is raining and this yr the fireworks are not so loud and we cannot see them so good, but still I am thinking of you and missing you. <3
From: mommy
On: 5/26/16
happy Birthday at Rainbow Bridge my Sweet Boy <3 Mommy misses you so much.I never forget.
From: mommy
On: 1/4/16
Hello Sweet Boy, It is a new year without you. You were so missed at Christmas. I thought about your sock and your "sockdog" toy. My heart still aches. Thanks for showing up everywhere lately.I love it.Wait for me.........xxoo
From: mommy
On: 12/26/15
Hi My Sweet boy, Hoping your Christmas was wonderful. You were missed so much. Thanks for coming to wish me a Merry Christmas on FB. You seem to be popping in a lot. Thank you, that makes me happy.
From: Mommy
On: 11/25/15
It's Thanksgiving again Barkley. I am thankfull that you are sending so many notices that you are here with me . I miss you so much,you and all my special fubabies that made my life so complete. I love you all and hope we will meet again.Till then I think of all of you with love,mommie xx
From: Maureen Phillips
On: 10/28/15
:( Oh Lorraine, this is so beautiful and so very sad. Your Barkley was such a lucky dog to have you as his Mommy. And now Cozi, he is so very lucky to. You are such a beautiful person, to have so much love and caring for your pets and all the other animals you dont even know. I am so sorry for your loss <3 One day, (a long, long time from now) we will be reunited with those we love, even our furry friends. Until then, Cozi is lucky to be so loved and spoiled by you. xo <3
From: Lorraione Alvarez
On: 10/28/15
This was beautiful Grandma, and so sad... xoxoox
From: mommy
On: 9/26/15
Sweet Boy.I miss more everyday. Fall is here and you would love to run in the fallen leaves.I miss those times together. your little brother Cozi,doesn't like to go for walks.He is afraid of everything. Suddenly,I am seeing a lot of Corgi's ,I think it is you letting me know you are near. Always Loving you ,mommy xxoo

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