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From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/31/18
Hello Sir Barbaro. Yes it is me again sweetheart. How magnificent you are. I wish I could touch your beautiful face and hold your head in my arms. One day I will. So watch for me. Happy New Year at the Bridge sweet boy. 1/1/2019. I'm so sorry your life was cut short here on earth. I think about it a lot. It's not your fault beautiful boy. You never have to worry about being made to race. Only now you run free at your own will , healthy forever more. I love you Barbaro. xoxoxo
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/26/18
Merry Christmas at the Bridge sweetheart beautiful in all that you are. running free in the meadow. Being happy and free and forever healthy. You are loved darling. I send you Christmas love and hugs and kisses on that beautiful face. xoxoxo Ms. Tonya 12/26/18
From: Becky Low
On: 6/25/18
Hi Bararo. I remember when you won the Derby and when you were injured. I hoped you would get better. I'm sorry you didn't. My cat Maude just went to the rainbow bridge with you. She might find you scary, but she may come around. I'm glad you had good owners.
From: K. Henry
On: 3/18/18
I miss you so much, Sweet Boy. Hugs and peppermint kisses always.
From: bambi shepherd
On: 5/8/17
I miss you so much Barbaro ❤❤❤
From: chris donati
On: 4/29/17
Happy birthday Barbaro forever in our hearts
From: chris donati
On: 4/29/17
Happy birthday Barbaro forever in our hearts
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/24/16
12/24/16 Hello darling. xoxoxo Merry Christmas I send lots of love to you beautiful boy. Oh beautiful boy. xoxoxoxo Christmas love to you Ms. Tonya , Mobile Alabama
From: Brenda Shearer
On: 11/7/16
My heart is with you both and all those associated with the great Barbaro. He was a tremendous athlete and will be missed forever. I routinely watch the replay of the Kentucky Derby and dream of what could have been. I will miss him forever. He is running free of pain with my Nikki, who also succumbed to laminitis. Have faith and we will all be reunited with our animals one day, at Rainbow Bridge.
From: Chris donati
On: 5/21/16
Today is the Preakness, your the first thing that comes to my mind beautiful barbaro forever in my heart
From: Chris donati
On: 5/6/16
I just heard the Kentucky derby is tomorrow barbaro you immediately came to mind. Love you I also love hoof beats in heaven so comforting
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 4/24/16
Hello beautiful magnificent creation from God. You have a birthday on 4/29/16 and I may not get the chance to stop by sweet boy, so I bring you birthday wishes now 4/24/16. Run through the meadow, graze on the fresh sweet grass, and drink form the stream that runs all the way to the Rainbow. Have a wonderful Birthday darling. I send to you much love. xoxoxo Ms. Tonya for the love of all animals.
From: Ruth Baltch
On: 1/29/16
I have not forgotten you Barbaro! You shall always be remembered and missed Your anniversary coming up on the 29th of January. I hope you are having a great time there at Rainbow Bridge. You will be forever loved and missed! God love you Barbaro!
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 11/26/15
Happy Thanksgiving at the Bridge beautiful boy. Sending lots of love up to you xoxoxox 11/26/15 Ms. Tonya I will never forget you. Sending lots of love up to you. Enjoy all the oats, carrots, apples and all the other things at your Thanksgiving feast at the bridge today .
From: Evelyn Boyd
On: 9/11/15
We all miss him. A beautiful brave horse. The decision to let him go must have been so, so, very painful.
From: Chris donati
On: 8/24/15
I think of/pray for barbaro every single day. I cried for days when we lost him. I was looking to see if cecil had a page and was wondering if beautiful barbaro has a page and I'm so glad to see his beautiful well deserved memorial. He is and will forever be in my heart.thank you for making a memorial for these beautiful animals.thank you for caring so much. May they all rest in peace.
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/31/14
Hello beautiful one xoxoxox Happy New Year at the Bridge sweetheart, I'm bringing lots of love to you on this day 12/31/14 Wed. for tomorrow 1/1/2015....I will always love you Barbaro. Always xoxoxo Ms. Tonya Happy New Year at the Bridge precious.
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/24/14
Hey beautiful precious boy... I know I'm glad to see you too love. Santa is coming tonight and will be bringing you everything you want to the Bridge. I love you to the moon and back beautiful boy and one day I will hold that beautiful head in my hands and kiss you between the eyes. Merry Christmas darling xoxoxoxo Ms. Tonya 12/24/14 Wed.
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 11/27/14
You... oh beautiful magnificent boy have always been in my heart. Happy Thanksgiving at the Bridge today sweetheart, enjoy the big feast the Angels have prepared for all of you. Then run in the meadow playing afterwards. I love you xoxoxox Ms. Tonya
From: lynn holbrook
On: 5/10/14
Happy Belated Birthday old friend. Thought about you during the Derby. I miss you Bobby. Love and Kisses, Lynn

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