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From: Mom
On: 8/26/18
Just wanted to stop by and say we miss and love you Bandit. We moved from the 5 acre farm and bought a 12 acre one instead. Shadow really likes being able to run all around here, just wish he would quit chasing the deer and wild turkeys. Koltyn is doing really fantastic. Him and his wife bought a house, have a brand new car and they both have good steady jobs, As for Bradyn, what can I say other than he always makes us smile. Going to get off of here, have things I need to get done because I'm having surgery on Friday. We love and miss you buddy, until we meet again.
From: Mom
On: 7/31/17
Been a long time since I've talked to you Bandit. On May 31, 2016 we lost Remington to cancer at the age of 12. He went in for surgery that morning and never woke up. I was there with you and got to say goodbye but I feel I didn't get to say goodbye to him. He's buried here in our Serenity Garden on the farm, I miss him so much every day. It's bringing tears to my eyes just writing about him. I'm sure by now you and him are back to being best friends and having all kinds of fun. Koltyn and Samantha got married last money and little Bradyn is just adorable. Koltyn has a Husky named Thor but like he said, he's no Bandit. Rest easy Bandit.
From: Mom
On: 8/5/15
Hi Bandit. It's been a while since I've talked to you. Dad and I moved out to Knox on a 5 acre farm and Remi and Shadow love it, I know you would have also. We gave our place to Koltyn, Samantha and Bradyn and they seem to be enjoying it. Koltyn works at the Port of Indiana and has really come a long way. We miss and love you buddy, don't ever forget that.
From: Mom
On: 1/16/15
Well, Christmas and New Years have come and gone and we've been blessed with beautiful Bradyn Nicholas Fleck. He was born Nov. 17, 2014 so you've got another little one we need you to watch over for us while keeping an eye on Koltyn. He's really done a lot of growing up but still misses you like crazy. Hope you're having fun and have helped my friends furbabies who have entered R ainbows Bridge. We love and miss you Bandit.
From: Mom
On: 4/13/14
Just a quick note, thought I would let you know that Koltyn is going to be a daddy in November. Sure wish you were here to help raise the new baby like you did Koltyn from birth until he turned 14 and you had to leave us. Anyway, just thought I would share the news with you.
From: Mom
On: 4/13/14
Hi buddy, hope this finds you doing really well. On Friday Olivia's dog Ninja entered the gates of Rainbow Bridge, he's only 3 yrs. old so I hope you can find him and show him the ropes and play with him. Last night my best friend Cindy's dog Dora went to Rainbow Bridge, she's only 6 mos. old so would you find her and help her out please. Weather is getting nice out and we were outside throwing the ball for Remi and Shadow but they just aren't you. They'll go and get it but won't bring it back to us like you did and wait for it to be thrown again. Love you Bandit and once again, missing you very much.
From: Mom
On: 3/16/14
Hi Buddy, I know it's been a while but Dad retired and it seems like we're constantly on the go. Koltyn bought a new car and is working full time in a cookie factory making Oreo's. Not what he wants to do for the rest of his life but it makes his car payment and rent. Yes he moved out of the house and got a place with his gf but it's only one street over. We have Shadow because she has a cat and Remi and Shadow don't like cats at all. It just king of hit me today and I'm really missing you. By now I thought Shadow could have taken your place. He's a good dog and has some adorable ways but will never be like you. These four days cover the anniversary of Grandma Helen's, Quentin and Billy's deaths so Koltyn really isn't doing real well. Send him some of your adorable puppy kisses and try to lick his ears like you always did. Have to go but remember, you'll always be special and we love and miss you.
From: Mom
On: 11/22/13
Hi buddy, thought I would just stop by for a minute. I made a scrapbooking album with pictures of just you and Koltyn and plan on giving it to him for Christmas. You ashes still sit in that beautiful tin on top of his dresser. He'll always hold you close to his heart the same as Dad and I do. Enjoy, have fun and we love you.
From: Mom
On: 9/2/13
Another year has come and gone without you Bandit and we still miss you as much as we did in the beginning. Are you teaching Shadow some of your little actions with Koltyn because he's starting to do things you did. Koltyn got his GED and Drivers License and is really doing well. He was pretty sad on your anniversary date but Shadow did console him. I know Billy and Quentin are playing with you and yesterday was Quentin's 18th birthday. I'm sure the three of you celebrated it together. Gotta run, love you.
From: Mom
On: 7/14/13
Hi Bandit, I know it's been a while but just really missed you today. Koltyn is doing wonderful.He gets his drivers license the 23rd of this month and his GED the 3rd of August. He's really doing well but still misses you like crazy. But then of course, Dad, Remi and I do also. Hope your doing good and having fun with all your fur buddies. See you soon, love you big guy.
From: Mom
On: 12/1/12
Hi Buddy! I know I haven't been here to talk to you for quite a while but there's really been a lot of ups and down with Koltyn. He has medical problems that we didn't know about in the past and that's part of the reason it is so hard for him to move on. He could use some signs from you that you're still around, he's awfully lonely. Hope you are having lots of fun with all your friends there. Looking forward to seeing you again. I love you Bandit.
From: R0BERT
On: 8/25/12
From: Mom
On: 8/9/12
Hi big guy. Koltyn has a really rough day coming up this Saturday. There is going to be an unveiling ceremony for Billy's headstone. Sure do hope you'll be beside Koltyn and send him some puppy kisses. We love and still miss you so much. Remington is doing good and just turned 8 yrs. old in May. He has a lot of grey in his muzzle and underside now. Almost looks like a black and white lab instead of just a black lab. Have to go but go have fun with all your furbuddies.
From: Mom
On: 3/25/12
It's taken me a couple of days to do this but by now you know that Billy is with you. Now there's someone who will really throw the ball for you. Help him out please. Koltyn is having a really hard time Bandit so please send some puppy kisses down to him. He really needs them right now.
From: Mom Fleck
On: 2/20/12
Oh Bandit, you are missed so much. Koltyn is going through some extremely hard times right now and he could sure use some of your puppy kisses to brighten his day. He's 16 now and feels the world is against him and he can't understand why school and stuff like that is so important. Please give him a night time visit, he could really use it.
From: Mom
On: 9/28/11
We could really use you around here Bandit.Koltyn is really having a hard time, he hasn't been the same since you left and now he went and got himself into some trouble over his girlfriend. He's never quite learned to keep his thoughts to himself if they can't be nice ones. Please, help him through this week and especially on Friday. Believe me when I say he needs you more now then he ever has in his/your life. Send down some extra special puppy dog kisses for him and be with him by his side on Friday. We love and miss you buddy.
From: Koltyn
On: 8/30/11
Hi baby boy. sorry i didnt get to you sooner. i love you bandit. i miss you all the time. this week is a hard one. quentins birthday is thursday. give him love from me. i wish i could love on you again. and hold you. i miss you so much. i never thought it was going to be this hard. itll never get easier. shadow is a good dog, nothing like you. you were the best dog ever. you had your flaws but you were a man whore, what could i say? only one of your puppies are around here. he's nothing like you. i see you in his face. but he acts nothing like you. i love you baby boy. dont ever forget about me. ill always love you. i cant wait till i walk threw those gates and your sittin there waitin for me with your tail wagging. imma just love all over you. i love you baby boy
From: Mom
On: 8/28/11
It's been a year since you left us, sure doesn't seem that long. We really miss you Bandit. We did get Koltyn a new puppy who is now 9 mos. old, he's half lab and half pointer. He's cute, we love him but he doesn't fill the hole in our hearts that you left. What keeps us going is you're out of pain and with all your fur buddies having fun and doing everything you loved to do before getting so sick. Just so you know, Remi does not want to accept the new pup, he still misses you also. We love you Bandit!
From: David Fleck
On: 8/28/11
Well Bandit tomorrow will be 1 year since you passed. I was going to wait until tomorrow to come talk to you but I am here now.You were the first dog that I ever got as an adult its funny because I still remember the first time we met you and all of your brothers and sisters came running up to me but you were the only one that barked at me. I knew in that moment that I met my best friend. Even though I only stayed with you for 2 years we were literally together 24/7 and when I left I asked you to look after Koltyn and you did a great job I have had a few dogs since you but I have never been as close to them as you and I were, don't get me wrong I love my dogs but I have not had another dog quite like you and I am pretty sure I never will. I know you are in Heaven playing catch and watching over Koltyn and I and I want to thank you again for being who you are. The tears are making it hard to type so I am going to make this short. I love you Bandit and always will.
On: 8/24/11

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