Bailey's Rainbow Bridge Guest Book

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From: Dolores (LoLo)
On: 3/3/24
What a beautiful tribute to a loving fur baby! I am sure Bailey and Jaz have met and are talking about how much they love us. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I’m leaving roses for you beautiful Mom.
From: Lisa (Nakia's mom)
On: 2/4/24
Dana - Thank you for your kind words in Nakia's guest book. I am so sorry for your loss. They are such a big part of our lives and leave such a hole in our hearts. I do hope Nakia and Bailey are happy and playing together in Paradise Meadow.
From: Carlo - gizmos dad
On: 5/1/23
So sorry for your loss Bailey so beautiful
From: Chris
On: 12/11/22
Thank for for signing Peppers' guestbook. I am here to return the favor. Bailey seemed like a wonderful dog and I thank you for rescuing him from a shelter. There are too many senior dogs who spend their final years in shelters because they are deemed "too old." We need more people like you
From: Emmy
On: 4/20/22
Your memorial to Bailey is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the memories that you have of him, it is wonderful to read and know how much he is loved!!
From: Nadine
On: 3/27/22
What a beautiful memorial. I bet my Angel and her buddie my little old man Gabriel the pom are playing with you Iddybear and the little pom. I can not wait to see them all, but most of all to throw my arms around my Angel once again.
From: Joanna Mack
On: 7/25/21
What a beautiful furbaby. I hope you've met Mr Bill. Your Momma loved you so much. I hope you're having fun at the bridge and you have no more pain.
From: Carrue
On: 5/11/21
Dearest Bailey, I am so sorry you had to leave this world and your mommy, Dana, to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Please know that Dana loves you still very much, and your will have peace from any pain or suffering over the rainbow. I hope you meet my Gracie and my dog Honey, and you become good friends. Peace and prayers.
From: Patricia Flynn
On: 5/3/21
Dear Dana, I can see how much you loved your little Bear. Our babies are a part of everything we do, every day, all tragedies, all celebrations. A gray cloud hangs over the days as it never used to. Summer won't be the same without them,I know for me, Daisy and Pandora. She would sit in the screened window calling to me in summertime. Holidays won't be the same because our babies aren't there. But we must wait. The day will come for rejoicing again.
From: Brenda Maney
On: 3/30/21
Hi,Dana, wanted to Thank you for viewing my lil Tink's memorial and sugning his guestbook. Ive had a lot of people viewing it and im slow responding but Tink and i both appreciate the love and kind words and im so sorry about the loss of your beloved Bailey and all your other rescues. They were all lucky to have you and been loved and cared for by you. Im struggling very hard with the loss of my lil Tink and having support is of some comfort. Thank you and God bless
From: Jon P.
On: 3/30/21
What a cute, precious fur baby. My sweet Hershey hasn't met any dogs before. But, I can tell from your tribute that Bailey was a precious soul that my Hershey would love to meet and play with. Bailey had a great mommy. Continued well wishes go out to you!
From: Karen - Jewels’ Mom
On: 3/26/21
Dear Dana, what a beautiful memorial to Bailey such a little cute and cuddly. Your words ring much of what I feel today. Each day is a gift with our fur and feather babies. We will rejoice in the day that we will see them again. I’m sure Bailey is showing Jewels to play freely in the meadows and the water. Both are probably bathing right now. We were very blessed to have lived with them.
From: Jeanette Stone
On: 3/21/21
Bailey is so adorable! I know you gave her such a wonderful life just by reading what you wrote for her through all of these years. She has been waiting for you until you both reunite! I believe that we will see our babies again. Until then, rest easy, beautiful Bailey! 💚
From: Sandy
On: 6/6/20
A darling, sweet-faced little fellow :) Love his eyes, so full of mischief! Rejoice in the years you had together; something that time cannot erase. Keep Bailey near your heart; he will watch over you until you meet again after the long sleep. Rest gently, beautiful little puppy.
From: Chloe
On: 5/22/20
I feel sorry for your loss and hope things will get better day by day.
From: Maxine
On: 5/13/20
Dear Dana, what lovely thoughts and memories you've shared of Bailey. He was very special fellow and brought you great joy.
From: Michelle Santora
On: 5/11/20
It is clear how much you loved your Bailey and still do!! I know now that no matter how much time and space separate us from our fur babies, our love for them will never diminish. I too have my boy Timber on my phone and as my screen saver on my computer. Every where I look I see him. I miss him terribly but know that he is not in pain anymore!! I will tell my Timber to look for your Bailey and I'm sure they will become friends. Until we are reunited with our beautiful fur babies I wish you health and comfort in knowing that we will see and hug and kiss them again!!
From: Anna-Lena Berg
On: 5/6/20
Dear Dana, thank you so much for signing my little Alice's guestbook. Bailey was a lovely dog, and you've created a beautiful memorial for him. I'm sure you'll meet again one day. Much love, Anna-Lena.
From: Sierra (Chloe Alexandra's mom)
On: 5/6/20
What a beautiful little sweetheart! May you and Bailey be reunited in the spiritual realm. It's such a precious gift to have received such love and care from a wonderful little package of fur who have guided us so deeply through life's hardships and with whom we shared many happy moments.
On: 5/5/20
My very dear Dana, I just viewed your memorial to your precious IddyBear. How lovely a memorial it is!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful companion Bailey must have been and still is for you. I understand that kind of depth of love the two of you must share. I have shared that kind of love with allllllll of my 9 dogs, but, ooooh, more so with my sweet Lady, who loved me sooooo unconditionally, as I am certain your sweet IddyBear loves you. May your reunion be a most glorious one. Sending you allllllllll my heart's love plus healing blessings. You are awesome in sharing your love with other animals who are sooo in neede of a loving heart like yours is. Blessings always to you and much love. :) Gifting your memorial with St. Francis who loved allllll animals as if they were his own. :)

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