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From: Pam
On: 10/13/18
So sorry for your loss of Bailey! What a cutie! I know Bailey is watching over our Coco now since she passed recently! I know they are running around at the Rainbow Bridge! Hugs!
From: Chris Ciriello
On: 10/3/18
God Bless IddyBear. What an adorable little one.. Wishing love and peace to you and IddyBear.
From: Gaby
On: 10/1/18
Hello, Dana. What a beautiful fur baby was Bailey! I know how much it hurts to lose them, he is now with my Kira and Athos and they will become great friends!! I am leaving a pull rope for him to play. Hugs for you
From: Peggy Shaver
On: 9/10/18
What a gorgeous sweet baby. So sorry for your loss!!
From: Billie
On: 9/8/18
Dear Dana, What a cute little guy! Bailey was a special dog. They seem to know just who to pick to be their moms or dads. They fill a need within us we didn't even know what there sometimes. I'm sure he's taking care of his fur siblings and romping in the meadow.
From: Joe
On: 9/2/18
First, I want to thank you for signing Sam's memorial. Your words were very sweet. I hope he and Bailey are running around together right now, without a care in the world. You did a great thing taking in Bailey and it's amazing that the holistic doctor was able to give you another month with him near the end of his time. Cancer was the same wretched beast that took our Sam. I send you all the best and when you're feeling hurt, please remember what a great thing you did in giving Bailey your love.
From: JoAnn Anderson
On: 8/29/18
Bailey, was gorgeous! So sorry for your loss. Thanks for signing my brutuses guestbook. It is much appreciated. I left you some white Roses to commemorate Bailey.
From: Breeze
On: 8/26/18
What a beautiful tribute to IddyBear! Many blessings to you!
From: patricia
On: 8/20/18
Im so sorry for your loss Dana. Know that my Cody and his brother Tai (both shelties) are playing with your Bailey at the bridge. I believe that we will both be re-united with our loved ones. I leave a nice cozy bed that Bailey can rest in
From: Lynn (Zoey Girl)
On: 8/17/18
How beautiful you are Bailey! I really hope that you have met my Zoey girl, she is as beautiful as you are! If you are running and playing, could you please give my baby girl a kiss for me. Bailey your mommy misses you so so very much. I hope that you have been back to see her, she loves you so deeply. May you and all the other fur babies live well at the Rainbows Bridge, running, playing and just being what you once were, healthy and strong. May God Bless you little precious one. XOXO
From: Marlyn
On: 8/17/18
Hello Bailey, You are as adorable as my Bella. I hope you play with her. She can be shy but she’s actually really playful and she loves to run and chase the birds. I miss her so much as much as your mom misses you. Let your love shine down on your mom. Please tell Bella I love her very much and I’ll always will😔
From: Daniel Mullaly
On: 8/12/18
Hello Bailey and Charlie, it sounds like you had very good lives with your mom. Play and have fun with your friends at the Bridge until the day you see your mom again.
From: Marlen Alcindor (Max & Baileys mommy)
On: 8/5/18
I am so sorry for the loss of your precious "iddybear" Bailey. I'm sure he is friends with my Max and Bailey and are playing pain free and careless until it is our time to join them and be together forever.
From: Mary ludwig manzo
On: 8/4/18
What a beautiful tribute to Bailey. My husband raised Niko while I worked. He passed in 2015. They are together now. Ripley who has been here two and a half years misses him. He was a rescue and I am owner number 3. He was kissing his collar last night.
From: Kiki's Mom, Margaret
On: 8/4/18
Sweet Bailey, you had such a special and beautiful connection with your mom--you were and are SO loved. I know you are running around and playing to your heart's content now at the Rainbow Bridge, and enjoying being pain-free, while you wait to be reunited with your mom. I hope you enjoy the Greenies Treat I am leaving for you. XOXOXO
From: Joanie King
On: 8/4/18
I love your Iddybear and can see how it was love at first sight for you. He was so significant in your life, the daily routines and companionship and oh my gosh being with you through the loss of our husband. I just feel how much he meant to you inner writings. And, as important, how much you gave to this little guy. Thanks for visiting Shiloh's site and sharing your thoughts. My condolences to you as well for loosing your friend.
From: Carole
On: 7/30/18
Very sorry for your loss of Bailey and your other fur kids. I have a paw print for Jasmine, but don't have one for Zoe and wish I did. It's comforting to touch the paw print and have that memento, but we have our memories and that has to do, I guess. It's good to have the memorials and forum here. See you at the Monday night vigils.
From: Bill Boltz
On: 7/23/18
What a beautiful pup! I'm so sorry for your loss of Bailey. Clapton will be a great friend to Bailey and Bailey to him. God blessed us with our beautiful pups. Clapton taught me about unconditional love. Haven't quite mastered that yet, but working on it. Peace to you, Dana.
From: Alycia
On: 7/23/18
Oh my! Your story with Bailey sounds wonderful! You were soul-mates. Unless you've had a pet who was your best friend, people don't understand. I worked from home a lot as well. My Berny helped me feel not so isolated or alone. Now, I have nothing. I sew to set my mind free. But I "hear" him ring the bells to go outside. I "hear" him jumping off the bed. He is still with me. Just as your Bailey is. God bless to you, too.
From: Trish
On: 7/2/18
So you’re Iddybear! Bailey, you have a wonderful mom who still loves you so much. Just as you take care of other furbabies beyond the rainbow bridge, your mom takes care of other furbaby moms whose babies have joined you. I hope my Magic and you are great friends. Until we all see each other again, take care, “Iddybear,” and please look out for my Magic and his sister, Shadow. ❤️ I’m leaving you some of the best steak as a thank you for you and your mom.

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