Bailey's Rainbow Bridge Guest Book

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From: Catherine Smith
On: 12/17/18
He was a wonderful dog.
From: Carl
On: 12/7/18
Your residence for Bailey is very touching. You signed my guestbook for Johnny, a domestic shorthair white/calico mix who was taken before his third birthday. I know Bailey and Johnny are in a better place now.
From: tom dorian
On: 12/3/18
dear dana,such a beautiful tribute to your baile..I am refreshed to know our roxygirl is in such good company with baile..your words made me tear up,but for all the right reasons..THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS..
From: Fatima Wakefield
On: 12/3/18
Dear Bailey, you are a beautiful angel. I am sending you a ball for you to play with Jasper. I met with a medium and he said Jasper seemed sad, can you be his friend and cheer him up? I will include you in my prayers tonight. Sweet dreams. Fatima
From: Lisa Lola Bella Ceparanos Mom
On: 11/14/18
Thank You for visiting Lolas memorial and leaving flowers.As I can see Bailey was very special to you also as well as Beautiful. My thoughts are with you. Your words are Beautiful as I read them. ❣️♥️Does the grief ever leave? It's so hard..💔
From: Marianne
On: 11/6/18
Precious Bailey; Hope you're enjoying yourself up there, running & playing with our Henry near the Rainbow Bridge. Just would like to thank your mommy for her very kind words at our Henry's Memorial. <3 I truly believe we will be reunited with our fur babies again one day.. But until then we have all our wonderful memories.. XO
From: Laurie
On: 11/4/18
I saw your pup there. He’s real cute. It’s still very hard to deal with the loss of my kitty. She was very sweet. I miss her every day. I loved my time with her and so did everyone that knew her. I know she’s friends with your Bailey and the two are playing together. So I’m glad about that. Thank you for your nice message.
From: Jacqui
On: 10/29/18
Bailey, what a beautiful little baby you are,,,,I just lost my boy Thomas and your mom sent me her support and I wanted to stop in and say hello to you. There are now ten of my babies at the bridge, and even though they are cats, they would love to meet you and play with you, so keep an eye out for them. Your mommy loves and misses you very much! Hugs for you Bailey.
From: Leslie Goodwin
On: 10/21/18
Bailey is soooo cute. Please find my Brandy and make friends. She is not used to being alone. Dana, I send the energy of light and love your way. Hugs, Leslie
From: Leslie Goodwin
On: 10/21/18
Bailey is soooo cute. Please find my Brandy and make friends. She is not used to being alone. Dana, I send the energy of light and love your way. Hugs, Leslie
From: Pam
On: 10/13/18
So sorry for your loss of Bailey! What a cutie! I know Bailey is watching over our Coco now since she passed recently! I know they are running around at the Rainbow Bridge! Hugs!
From: Chris Ciriello
On: 10/3/18
God Bless IddyBear. What an adorable little one.. Wishing love and peace to you and IddyBear.
From: Gaby
On: 10/1/18
Hello, Dana. What a beautiful fur baby was Bailey! I know how much it hurts to lose them, he is now with my Kira and Athos and they will become great friends!! I am leaving a pull rope for him to play. Hugs for you
From: Peggy Shaver
On: 9/10/18
What a gorgeous sweet baby. So sorry for your loss!!
From: Billie
On: 9/8/18
Dear Dana, What a cute little guy! Bailey was a special dog. They seem to know just who to pick to be their moms or dads. They fill a need within us we didn't even know what there sometimes. I'm sure he's taking care of his fur siblings and romping in the meadow.
From: Joe
On: 9/2/18
First, I want to thank you for signing Sam's memorial. Your words were very sweet. I hope he and Bailey are running around together right now, without a care in the world. You did a great thing taking in Bailey and it's amazing that the holistic doctor was able to give you another month with him near the end of his time. Cancer was the same wretched beast that took our Sam. I send you all the best and when you're feeling hurt, please remember what a great thing you did in giving Bailey your love.
From: JoAnn Anderson
On: 8/29/18
Bailey, was gorgeous! So sorry for your loss. Thanks for signing my brutuses guestbook. It is much appreciated. I left you some white Roses to commemorate Bailey.
From: Breeze
On: 8/26/18
What a beautiful tribute to IddyBear! Many blessings to you!
From: patricia
On: 8/20/18
Im so sorry for your loss Dana. Know that my Cody and his brother Tai (both shelties) are playing with your Bailey at the bridge. I believe that we will both be re-united with our loved ones. I leave a nice cozy bed that Bailey can rest in
From: Lynn (Zoey Girl)
On: 8/17/18
How beautiful you are Bailey! I really hope that you have met my Zoey girl, she is as beautiful as you are! If you are running and playing, could you please give my baby girl a kiss for me. Bailey your mommy misses you so so very much. I hope that you have been back to see her, she loves you so deeply. May you and all the other fur babies live well at the Rainbows Bridge, running, playing and just being what you once were, healthy and strong. May God Bless you little precious one. XOXO

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