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From: Trish
On: 7/2/18
So you’re Iddybear! Bailey, you have a wonderful mom who still loves you so much. Just as you take care of other furbabies beyond the rainbow bridge, your mom takes care of other furbaby moms whose babies have joined you. I hope my Magic and you are great friends. Until we all see each other again, take care, “Iddybear,” and please look out for my Magic and his sister, Shadow. ❤️ I’m leaving you some of the best steak as a thank you for you and your mom.
From: Chuck
On: 7/1/18
Dana, I know that you are still hurting over the loss of your Bailey. He is now in doggie heaven playing with my Chief and showing him the ropes. Perhaps you can take some small measure of comfort knowing that I, like so many others, are sending our love and support your way. I hope the sharp edges of your pain ease and that you are left with warm remembrances of the love that you and Bailey shared. Many blessings to you. Chuck (FYI-Dana is also my middle name)
From: Becky - Joey's mom
On: 7/1/18
IddyBear, what a beautiful little one you are. I hope you and Charlie have found Joey at the bridge and are having a blast!
From: Wendy Wood
On: 7/1/18
Dear Dana, Ohhhhh Bailey is sooo cute! Your Iddybear. God bless you and I’m sooo sorry for your loss. I’m leaving a cozy blankie for Bailey. Blessings Wendy
From: Joan Hayes
On: 6/4/18
Hi Dana, Thankyou for your message, I have read Baileys memorial, he looks beautiful. I took Jasper to a Holistic Vet in the end too, he got Cushing's from the allergy treatments that the regular vets gave him, none of them told me it could cause Cushing's and none of them diagnosed it, it was a heart specialist that told me it was Cushing's, so then I took him to a Holistic Vet and I managed to have him for another year, as he got better he refused to take the powders and tablets and then he went down in a mater of months. Jasper and I got to work together too, we were never apart really. I'm so sorry Cancer took him, I hate cancer I have it myself., and I'm so sorry to hear you lost your husband too. Bailey sounds special just like Jasper, every now and then you get a special one, a soul mate, and its so hard to lose them. I sorry to hear about your broken leg, you've had a hard time too just like I have. Contact me if you want to chat. Love, Joan xo
From: Tonia Norman
On: 6/4/18
Dana, May God continue to bless your u with warm memories of your sweet dog, Bailey (IddyBear). Your dog and mine, Winter Snow, have birthdays near each other and they were both Poms. Now they can play together in the meadow. Thanks for sharing such cute photos of him with us here. Peace be with you. Tonia
From: Suzanne Sullivan
On: 5/30/18
Hi sweet baby Bailey. Thank you for taking care of my Fergie and welcoming her to the beautiful meadows. Your Mom loves you so much. You were meant to be with each other. God's special gift. Remember to send love down to your Mom so she knows your there! Dana, may your memories comfort you! My thoughts are with you! Suzanne, Fergie & Nikki's Mom.
From: Jim Sanfilippo
On: 5/23/18
Dana, So sorry for your loss. He was adorable. You were a great mom and I am sure he will be waiting to meet you at the bridge.
From: Gary
On: 5/20/18
Hello Dana, I was happy to visit Bailey's page after you left the address on my page for Casey. Bailey looks like he was a wonderful fur baby and you are so right, he is enjoying life at the Bridge with all the other fur babies including Casey. Thank you for sharing your story of your wonderful boy. Just know he still loves you immensely and will welcome you at the Rainbow Bridge someday. Hugs, Gary
From: charlene pfeifer
On: 5/14/18
Dana I know Baily and Angel are best frinds now I like that nick name you gave Iddy beare that was cute
From: Valeria
On: 5/14/18
Hello Dana, what a cutie Bailey is, his pictures are really sweet. :) I hope Bailey found Oscar and they are playing together and having lots of fun in the rainbow. Thank you for your flowers, and I will be thinking of you and Bailey at the next Monday candlelight service , lots of love ❤️
From: Frank and Ana
On: 5/12/18
Hi Dana, thank you for signing Brady’s Guest book and for the thoughtful comments. Bailey looks like a sweetheart, I’m sure Bailey and Brady have met and are friends.bless their Souls, there not on this earth long enough but They sure leave a lasting impression on our Hearts.thanks again Frank and Ana
From: Kath
On: 4/29/18
Dear Dana, What an adorable dog IddyBear is! I have seem that same "trying to be brave" look in my sweet chloe's eyes. Thank you for your kind words over in her guestbook. Today is a bit better, but there are always new hurdles to face. I hope you are having a good day, and not grieving too much! God bless you!
From: Alida
On: 4/27/18
Tank You for Your Message
On: 4/21/18
So sorry for the loss of your furbabies - Bailey, Charlie, and IddyBear. They sound like they were very special and unique in their own way. I hope you are able to find comfort in the good memories. You will be together again one sweet day!
From: Gary & Brenda
On: 3/18/18
Hello Dana , I just visited Baileys Memorial, What a beautiful Baby. You rescuing fur babies is very commendable, So sorry about your loss of Bailey, We too have had other pups and they all are so precious but there's always one that is a little special but we love them all, Bailey like our Cinders is such a sweet looking pup we will get to be with them someday and cross over that beautiful Bridge ... God bless all fur babes. Gary
From: Valerie
On: 1/26/18
Iddybear—you are beautiful and your mom misses you so much. She was so kind to send wishes and loves to me about my Shadow. He is up there with you. I know he is a big boy, but he just lays around and watches all the action. Give him some kisses for me and I will ask him to do the same for your mom.
From: Susan W
On: 1/2/18
Dana, What a beautiful love story. It brought tears to my eyes. You and Bailey were obviously meant to be together for the time you were, and it was so special. Looking at his photos, he is an Iddy Bear. Bailey, Iddy Bear, I am so glad your Mom visited my Hobbs' page, so I could read about you. You sound a lot like him, he was my heart and soul, just like you were your Mom's. It makes me feel better to think you were there at the Bridge to greet him when he went there just over a month ago. Dana, I think we both lost a special gift wrapped in fur that we'll never stop missing. But we were so lucky to have had them. And we know our furbabies are always with us and well and happy while they wait to see us again one day. Blessings to you for the New Year.
From: Anne Heuser
On: 10/15/17
a beautiful fur angel. So sorry for you They are both out of pain and happy again. Please feel free to e mail me anytime Annie
From: Anne Heuser
On: 10/15/17
a beautiful fur angel. So sorry for you They are both out of pain and happy again. Please feel free to e mail me anytime Annie

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