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From: Phillips Family
On: 4/20/18
Hi Regina, We appreciate the kind words you left about our Keke and wanted to learn more about Bailey. We especially enjoyed the story and pic of Bailey in the baby stroller - it made us laugh and smile. What a friend you lost and what a way to keep his memory alive. Thanks again :)
From: David
On: 4/16/18
Bailey, by reading all the posts that your mom has left for you I can only imagine the incredible love that you emitted while you were here on this earth. I am sure that you were there to greet my Patches at the entrance to the Rainbow Bridge and keep her company until I get there. Thank you Regina for signing Patches guest book until we all meet on the other side of the bridge....take care!
From: Bob and Kathy
On: 4/6/18
Bailey, you sure were loved and adored by your family. They miss you every day. Watch over them until their chores are done when they will see you again. Regina,thank you so much for your beautiful words for Boo Boo Bear. We hope Bailey will see Bear. SO MOTE IT BE Bob, Kathy, Bunny, JoJo and Sierra
From: LeeAnne
On: 4/5/18
Bailey was a beautiful dog. She sounds like she was a true blessing in your life. I know she and Buttons are having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge.
From: Janette
On: 4/5/18
Regina thank you for writing on pearl guest book it was very touching and made me feel better inside I am so sorry for loss of bailey Oster your furry baby. but I am sure pearl and bailey are playing at Rainbow Bridge.
From: Dominick Puma
On: 3/14/18
Hi Regina, Thank you for you inspirational words about my Sasha. I visited your Bailey's memorial and she was a beautiful and loving. It is so hard and it has been 3 weeks for me...I am sure Bailey and Sasha have met and are inspiring us to connect her. This loss of our beloved companions is so hard to grasp... Thank You again...
From: Kendra Walters
On: 3/9/18
I pray she found my Pepper Ann and that she's running around with her showing her everything there is to know about the rainbow bridge and meeting other friends. Nothing can replace the love of a dog because theirs is the closed we can get to God's unconditional love. They are here to teach us how to love and then they leave to move to the next one that needs them. Their purpose is to show us God's love before He calls them to the rainbow bridge. So to Bailey as well as to my Pepper i say mission accomplished. Rest easy now girls. You are missed but we will see you again.
From: Jayne
On: 3/8/18
Regina- thank u for the kind words. I read your memorial and I can feel the love in your words. Bailey was a very loved furry baby. I LOVE the picture of him sleeping on your lap, just melts your heart.
From: Clayton Johnston
On: 3/8/18
Rest easy Bailey, run free in the open fields with your new friends.
From: John and Julie
On: 3/8/18
Hi Regina and thank you for kind words in Kenyas’s guestbook. Bailey is very cute and I am sure that Bailey and Kenya are great friends now. Your words mean a lot during a time like this but I know they are both watching over us and waiting until that day when they see us again. In the mean time, they are always with us in our hearts. Thank you again and all the best. John and Julie
From: Lisa Myrick
On: 3/1/18
Bailey, what a beautiful girl you are! I see your mama visits you often so I know she loves you very much. I hope you will take my Jackson under your wing and show him the ropes. He is new to Rainbow Bridge and he is fearful of the unknown. I know you will take good care of him for me though. Regina, I now know from experience what an awful heartbreak it is to lose our fur babies. They aren't "just an animal" to those of us who love and care for them. They are our family, our babies. I can tell you love Bailey very much just as I do my Jackson. May their love continue to comfort us and sustain us until we are with them again one day. Blessings always...
From: Nicole
On: 2/22/18
Hi, thank you for sharing our pain with losing Fluffy. I see that Bailey had been really loved and cared for as well. I’m sure Fluffy and Bailey are great friends now while waiting for us at the bridge. Once again, thank you for your kind words.
From: Dinnie Mclaughlin
On: 2/18/18
Hi Regina, I came to visit Bailey's page and I am hoping that Kitty and Bailey are finding fun! Bailey looked like a very sweet dog and thank you for sharing you thoughts as you have process Bailey's passing...Many hugs to you!
From: Rachel
On: 2/16/18
Dear Regina The pictures of Bailey are so beautiful and I can see your unconditional love pouring out to your fur baby. Bailey was so lucky to have you. You now have beautiful memories of a loving connection that cannot be severed by death or anything else. You will always hold Baileys love in your heart. My theory is a dog fills our inner child needs and when the dog dies a part of inner child dies. I think the key is to always hold your fur babies love in your heart. I hug myself daily and say I love you to myself and to Luke, knowing his love is within me. I will always be with him in Spirit wherever he is on the Rainbow bridge. Peace and love Rachel Ps you left me a beautiful message a few weeks ago and I just got a chance to visit your memorial.
From: Angie Bodziak-Hines-bo-bos' Grammy
On: 2/10/18
Dear Regina, Bailey is beautiful, and looks like such a sweet baby. I hope she met Hines and they've become friends and are playing together. I am so sorry for your loss, it is clear how much Bailey was loved by you. I read all of your notes to Bailey and hope one day you will find comfort, although I'm too struggling to find comfort and not sure how to feel whole again. Rest in Peace sweet Bailey and handsome Hines.
From: Dr. Schuwan Dorsey
On: 2/9/18
Bailey was truly loved. I looked at the beautiful pictures you all had together. I read the wonderful things you said about Bailey. She was truly loved for sure!!! She did not know she was a dog. You had her for 16 glorious years that you loved. I can see that you miss her tremendously. The love of a dog is unconditional. She loved you when others did not understand what you were going through. Bailey and Heaven are playing in Heaven; waiting till they see us again!!!1
From: Sal
On: 2/9/18
Regina I am so sorry for your loss, Bailey was a big part of your family, you get so attached to your pets. It is so difficult to lose them. I'm sure our Pretty Shy will become friends with Bailey and they can roam and play in the meadows of Rainbow Bridge until they day that we are reunited with our beloved family members. Take care Sal (Pretty Shy's Dad)
From: Catherine
On: 2/8/18
Dear Regina, Firstly I am so sorry for the late reply. You see, a couple of weeks after setting up Toffee's Rainbow Bridge page, I stopped looking at it - I just found it too painful. But now a year has passed, I decided to look again, and I find looking at his page a great comfort, not painful like it was. Thank you for your lovely message. It means a lot to me and my family. I have looked at your lovely Bailey's memorial page, and she is one of the most adorable little doggies I have ever seen. I laughed when I read about her waiting for warm towels from the dryer. She must have had the most wonderful life with you, and I am sure she is very happy on the rainbow bridge with Toffee right now. Lots of hugs, Catherine and family
From: Nancy Cronig
On: 2/3/18
You obviously cherished every moment with your beloved Bailey. Know that our children leave us only in body. May Her sweet spirit stay close and comfort you.
From: Jeanie & Ralph Fredlund
On: 1/27/18
Dear Regina and Bailey, Our hearts break for you as we read through your loving writings to your baby, Bailey. Please know, Regina, that Bailey is still right there with you, watching over you. He is now your precious guardian angel and he always will be, just as Dazie is and will always be ours. He knows that you will not ever forget him and he will feel your love as he continues to return his, to you. Please know that our love and our prayers are with you. May God bless you both, always.

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