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From: Alex
On: 10/15/18
I'm sorry for your loss, It must have been devastating. I love how you still write about Regina.
From: Rob (Molly's Dad)
On: 10/15/18
Bailey; how beautiful and loved you were! Such a sweet girl. I can tell how loved and cherished you were. Please say hello to our Molly-girl as she is still relatively new to Rainbow Bridge. She loved to run;maybe you two could play tag.
From: Carol and Kim
On: 10/15/18
I'm sorry for the loss of your Bailey. A beautiful baby that you will keep close to your heart, always. Say hi to our boy Buddy for us. <3
From: Mark Champagne
On: 10/9/18
Thank you for the lovely message you left on my memorial. I could see that many people loved Bailey and he looked like a lovely dog. I know your like me and can't wait until the day you reunite with your baby and and have him snuggling in warm towels again......
From: Aoife O’Malley
On: 10/1/18
Hi Regina, thank you so kindly for your beautiful message. I am just 24 hours without my darling Hank and the pain is so deep. We have made a little grave and memorial for him in our garden. I am praying that time will heal these wounds somewhat. I visited Bailey’s page. She is a true beauty! I am sure our two sweet angels will meet and play together. It’s such a comfort to know there are people out there who understand this horrendous pain. Your message was very much appreciated, I wish you and your family complete happiness. Thank you again, Aoife Hanks mom x
From: Dawn and Juicy
On: 9/24/18
Many ask if Dogs go to Heaven. Adam named all the Animal in Genesis. So the question remains. “ Will I see my Dog in Heaven. As most of us know “God spelled backwards is Dog” Isaiah 11:6, "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them." (This sounds as if we will have pets in heaven, does it not?) This is my best incentive to do good in this world and follow Gods commandments. I never felt this way until my Baby left me suddenly in 2017 after only 9 years. As for Bailey. Your mom has been writing you at first every week since you past. Then every month since 2013. Consistently. That is a sign of true love. ❤️ I just made my memorial a few weeks ago. I hope you find Juicy. Both of your mamas love you Dearly. Your mama is a great lady and my new friend. 13 yrs or 9 is never enough with our babies. Bless your moms heart of Gold & Peace be hers.
From: Cindy
On: 9/24/18
I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Bailey. I love all the pictures and read all the memories your have posted. I am still struggling to even look at the pictures of my April- the pain is tremendous and my other babies are grieving her loss too. I send special hugs to Bailey and her family. As with grief, you never get over it the pain may not be as sharp but it is still there reminding you of what used to be.
From: Billie
On: 9/8/18
Dear Regina, I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Bailey. It's funny, and heart-warming, and heart-breaking all at the same time about our routines. We just keep on with them. It seems every furbaby I've had have each had their own ritual. I'm sure Bailey still feels close to you.
From: Holly
On: 8/27/18
I'm so sorry for the loss of your fur baby. She seemed like such a joy to have in your life. Perhaps Bailey and my little Mickey will meet each other and play together. I prey that the gods watch over you.
From: Anthony and Lisa
On: 8/17/18
Thank you for visiting our Lincoln. Your tribute to Bailey is beautiful. You said you hope Lincoln and Bailey are now friends and I have no doubt they are. Our pets may be gone but their memories will last forever.
From: patricia mitchell
On: 8/7/18
Hi Regina, accept my sincere sympathy for little Bailey. cody, Tai and Bailey are all together playing in youth and perfect health. Please accept this toy from Cody, Tai and me.
From: Lynn & TJ Hormuth Fritz (Zoey girl)
On: 8/6/18
Dear sweet Bailey girl, I hope that you have met Zoey girl. She passed away 1 week and 3 days ago. I know that you have been watching over your mommy. She is so special. She misses you dearly. Shine over her. I know that Zoey is watching over me. I already felt a kiss on my leg and I saw her today as I was cleaning. I was scared at first, but then I cried in joy, and sadness. But I know that she is watching over me. I feel her. When the time comes Bailey, we all will meet one day. God Bless and may peace be with you lovely Bailey.
On: 7/25/18
Nice doggie, touching tribute to your dog. I can relate to how difficult it is too lose a pet so close to you. I hope Bailey find my dog, Brindle, at the Rainbow Bridge, and they get to play there.
From: Carole
On: 7/19/18
Thank you for your kind words at Jasmine's memorial. I hope Jasmine, our other girl Zoe, and Bailey are all playing together and having a great time. I know we miss them so much and it still hurts a lot to be with out them.
From: Cheryl
On: 7/19/18
Dear Regina, Thank you so much again for your kind message @ our Mickey Mucca-I just read your messages for your Bailey & looked @ her pics. She is a beautiful d.o.g. So sorry for your loss too-it's such of an anguish & heartbreak to lose one so loved--I am so happy to hear that Bailey is with Mickey. GOD BLESS YOUR KIND & BEAUTIFUL SOUL.
From: Margaret
On: 7/18/18
Beautiful Bailey, you had such a special bond with your mommy--one that can never be broken. You are so sweet and loving that you still visit her to reassure her that you love her and are waiting for her until you are reunited again! Please keep visiting your mommy so she can be reassured that you know she did everything she could for you and that everything she ever did for you--including having to make the most difficult choices--was out of pure love. And if you see my Kiki over there where your spirit currently resides, please be her friend. You are both so smart and sweet that I think you will get along well. XOXOXO
From: Marlen (Max & Bailey's mommy)
On: 7/18/18
Regina, I am so very sorry for your loss. Five years after your loss and I still feel the love you had and continue to have for your Bailey. We miss our babies so much but know one day we will all be together again.
From: Zoe's mom (Carole)
On: 7/11/18
Thank you for your kind words as we grieve the loss of Zoe. I am sorry for your loss of Bailey. We love them and miss them, and will always remember them with love.
From: Dave, Garfield's dad
On: 7/11/18
Oh Regina, you are so kind and thoughtful. I can tell through your words you will forever miss your loving baby Bailey. And yes Garfield will be a close friend for Bailey, that's how he is, so loving. Regina, I hope you have found comfort after losing your friend. It's been just over a month since Garfy left me so suddenly, and I grieve so heavily and painfully. It's so nice I found Rainbow Ridge, it's like a gift where I found others like you who have given me hope for some comfort. I know this isn't all about me, more so for our loved ones Bailey and Garfy. Your words to me and Garfy are so beautiful. Grown men aren't suppose to cry, but I do very time I read condolences like from you, or when I see Garfy's picture, and when I tried writing Garfy's memories, I need to complete that, so overcome with grief when I started his memorial I couldn't go on. There are more pictures too. Again Regina my sincere condolences for your Bailey. I'm out of words for now. Thank you Regina
From: Alycia
On: 7/6/18
Hi Regina! Thank you SO much for your note about my Berny. Your Bailey is SO cute and I loved reading what you wrote about him. Berny did NOT know a stranger, and couldn't take a hint if another dog didn't want to play. He actually got bit at doggie day care because of that and had to have staples. So he, I am very sure, is playing with Bailey. God bless you, keep you, and give you peace.

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