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From: Cory Zacharia
On: 1/17/18
Thank you, dear Regina for your sweet words of comfort. Wishing health and happiness in the New Year! Fondly, Cory
From: Louise Hanlon
On: 1/6/18
I am so sorry for your loss. Bailey sounds alot like Missy. She also loved to go for rides etc.She will forver be in your hearts as Missy is in ours.
From: Valerie
On: 1/2/18
Oh Bailey—your mom really loves you. You are soooooo lucky to have her. You make sure to give my Shadow a big sloppy kiss for me. I know he will return the favor. He also doesn’t mind if you snuggle up to him. He has it in his big heart to let you take comfort in his long black arms.
From: Melissa
On: 1/2/18
Dearest Regina, I see your beautiful Bailey...she looks so much like my Auggie! I, too, lost a doxie-5 days ago. He was the light in my life and my perfect love. I am so fearful to go on-this pain is so overwhelming but could never be more than my love for Auggie. I truly think Auggie connected me with Rainbows Bridge so that I could find others who understand. Our world isn't so accepting and there seems to be "appropriate reasons to grieve" versus inappropriate. I am so respectful of anyone's pain and appreciate the beautiful relationships we encounter in this world. Thank you for reaching out to me and I LOVE your site for Bailey. It's wonderful...
From: Rena
On: 12/29/17
Regina, thank you so very much for signing Henry's guestbook. It means a lot as I'm sure you know to get the notice that somebody read about the loss of someone you loved deeply and was moved enough to drop a note of condolence. I'm so sorry for your loss of Bailey. It really never gets easier. The poem by Irving Townsend, the once again Prince, with which I ended Henry's entry was very meaningful to me. It takes special people to love someone so completely when you know that they will always leave you before you are ready. Although any day would be a terrible day to lose a beloved family member, it is particularly difficult around the holidays. My thoughts are with you and your family. She lived a life of unconditional love. You have to embrace and understand the strength and goodness of that fact.
From: Dave
On: 12/17/17
Regina - Thank you for your message and condolences for us as we've lost our Daisy. Same to you for your Bailey. I'm sure the two of them are friends up there already. There are signs all over that Daisy is still with us. At Mass today there was a verse that mentioned my name, David, and to close the path to misery. I feel like that was a sign from her to help me. I've cried many tears the past few days, but it brings me joy seeing these signs of her still with us. I'm sure you see the same from Bailey. They're always with us...I know this for a fact already even 2 days after this loss. Always find peace in knowing that. Best wishes with everything. Dave
From: David Pickett
On: 12/17/17
Bailey filled life full of love. The love you have for Bailey touches my heart.
From: Sharon
On: 12/13/17
Hello Sweeti: Your Mommie signed my Tiggur's guest book out of compassion for us. Then I went on your site and saw that sweet adorable face and cried I just want to gather you up and kiss and hug you. The story of your life is so emotional I still am crying. You are so precious. God surely blessed you Mom and Dad with a bundle of love and happiness. So many warm loving tender memories. I'm so sorry you had to leave them and I know it was just as hard for you as them. God is taking care of them and some day you'll all be together. I feel just like your Mommie does, I can't empty Tiggurs water bowls. I keep replacing them somehow it comforts me. I know you are happy because your in that special place when only beauty and warm sunshine thrives. The angles are with you little one. XXXXOOOO Love YOU Bailey! I sent you a blanket but the angles will warm it for you.
From: Susan
On: 12/12/17
Regina, what a precious girl Bailey was. I can tell she is still with you every day. Your words make me see her, standing waiting for the warm towel! Her personality filled your life. It leaves such an emptiness when they go, doesn't it. I think that's a testament to how much they loved us and we them. But our fur babies are no longer frail and sick or in pain, they can run and play again, and I think they want us to be happy again and remember the good times as they wait for us. Thank you for signing my Hobbs' guest book. As you see, I lost my boy just two weeks ago today, it seems like so much longer. I say good morning and good night to him every day. I miss him so. But although they aren't with us physically, they will always be near us in spirit and in our hearts. I like to think of your Bailey trotting up to greet my Hobbs, both tails wagging. And we know we will see them one day again at the Bridge. Blessings to you and Bailey, Susan
From: Mary Kay. Whiskers Mom
On: 12/11/17
I finally was able to visit Baileys page. What a wonderful tribute to a sweet beloved member of your family. It has only been 3 weeks since our Whisker’s crossed over the rainbow bridge but it feels like forever. I miss her everyday mire and more. God Bless you for your wonderful words on Whiskers page. So very appreciative for that. God Bless. Mary Kay
From: Penny Crosby
On: 11/25/17
Dear Regina, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved companion. Always remember that Bailey loves and misses you and your family and she is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge! I will keep you, Bailey, and your family in my prayers.
From: Alan
On: 11/25/17
Thank you for your kind words we love peanut so much and she was taken from us at a young age. I am sorry for the loss of your sweet Bailey I hope he meets up with peanut at rainbow bridge and they can play together. I know what it is like to lose a loving trusting pet I have lost 4 cats since 2010. One day we will meet up with our pets and our family will be complete again for all eternity. God bless you and your lovely dog Bailey. Love Alan, Sharon, Daniel.
From: Karen and Alex
On: 11/23/17
Bailey sweet pup! Your mama Regina came to visit our Gatsbys memorial today. I hope that Gatbys and you run and play together and meet up with his grandmom Athena (who is a Red long haired dauschand at the bridge also) I know you all will be playing and running free of pain and forever young! Take care looking over your mommy this Thanksgiving and always. ❤️ Much love and blessings to you sweet Bailey 💕
From: Neil Sartori
On: 11/19/17
Am sure our little girl, Candee, has found Bailey as a playmate over the bridge.
From: Lauren (Layla's Mom)
On: 11/17/17
Hi sweet little Bailey! Your mommy stopped by my Layla's memorial recently and today I've come visit you. What a precious little dog you are! I hope you found my Layla and you're playing together by the Rainbow Bridge now. You would be the perfect canine companion for her. My heart breaks for your mom who loves you so much and has been writing to you regularly for the past 4 years. You will always be in her heart. No love is more unconditional and pure than the love between a fur baby and a human parent. Your mommy says you loved being warm -- since winter is coming, I'm leaving this little blanket here for you. It's not a warm towel straight out of the dryer, but I think you'll love to snuggle in it.
From: janice
On: 11/10/17
so sorry you still miss your gorgeous dog and yes I hope my Champ and she are friends over the rainbow bridge
From: Lisa
On: 11/10/17
I am so sorry about your Sweet Bailey. She looks just like my Baby Girl I lost in 2013. She to liked to get under the Christmas tree. I can picture them laying under the Big Christmas Tree waiting for their presents. Love Baby Girls Mom
From: Colleen
On: 11/9/17
Bailey here is a Christmas present to you from Apollo.
From: Colleen
On: 11/9/17
Dear Regina and Bailey. Oh Bailey you are adorable! I am so glad that you will play with Apollo over the rainbow bridge. Apollo also loved Christmas so you can both decorate the Christmas tree together! I know that friends made ornaments with Apollo's photo for a surprise birthday present, and I'm afraid to even open the box as this is the first Christmas where he's on the other side of the bridge, but now he can celebrate Christmas with Bailey until we meet up with them again. Plus I know they will both be there with us during the holidays. Bailey you brought Regina such joy and kindness that she will remember it forever. I showed Apollo's brother Starbuck Bailey's photo, so that he knows his brother has a playmate now. This is so tough for Starbuck as he meows constantly, so Bailey brought him some relief. We love the stroller and the photo in the snow! - Colleen, Starbuck and Apollo
On: 11/9/17
Hi Bailey and Bailey's Family. Your little girl loves Christmas just like my little boy. The loss of our babies is so painful and well never stop missing them. Bailey please go find my Kasey and show him all the things you like to do, and all the cool places to go. Kasey loves grilled steak so maybe you and Kasey can get Jesus to grill you both some steaks. Rainbow Bridge has brought us together and I heard from your family and they're such wonderful people to reach out to comfort me for the loss of Kasey. Kasey and you keep an eye out for when we can come and join you in paradise. I look forward to meeting you and your family in Heaven. I know your having lots of fun up there and there's so much to do and lots of good foods. It's getting close to Christmas here and your family and I will become even closer as my Birthday before Christmas and Christmas are going to be hard on me as much as your family. Take care and it's a pleasure to meet you.

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