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From: Penny
On: 3/2/24
Hi Bailey I just wanted to say how beautiful you are , and that you are truly missed. Please say Hi to Easy for me and know that we love you guys to the moon and back
From: Christina Squillante
On: 3/1/24
Your sweet Bailey was a very special little girl. She knew that you loved her to the moon and back. She is now in Jesus' arms and at peace. I bet she has many pet friends in heaven including my Tommy. Just remember that it's not goodbye but see you later in heaven.Big hugs sent to comfort you. When you want to he sad, just remember all of the times you shared with beautiful Bailey.
From: Heidi
On: 3/1/24
Hello, Thank you for your kind message for Roxy (and Abby Oct 2023). Bailey was an angel like all Doxies, truly lifelong memory of the unconditional love they give us. I lost 5 furbabies and it never gets easier but harder. I kiss Bailey in my thoughts.
From: Elizabeth Balet
On: 2/25/24
Hello, you signed my guestbook in 2016 and I just renewed my Tiki’s memorial and was reading the entires…it warmed my heart you still send messages to Bailey and thank you so much for your kind words during my worst time…I am with you though, I think of my Tiki everyday and had a portrait made of him last year I look at everyday over my kitchen table. He’s in my dreams often and I just woke up from one of them. My other baby Henry is about to be 13 and of course I’m scared of the heartbreak…Might be wrong of me to say but nothing will compare to the loss of Tiki, he was one of a kind ❤️ thank you so much for continuing with your memorial! Fur baby memories are so special and yours made me smile :)
From: JoAnne Felmer (Bill) Dingo' Granmom
On: 2/23/24
Sweet Bailey, I know you are with our Riley and my Grandog Dingy. I hope you are all playing and running and pain free. Til we all meet again beautiful baby!
From: Susan
On: 2/19/24
Dear Regina, Thank you so much for signing Buggles guestbook. I loved reading about your Bailey girl. She is precious. My cousin had a dachshund, Hillery that resembles Bailey and went to Rainbow Bridge last year. I hope Bailey found and welcomed Buggles to Rainbow Bridge and they are playing together. I loved looking at Bailey's photo album. Love and Prayers and remember the good times! Susan
From: Marie & David
On: 2/9/24
Thank you for taking time to read molly’s memorial. Bailey is a sweet little girl some of what you described about her is how molly would be I hope they have found each other at rainbow bridge I am sorry for your loss you loved her so much and she left a paw print on your heart xx
From: Abby
On: 2/5/24
Thank you for visiting my memorial for my sweet boy Oreo. Your page is filled with so many beautiful messages to Bailey I can tell she was extremely loved and cared for. Wishing you well <3
From: David and Suzanne
On: 2/2/24
Bailey is an absolutely little girl. She clearly had a wonderful life as a part of your household. Reading about Bailey taking walks, enjoying car rides and loving to open Christmas presents reminds us so much of our precious Maddi-Lynn. Marleigh was much more comfortable hanging out on the deck, in the backyard and welcoming our postal carrier, various delivery persons, and especially our grandchildren. Your devotion to Bailey is very apparent in the monthly messages that you have posted on her residency. Your are truly a wonderful fur mom! May the Lord bring you comfort each day until the glorious reunion with Bailey is at hand.
From: Lisa (Nakia's mom)
On: 1/22/24
Regina & Bailey - Thank you so much for your kind words and Nakia's blanket to cuddle in. I miss my angel Nakia so much it hurts.... I still talk to her every day. I'm so sorry for your loss, the pain of missing Bailey is evident in memorial for her. They are such a blessing.
From: Louisa
On: 1/17/24
Beautiful Bailey. My deepest condolences for your loss, Regina. What a cherished little girl she was. It's almost 4-months since my baby, Peanut, passed away and every day is still a struggle. I think Peanut and Bailey have found each other and are now playing up a storm while they are waiting for us. Take care xx
From: Ian Granstra
On: 1/14/24
What a beautiful girl you are, Bailey. I love you just from seeing your pictures. I hope you have met my angel beagles, Blossom, Lizzie, and Sadie and my cat, Tiger.
From: Robin
On: 1/5/24
Hello Bailey, you sweet little girl. Your mama told me all about you and that you were much like my little Ashley who just went to the rainbow bridge on New Year’s Eve. I hope you two have found each other so you can play on together forever. You two sound like you were meant to be together like peas in a pod. Please Keep my little girl happy and Ashley will do the same for you until your mama and I can once again see you at the bridge.
From: steve
On: 1/4/24
Hello Regina. Thank you for taking the time to sign Apollo's guest book. Definitely not the way we wanted to start off the new year. We know that God's plans are not our plans but it is still hard to process when they are a part of your life for so long. I wear all of the tags of my pets that have passed on around my neck every day, missing everything I ever did for them. We surely give them the life they deserve and while they are no longer with us on this earth, we will surely reunite with them when God ordains it. Many blessings and peace to you.
From: Dawn
On: 1/4/24
Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry about the loss of your fur a pet. I’m hoping you have been able to love a new pet and show your feelings for your passed prt on to others.
From: jim
On: 12/17/23
Hello Bailey I need a favor. My little boy Harley just arrived and while he does have friends there (Jake, Sam, Luke, and Lucky), he may need some extra help getting used to place. So I would appreciate it if you could search him out and introduce yourself. Thanks so much Harley's old Dad
From: Sandra
On: 12/15/23
Your sweet Bailey is exactly the sort of girl my Iggy would have gravitated towards. I know that even 10 years hasn't fully mended your heart. I know mine will never heal from this. I do hope she and Iggy have found each other in heaven.
From: Max
On: 12/10/23
I am sure my Callie and Bailey will be best friends. She always had a heart for other dogs. My you find comfort know our fur babies and having fun and meeting other furbabies. And thank you for your kind words through this tough times for me Max
From: Corrine
On: 12/4/23
Regina, thank you for signing my guest book. Oliver and Bailey are most certainly enjoying their time up in rainbow bridge. They seem like they would get along perfectly well, so I hope they’ve met :) I know how difficult of a time this is for you, there is nothing worse than losing a special furry friend. Bailey was such a light in your life and will be watching over you. She will likely make an Appearance as well to let you know she’s there. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Bailey as well. All we have left are the happiest of memories we made with our woofies while they were on this earth with us. I miss Oliver more than anything, and I’m sure you miss Bailey just as much. She’s up there making the other woofies just as happy as she made you. You two will meet again, i promise!
From: Gina Cherry
On: 11/26/23
Bailey, Please know that you are definately an Angel in Heaven, There is a beautiful song written by Chris Young this year called "All Dogs Go To Heaven". Nermal's mom Gina

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