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From: Michele&Chris Taylor
On: 2/4/23
Hi Bailey,this is Bella Luna's mom&dad,please help Bella Luna figure out RainBow Bridge,like you she is very sweet,gentle,sometimes shy.Your family misses you SOOOOO much baby,they will be looking for you one daqy too sweetheart,you can run to meet them like Bella Luna will run to meet us.God Bless you Bailey,your always their baby.
From: William & JoAnne Felmer
On: 1/29/23
Hi and thank you so much for the beautiful message. You left me about our baby Riley. Your baby Bailey was beautiful and I’m so sorry for your loss as well. I sure do hope that they are playing together and that they are friends. I would give anything to have my girl back. We miss her so much some days are unbearable, but I do believe we will meet them again, sending hugs and warm condolences ❤️
From: David Palmer
On: 1/24/23
Regina, I'm so sorry for your loss of Bailey. Reading her story it was so evident what a joy she was for you and how much happiness she brought into your life. I rather suspect that she and Tank have crossed paths by now and are becoming fast friends. I thank you too for your kind words for our loss. They do bring a measure of comfort to a very difficult time. Dave
From: Neil
On: 1/22/23
Precious Bailey, you lived a long and happy life on this earth. Now your with God and have entered the spiritual world. Your probably playing with Laika right now. Our animals never really leave...they are just waiting for us in heaven.
From: Heidi
On: 1/15/23
Dear Bailey, your mom, Regina wrote so many nice words to me, when I needed it most. It's only been five days since my beautiful Shadow, left our family and we have a hole that cannot be filled; mine is especially empty because Shadow picked me, as her special person. I hope that you find Shadow and show her around in Rainbow's Bridge. Your mommy talks about your scent and how you and she were 'one'. I feel the same about my Shadow. Her scent was so comforting to me and I keep sniffing her blankets and my sheets, knowing that I should soon wash them. I have to say that your pictures are beautiful and it sounds like your relationship to your mom is so strong. Your eyes are warm and loving and I know that all of your discomfort is in the past and you must now be happy, running and playing with all of your new friends. Thank you, Regina for reaching out to me and thank you Bailey for taking Shadow under your wings.
From: Rafael
On: 1/14/23
Hello Regina, although we never met, I wanted to express my deepest condolences for the loss of your beloved Bailey. I love how you described the love and joy she brought to you and your family. It really resonated with me as my Isis brought me the same unconditional love, comfort and joy that only our fur babies can give. I want to also thank you for acknowledging my Isis and I pray that time will bring peace and comfort to your aching heart. Although they are not here in the physical, I know that they are here with us in the spiritual and that one day we will all be united again.
From: Lorraine
On: 1/7/23
I'm sorry for your loss of Bailey my son told me after I lost Tyson that I would never get over him and I would only learn to live without him it would be easier as each passing day goes by I still write in Tysons journal daily I see that Bailey was a very special fur baby and you loved them with all your heart. I hope that Tyson and Bailey will become the best of friends. Bailey having such a big special heart I'm sure they would get along just fine I know you miss warming their towels up your baby was spoiled but I know you enjoyed spoiling them that was the joy of life. I know I used to like to spoil Tyson.also small little things like that they really take a tow on us Tyson used to like to move all the presents to the side and lay under the tree I guess they feel like they were laying outside under the tree. May God bless you and may each passing day be easier always remember the joy and the memories that Bailey left behind may God bless you and give you comfort
From: Micaela
On: 1/7/23
It is so obvious that you are so loved! Your mom misses you so much! I hope that you met my little Tommy and are playing to your heart's content. Take care little Bailey.
From: Lynne
On: 1/7/23
hi Regina, its Lynne from South Australia. You were kind enough to visit my daughter Topsy's memorial recently and sent me a lovely message. I have just updated her site. I promised I would visit Bailey's Memorial and have noticed that you make lots of entries. I am going to do that too. Thank you for sharing your love for Bailey and your thoughts and prayers - they pretty much match mine. I always wish I could take away the grief of others (and my own) but instead we all have to wait our turn to visit Rainbow Bridge. You are in my thoughts.
From: Cathy
On: 12/23/22
Dear Regina, I loved reading about your precious, beautiful Bailey. I hope Bailey and Zoey have met because Zoey’s best friend that left us way too young was a little Doxie, named Gracie. I hope Gracie is with them and they are all playing together. What a blessing Bailey must have been for you and now a blessing to Heaven. Cathy
From: Rena
On: 12/22/22
Thank you for signing Bella’s guestbook. Loss is never easy, but that brightened my day. I love your pictures of Bailey. What a wonderful life you gave, and I know that the missing persists, but that in their own way, they are each with us still.
From: Annie Galvao
On: 12/21/22
I thought I would write to tell you Bailey that my Sugarbear is there at rainbow bridge with you and he could really use a friend. You see today is the day that he left us and our hearts are still broken. It would sure make me smile knowing he is running around with you. Your Mom Regina was one of the first people to offer me comfort when my Sugarbear left. She misses you very much and you can tell how much you were loved. Merry Christmas sweet Bailey...
From: Jill
On: 12/12/22
Oh, Bailey! Aren't you adorable! And what a wonderful personality! So smart and playful and so full of love for your people. I know your beautiful momma misses you, you were so unique and sweet. I hope you found Paco, Sylvester, Fang Face, Gypsy and Peanut across the Rainbow Bridge! They all love to play chase. Keep sending momma kisses and loves. And I hope to see you someday! I'll have some treats! Love, Jill, Paco's mom.
From: Julie
On: 12/12/22
Dear Regina, I read your kind comments to me again on the one year anniversary of my sweet Zaikas death. Reading the notes you have written to your baby Bailey through the years is so comforting. I wish you comfort in this holiday season. Bailey is so cute, I love seeing all the pictures. Sincerely, Julie
From: Susanne
On: 12/11/22
I’m sorry for your loss. Keep cherishing the happy memories and know that though Bailey crossed over before you she awaits the time she’ll be reunited with you as do all those that cross before us, and know she’s not alone. I’m sure she’s made lots of friends at the rainbow bridge and been telling them all about you as she plays has fun and awaits the day she’ll be reunited with you and your whole family.
From: Kathy /Oreo,Ralph,Eva,Hermione
On: 12/10/22
Regina..a beautiful tribute to a great friend. Bailey is a beautiful boy. It is always hard to lose a furry young or old and I have lost both. But no matter what or for whatever reason they are always taken from us too soon leaving their forever pawprints within us. Be sure to know he is happy, healthy and playing with Oreo, Ralph and Eva while waiting for us to join them at the Bridge. I can send you my babies sites if you wish to visit..take care.. Kathy 🐶 😼🌈
From: Susanne
On: 12/2/22
Bailey was beautiful and from your descriptions she sounds like she was a very very lovely girl. A perfect Angel. I am so sorry for your loss and struggles with the loss. I wish I could say it gets better but I can’t because if there’s ever a point where it ever gets better I haven’t reached it. All I can say is cherish the happy memories even if they hurt . I’m sure Bailey has made lots of friends at the rainbow bridge and is playing with them all including my Lady. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers I’m sorry for your loss of such a wonderfully loving friend, family member and darling fur baby.
From: alan
On: 11/20/22
Sweet Bailey, looks so much my little Chuck. I am so glad that she has found a friend just like her. I light a candle for you and her.
From: Tami -Sugarplums Mama
On: 11/13/22
I bet Sugarplum & Bailey are running and playing in the soft white clouds and I pray that she finds her Brother Marshmallow and Sister Latte and Dog Sister Dixie.
From: John PJs dad
On: 11/13/22
Im so sorry about baileys passing and just remember that one day you will both be together again until that day comes her spirit will always be with you!! Im sure PJ and bailey found each otheer and are romping around and missing us just as much as we miss them!!!

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