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From: Carole
On: 7/19/18
Thank you for your kind words at Jasmine's memorial. I hope Jasmine, our other girl Zoe, and Bailey are all playing together and having a great time. I know we miss them so much and it still hurts a lot to be with out them.
From: Cheryl
On: 7/19/18
Dear Regina, Thank you so much again for your kind message @ our Mickey Mucca-I just read your messages for your Bailey & looked @ her pics. She is a beautiful d.o.g. So sorry for your loss too-it's such of an anguish & heartbreak to lose one so loved--I am so happy to hear that Bailey is with Mickey. GOD BLESS YOUR KIND & BEAUTIFUL SOUL.
From: Margaret
On: 7/18/18
Beautiful Bailey, you had such a special bond with your mommy--one that can never be broken. You are so sweet and loving that you still visit her to reassure her that you love her and are waiting for her until you are reunited again! Please keep visiting your mommy so she can be reassured that you know she did everything she could for you and that everything she ever did for you--including having to make the most difficult choices--was out of pure love. And if you see my Kiki over there where your spirit currently resides, please be her friend. You are both so smart and sweet that I think you will get along well. XOXOXO
From: Marlen (Max & Bailey's mommy)
On: 7/18/18
Regina, I am so very sorry for your loss. Five years after your loss and I still feel the love you had and continue to have for your Bailey. We miss our babies so much but know one day we will all be together again.
From: Zoe's mom (Carole)
On: 7/11/18
Thank you for your kind words as we grieve the loss of Zoe. I am sorry for your loss of Bailey. We love them and miss them, and will always remember them with love.
From: Dave, Garfield's dad
On: 7/11/18
Oh Regina, you are so kind and thoughtful. I can tell through your words you will forever miss your loving baby Bailey. And yes Garfield will be a close friend for Bailey, that's how he is, so loving. Regina, I hope you have found comfort after losing your friend. It's been just over a month since Garfy left me so suddenly, and I grieve so heavily and painfully. It's so nice I found Rainbow Ridge, it's like a gift where I found others like you who have given me hope for some comfort. I know this isn't all about me, more so for our loved ones Bailey and Garfy. Your words to me and Garfy are so beautiful. Grown men aren't suppose to cry, but I do very time I read condolences like from you, or when I see Garfy's picture, and when I tried writing Garfy's memories, I need to complete that, so overcome with grief when I started his memorial I couldn't go on. There are more pictures too. Again Regina my sincere condolences for your Bailey. I'm out of words for now. Thank you Regina
From: Alycia
On: 7/6/18
Hi Regina! Thank you SO much for your note about my Berny. Your Bailey is SO cute and I loved reading what you wrote about him. Berny did NOT know a stranger, and couldn't take a hint if another dog didn't want to play. He actually got bit at doggie day care because of that and had to have staples. So he, I am very sure, is playing with Bailey. God bless you, keep you, and give you peace.
From: Angela Walczyszyn
On: 7/5/18
Hi baby Bailey, I know your mommy miss you so much as I unbelievably miss my little baby Stefan. I know you are happy, just looking over your loved ones that keep giving you unconditional love. I hope you will find my baby Stefan who just joined heaven and become best friends, he is very sweet and friendly and I know he is going to be amazing friend to you as he was to me.
From: William Boltz
On: 7/5/18
Peace be with you, Regina as God watches over Bailey every moment. Clapton is with Bailey anx those two souls are happy forever until we pass on and take them back into our arms once ahain and forever. Peace and Love.
From: Becky
On: 6/27/18
Regina, what a beautiful tribute to Bailey. I know my Joey has found Bailey and they are running free and playing without a care in the world.
From: Arianna
On: 6/21/18
Oh how utterly adorable she is!!! What a gift from the angel's she was. I know Bentley will be so happy to meet and greet her!!! What an absolute little doll she was. I know you miss her more than words can express.
From: Wendy Wood
On: 6/21/18
Hi Regina I’m sooo happy I found your guestbook. You signed Hercules guestbook and I wanted to sign Bailey’s. What a beautiful doggie. You had a stroller like Hercules too. I’m sure by now you have welcomed our Little Man over the rainbow bridge. Thank you. Blessings to you both. Wendy Hercules mama
From: Chuck
On: 6/21/18
May the love and comfort you and Bailey shared envelope you and keep your heart warm with fond remembrances. I sincerely hope that the sharp pain has eased though I know your hear still aches. Bailey is running around and playing with my Chief and they are having a great time while watching over us. We will be reunited someday. Until then, know that others care for you and support you. Many blessings to you in your time of sorrow. Chuck
From: Jennifer Sykora
On: 6/15/18
Hi Regina, thank you for visiting my kitty Jordan's page and wishing me well. I just visited Bailey's page and he looked like such a sweet baby. I am sure that him and Jordan are friends running around in the grass. Jordan used to have a doggy before I had her, and I know she would like Bailey. I had the same experience where I was not ready for her to leave me, but I know she was ready to go, just like Bailey. It is so hard and I am sure you still miss Bailey every day. Let's take comfort in knowing they loved us too and are not suffering anymore. xoxox
From: Trish Dukes
On: 6/6/18
As I read all your entries, I kept coming back to this line: “Bailey did not know where she stopped and I began, to her, we were one.” I understand this very much. My Magic was my pet soulmate, and when he died, a part of me did too. I wonder if Bailey& Magic are up there right now, discussing how similar their very close bonds with their mommies are. I bet Bailey might even help teach Magic how to let us know that their love and special bond for their mommies continues across the Rainbow Bridge, just as it does for us on this side... I’m leaving Bailey a warm blanket, straight out the dryer...just watch out for Magic, as he loved to lay on my freshly done laundry—leaving tons of black fur behind—so Bailey, I hope you’ll share& not mind black fur getting on it. Regina: I’m wishing you love, strength& times of happiness &peace. You’re not alone. And neither are Bailey& Magic.
From: Joycelyn Jaggers
On: 6/6/18
Bailey, what a precious girl you are. I can tell by your mom's message you were truly loved and loved back. Precious and lucky was you life. I hope you have met my sweet angel, Bubbles. She is a lot like you...she loves to be warm and to snuggle in. Bubbles just recently got to the Bridge and may not know her way around too well so I hope you will show her the ropes. Your mom misses you a lot, I thought you should know. Please tell my Bubbles I miss her too. I'm leaving you a blanket to snuggle in...I hope you like it.
From: Suzanne Sullivan
On: 5/30/18
Hi Beautiful Bailey, It was such a joy to read about the love you and your family had. Such a true blessing from God that you found each other. I pray too that you send messages to your Mom that you are there with her. I'm sure you've comforted my Fergie and showed her around in the meadows and glory of the rainbow bridge. May your Mom have comfort knowing that you are helping other furr-babies that arrive and making friends and feeling cared for and treasured. Job 12:7-10 says "Ask the Animals and they will teach you". Such true unconditional love that can only be a gift from God. Dear Bailey's Mom, Thank you for sharing Bailey with me and with my Fergie and Nikki. We will see them again! My hugs, prayers and love to you! Suzanne, Fergie & Nikki's Mom
From: Michelle
On: 5/28/18
Thank you for visiting Skeeter's memorial and your kind words and blessing. I am so sorry that you lost your sweet baby, Bailey, as well. As I read your memorial, I cried and cried, it was so beautiful. Your deep love for her and experiences with her are similar to my experiences and how I feel about Skeeter. You received so much love and joy from Bailey that it is hard not to seek out her beautiful light every where you go and in everything you see and hear. Nothing can replace the special bond you had with her. It is so sad that our beloved furry family members don't live longer lives. I have prayed that Skeeter and Bailey are playing in the sun blissfully together at God's side. I have left a "warm" blanket for Bailey.
From: Joan Oliver
On: 5/26/18
Bailey, such a precious girl you were. Mommy is right you did visit, Rosie visited the other day, we all heard the dog door flap swing. Have fun with Rosie now. She has a wonderful aroooooo! love Rosie's mom
From: Terry
On: 5/26/18
Hi Regina, Thank you so much for your comments of support for our loss of Sunny. Losing such a treasured family member always seems to clarify and remind me what is important in life. Unconditional love is priceless. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Bailey's life with you. I especially enjoyed your sharing the story of the warm towels in the dryer, and how he would sit on your lap while driving and also share your pillow. Then the story of the Christmas presents and how he would dig his out. Bailey definitely sounded like one of the special ones. Thank you also for sharing so many pictures of Bailey in his memorial photo album. They are wonderful. Take care-Terry and Jen

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