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From: Michelle Terninko
On: 1/16/19
Hi Karla, Tonya, and sweet Bailey. I haven't been on here in a very long time but wanted to pay my respects to sweet Bailey as this is how we met. RIP Bailey hope you are having fun with all your furry brothers and sisters in heaven. Please say hello to my Bailey, Blizzy, Ollie, and Brady. Ollie just passed away this year in a fire and Brady I was going to adopt this past October but the rescue had to put him to sleep. Karla and Tonya are always so kind to me and I know you are watching over them sweet Bailey. xoxoxoxo Michelle
From: katherine
On: 4/11/18
Bailey is so lucky to have you.....
From: Karla and Elliot
On: 2/10/17
Dearest Bailey we miss you so much! Not a day goes bye that we don't think about you! You were my child in a fur costume. Rest in Peace my love!
From: Karla and Elliot
On: 2/10/16
Dearest Bailey, it's been 4 years since you left us and not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You were our baby! We miss you more than words can express. I miss your happy face! All our travels are such a great memory. I hope you are having fun with Blacki, Baci, Bianca, Valentine and Roscoe. Someday sweet boy I will be there to get you back in my arms. Play hard! We love you!
From: Karla and Elliot
On: 2/12/15
Dear Sweet Bailey, we miss you so much everyday! Buddy and Bentley hear all the stories of where you have been and what you have done. You had an amazing life, just too short! Please take care of Bianca and Valentine. Tell them Roscoe is like a new little boy with his pacemaker. He has had it 1 year and doing great! We miss you so much. Love you sweet boy! Mommy and daddy xoxo
From: Kathy (Oreo/Ralph/Eva)
On: 11/12/14
Karla/Elliot/Tonya...Bailey is a beautiful boy with a great smile. He is up on the Bridge with my babies telling of all of his travels while waiting for us all to join them...take care...
From: Karla
On: 2/10/14
Bailey, We all miss you so much! It's been 2 years seems like forever. The tears keep flowing like you left us yeaterday. February is a very sad month for me. Please send our love to Baci, Blacki, Frenchy, Boscoe and Beauitful Bianca. We miss you all. Always know that you all are in our hearts. Love, Mommy Karla, Tonya and Daddy Elliot. Xoxoxo
From: Tonya a nd Karla
On: 1/17/14
Hi Bailey, Can you help our Dear Friend Susans little boy Max find his way to the Bridge and make friends with him.....that would mean so much to us! We miss you, our little man!!! Not a day goes bye that your not on our minds!! We hope you and Bianca are having fun till we can meet up with you. Please give him this treat. Love you so much, Your Mom's
From: Tonya and Karla
On: 9/23/13
Dearest Bailey, Our friend and neighbors cat, Decker went to Rainbow Bridge last night...Would you and Bianca please look for him. Keep him company and help him find new friends... tell him that him Mom misses him so... his mom misses him like we miss you...not a day goes bye that we don't think of you and your Beautiful sister. We love you, we miss you and hope your doing ok. Please give him this ball. Love you so much, your mommies.
From: Tonya and Karla
On: 2/10/13
Dearest Bailey, Today its been 1 year since you left us....and we are still so sad!! We miss you so much! I hope you and Bianca met Baci and Blacki and are playing at Rainbow Bridge. We got a call from your foster mom Jaynie on Friday, a schnauzer mix was dropped off with a broken leg and she needed someone to help her with him. We picked him up and he goes in for surgery tomorrow. He kinda acts like you in a way... follows us everywhere we go. Please say some prayers all goes well tomorrow for him. We named him Bentley. Love and miss you, sending hugs and kisses. Tonya and Karla
From: Mommy Karla
On: 2/9/13
Bailey, one year ago you passed over the Rainbow Bridge and it has been the hardest year of my life. I miss you so much! You will always be my BEST little boy! Jaynie your rescue mom called yesterday and she just got a little 15 pound silver schnauzer someone dumped. He was hit by a car and has a broken leg. I think he was brought to us from you to help this little boy. He is very sweet you'd like him. We are getting his leg fixed and neutered on Mon. I think this is a special gift from you. You know how we cared for you and you are watching over the other special doggies. He is sweet and we named him Bentley. Please watch over him during his surgery as we watched over you. We miss you ith all our heart. Rest in peace my little boy. Love, Mommy and Daddy xoxoxoxoxo
On: 2/9/13
From: Tonya and Karla
On: 1/29/13
Dearest Bales, We are writing you today to tell you how much we miss you!! It's almost been a year since you left us and every day we think of you! We think of you first thing in the morning, all day long and in our prayers at night. Valentine keeps us busy.... shes on medications like you were because she was also diagnosed with congestive heart failure earlier this month. She now takes some of the medicines that you were on. Thankfully she takes her medicines in pill form!! We hope she stays with us for a long time. Little Buddy reminds us of you everytime we look at him... he's left you a couple treats on the landing under your portrait!! Bad Bud! But he's been good too.. every time he wants to go outside he plants his feet on the window..just like you used to do!! Tell Bianca we miss her too!! Please say a prayer for Valentine that she feels better. Love and Miss You!! Enjoy you Steak!! T and K
From: Tonya, Mom and Dad
On: 12/25/12
Merry Christmas Bailey, This is our 1st Christmas without you and your sister Bianca we are all very sad.... this has been a hard year without you both. We miss you so much! I hope you found your sister and are playing together at Rainbow Bridge. It snowed here today and we thought about how you played in the snow last year... running and chasing each other in Mom and Dads backyard... if we could only turn back time..... We miss you King B, you were such an angel...and now your a even bigger one!! Love you so much little guy... I hope your doing well! Kisses to you!! Tonya Mom and Dad
From: Tonya
On: 12/15/12
Dearest Bailey, We miss you so.... we took the kids to have photos with Santa this past week and wanted you to know. You were always the Best Picture Taker!!! Not having you and Bianca in our pictures this year.... breaks our heart! I hope you and Bianca are enjoying your time at Rainbow Bridge... it's been so hard for us without you around. I Love you... our Little Man! I hope the guy in the big red suit gives you tons of kisses sent from me!!!! XOXO Tonya
From: Tonya. Mom and Dad
On: 11/22/12
Dearest Baley Whaley, We miss you so much! Did you find Bianca yet? She left us unexpectedly last Friday and we miss her so much. Please take good care of her! Tell her we are taking good care of her Teddy bear. We just had Thanksgiving Dinner and it's so hard on us with you both gone. Love and Miss you......Tonya. Mom and Dad
From: Michelle
On: 11/17/12
Hi Bailey ! I hope you are well. Your family misses you very much. I hope you have had time to meet my Bailey- he's a fluffy snowball- I am sure you are now friends. Please tell him I love him. I need to ask another favor- please watch for Bianca and give your family some signs that you are all ok. They will need it as they are pretty heartbroken. I hope you are having fun at the rainbow bridge. Though we never met here on earth, I am sure we will someday :) xo- Michelle
From: Tonya and Family
On: 11/17/12
Bailey, Your Sweet & Beautiful Sister Bianca left us early yesterday morning..... we hope you welcomed her with open arms to Raindow Bridge was so un-expected! We miss her so we miss you, Blacki, Baci, Boscoe and Frenchy. Please send us a some sign that she is with you now, we are all hurting so bad. Tell her she was the most Beautiful Girl in the World!!! Please also tell her we will keep good care of her Baby Bear!! Love and Miss You Forever!! Tonya, Karla, Mom, Dad, Elliot, Valentine, Roscoe and Buddy
From: Michelle Terninko
On: 9/22/12
Hi Tonya & Karla...I am missing my Bailey so much. Having a hard day today so I visited his residence & decided to visit your Bailey as well. As you guys know, I have been fostering dogs in memory of Bailey this year. But, I miss my Bailey boy more then words can express. I know he is with me and your Bailey is with you. Your pics of your Bailey made me smile...I hope they are playing together :) xo
From: Tonya
On: 7/10/12
Dearest Bailey, I can't believe it's been 6 months since you left us.....we miss you so much! Not a day goes by that we don't think about you and look at your Beautiful Pictures! You were such a great part of our life and we want you to know you are truly missed by all of us!!! I hope you found Frenchy, Baci, Blacki and Boscoe and are playing together at Rainbow Bridge. Please let them know they are missed as well. We adopted a new little guy, we named him Buddy, he's a good boy but very mischievous. We tell him every day... he's got big shoes to fill!! While in our hearts we know he can never fill your shoes (paws) he does help us get along with the loss of missing you. God Bless You... Our Little Man..... Until we meet up again, We Love You So Much!! Tonya, Karla, Elliot, Mom, Dad, Bianca, Valentine, Roscoe and Buddy XOXOXOXOXOX

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