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From: Kath
On: 4/23/18
Hello Wendy, I found Baby Bee's page! What an adorable Bee she was! No wonder you miss her so much. Thank you for sharing so much of your journey so far. It's encouraging. I can see how much you miss her! I loved looking at all the pictures of her and of the two of you together. I wish I could give you some encouragement, but you are so much farther along than I am. It is 2 weeks today since I last held Chloe in my arms. It seems like forever ago, and it seems like just yesterday. Thank you again for encouraging me!
From: Carmen
On: 4/16/18
Bee - hi little girl!! I've been talking to your mama (a lot over this weekend). I think you found the window and can see your mama. I picture you laying in front of the window watching your mama sleep and waiting for her to dream so you can talk to her. Apparently you are showing off the window and your mama to other dogs there. Your mama has a sense of other dogs and suddenly has hummingbirds around her. Some people think hummingbirds are messengers from your world. I'm not arguing with that. I'm not arguing with anything anymore. I don't know anything about spiritual stuff. And I guess that's ok. I'm trying to be open minded about things. I know you are watching over your mama. I know Biff and Bella and other playmates are hanging around you. Another friend of mine dreams of her dog. Me and your mama don't always remember our dreams, but we are trying. We miss you unbelievably. Love and kisses from Kansas little Queen Bee. You are special.
From: Cary Lang
On: 4/14/18
Hello Baby Bee. Little Stars Daddy is paying you a little visit this evening. We have been thinking about you and your Mommy lately. Thank you so much for visiting my Stars Memorial. It truly means so much. I hope you and friends had fun at Little Stars birthday party last month. She was so happy you all showed up. Bee you know your Mommy is a very special person who needs you to go and see her in her dreams. It would make her feel much better. All of the pictures that are on your memorial of you are so special. Till we all meet at the Bridge. Little Stars Daddy
From: Wendy Lee Taylor
On: 4/7/18
Today is 6 months. Today is all about you my love. Your mommy forever. xoxo
From: Carmen
On: 3/21/18
Hi Little girl Queen Bee! Just dropping in to visit and look at your pics again. I think pics of you would make anyone smile. In addition to being adorable, it is clear that you had lots of personality and were lots of fun to be around. Your mama still misses you a lot and I miss Biff too. We know y'all are having fun playing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings and lovely butterflies and things. Try to find the window or cloud opening or whatever it is....where dogs can look down at the ones that miss them. Because we need to see you in our dreams. We wouldn't be so sad in our hearts if we could just see you once in awhile. If you find the window first, lead Biff to where it is. Anyway, you have fun little Queen Bee, and we'll be along soon. Love & Kisses from Kansas, little sweet one.
From: Cary Lang
On: 3/4/18
Hi Baby Bee. Just thought I'd drop a quick hug your way. Your Mom and I have been corresponding because we both have lost loves of our lives. I hope you and my Little Star have become Great friends and are enjoying your time together. We all miss you both so much. Baby Bee you need to visit your Mom in her dreams. She needs you there badly. She needs that comfort. My Star came to me just for a moment in my dreams and that is a start. Bee you take care of yourself and my Star at the Bridge.
From: Lorraine Jackson
On: 3/2/18
Dear Baby Bee, You are such a pretty girl, and you have such a wonderful mommy! Please tell Axel how much I love him! I'm so glad that Axel has you to play with! Your mom's friend, Lorraine
From: Carmen
On: 3/1/18
Hi little baby Queen! I was at your memorial yesterday trying to down-load your "Bee Bee Queen" pic so that I can take it to Walgreens and print a picture of you to hang next to one of Biff's pics. Good thing your mama posted such nice pics of you! You are so precious and adorable in all your pics. It's no wonder your mama loved you so much - I can see how much you loved your mama in your pics. Your eyes show nothing but love and we miss that. I've been sad in my heart these past few days missing Biff, but forcing myself to remember that he has you to take care of now, and he will enjoy that. It just struck me that Biff's registered name is "Knight in Red/White"...and there you are a Queen. So that's why Biff went ahead of you to Rainbow, so you would have a strong, quiet Knight to take care of the precious little Queen baby that came along only a few weeks later through the Rainbow gate. Your mama and me miss you deeply. You will never be forgotten little baby Bee! Love&kisses sweety
From: Gary & Brenda Johnson
On: 2/14/18
Hi Wendy Your love for Baby Bee is so great I understand how you feel,how empty you feel without Bee. Its a strange feeling when we love them so much that we fight in trying not to get over it,I guess afraid that without the pain of there loss we somehow may stop thinking and stop loving them as much. I know that's what I'm going through right now, Like you I loved my pups so much and I don't know if I will ever get over it but the thing is I find myself not wanting to get over it, afraid that I will stop loving them, its just so strange. It will just take time. I know if they could tell us they/Bee would say "Mommy please don't cry for me we will see one another again and you are always in my heart, when I was cold and hungry you took me in and fed me, gave me a warm place, you gave such great and loving care for me and you washed away all the bad memories I had from before I was put on your door step. It's ok if you don't cry and I want you to smile I Love you mommy" Baby bee
From: Cary J Lang
On: 2/11/18
Hi Wendy. My goodness what a sweet little girl you had in Baby Bee. Take away a little hair and she would look just like my Star. Thanks again so much for visiting my Little Stars Memorial. We as pet parents are certainly a special group of people. Again my condolences for your loss. I hope all the love and memories that you shared with Baby Bee will ALWAYS be with you as Star's are with me. Blessings to you and Baby Bee Wendy. Again thank you. Cary (Little Stars Daddy)
From: Carmen
On: 2/10/18
Hi little Queen Bee!! I just wanted you to know that I still think of you. Recently, I got where I picture you and Biff wandering along a sandy beach (I think because your mama lives by a beach). I just know that it is beautiful there and that you have many playmates...and in your time frame, it won't be long before we get there and can hold you again. Your mama wrote that your wings were ready...and Biff's were too. We had to let the two of you go...but boy did it leave a sadness here. We are trying to remind ourselves of how happy you are now. We only feel the sadness because y'all were so special to us. Take care of Biff little Queen Bee, and visit your mama in her dreams if you can. Love and kisses from Kansas, little sweet girl.
From: Lito Ortiz
On: 1/23/18
Bee, how fortunate you've been to have such a loving mom like your mom. She needs you now more than ever. Be with her, let her know that you're there. Whatever it was that was unpleasant in the past is gone. Just read what your mom continues to write to you. But of course you know that; you can see her heart now. Let her know you know. Happy new year Bee! Happy new year, Wendy!
From: Carmen
On: 1/21/18
Hi little sweet girl!! I was away for awhile (out of town) and I missed you and being able to light a candle for you and Biff. I have a fancy candle lit for you now, little girl. Your pics (esp. Bee Bee Queen) ALWAYS make me smile. I'm grateful to your mama for your memorial and for sharing you and your memories with everyone. It is you (and your mama) that helped draw me out of my deep depression over Biff. Once I started thinking of you and Biff and others playing happily at Rainbow, it helped lift some of the sadness from my heart. Even though he was supposed to be a 'bully', Biff is actually shy and a follower, not a leader. I imagine him following you around at Rainbow because he will need to follow someone there. By now, you will have probably helped him find a bunch of other playmates too. I think of you and Biff every day. God bless you little sweet girl. Take care of Biff. We miss you much and will be along as soon as we can. Love and many kisses from Kansas.
From: Carmen
On: 1/6/18
Hi again little Baby Bee. Tomorrow is Jan. 7, and in case I can't get to your memorial then, I'm leaving a little pull rope. Your mama wants to see you in her dreams. She understands the special bond of love that I had for Biff and she had for you. Y'all meant everything to us. This bond from heart to heart is never broken, but since we can't see you anymore from earth, please tug on the rope some...and mama will feel your love tug. I think of you every day because I think of you playing with Biff. He can't run as fast as you (even at Rainbow), so wait for him to catch up to you sometimes when y'all are playing in the meadow and chasing around trees and things. You and Biff are forever with us in spirit, and both y'all have very powerful spirits of love (that's why it hurt so bad to lose you to Rainbow). You were a blessing from God to your mama and Biff was to me also. Y'all enriched our lives beyond words. Love and kisses little Queen Bee.
From: Carmen
On: 1/1/18
Hi little girl!! Today is the first day of the new year, and I needed to smile, so I'm looking at your pics again. The "Queen Bee" pic makes me smile as much as the one with you dressed in pink with Lillie. All of your pics are adorable. I light a candle for you and Biff every evening, and on weekends, I light for all of your friends there at Rainbow. Your mama and I still miss y'all much!! You were just VERY special, and made a huge difference in our lives. We can't wait to meet you again at Rainbow...but in the meantime, we are plugging along here on earth. God bless you, Bee, and Biff and all your other cute little friends there! Love and many kisses from Kansas, little sweet girl!
From: Mary & Andrew
On: 12/25/17
Merry Christmas, beautiful Baby Bee. Just looking over your photo album, you were such a beauty, a true 'Queen'. No wonder your Mom is so debastated. Big, warm hugs and puppy smooches to you, your memories live on. Rest peacefully, Baby Bee, may the peace of the Lord be with you soul and with you Mom. Love you, Mary & Andrew
From: Carmen
On: 12/16/17
Hi little sweet girl Baby Bee. Your pictures make me smile, and I needed that today, so I purposely went to your memorial to look at your pics. I love them all....the one of you and the little pup, Lillie - both dressed in pink...that one makes me smile every time. I sent your mama a card. We are both struggling as the holiday approaches. I look at your pics a lot, because, as I said, not much else makes me smile these days. Your mama doesn't mind if I leave notes on your memorial more than once. I look at pics of Rainbow bridge a lot too. It is very beautiful where you and Biff are. God bless you and playmates. Love and kisses.
From: Margaret
On: 12/15/17
Such a beautiful doggie Baby Bee...and so well loved by your mama....I've left a little gift for you....I'll leave one for my kitty Joey as well...I miss him too...I'll put an ornament on the tree for each of you...
From: Carmen
On: 12/12/17
Hi there again Baby Bee! I wasn't able to get to a memorial for Dec. 7th, so I left your mama a note a little before then. I knew it would be hard for her that day and night. Your mama and I just love our babies so much, it's hard to get used to being without y'all (temporarily). Biff went to Rainbow just a little before I figure he was still hanging around the gates by the time your little fluffy, precious self came along. Biff would like you. I mean, he will like everyone there, but he would LIKE you! He would immediately be attracted to such a cute, white, cuddly little thing like you. He was the type of dog to pick (bite off) flowers (and any plant of interest) and bring them to you. Your job, Bee, is to take Biff's flowers until I get there. If I get there before your mama, I'll be picking you up and playing with the both of you while we wait for your mama. I love the pics your mama posted of you. You look to be all sweetness and love. I'm blowing a kiss.
From: Rose (Paisley's mom)
On: 12/2/17
Hello Baby Bee, I just wanted to visit you and leave you a stocking full of goodies. Please visit mommy in her dreams and let her know how much you love her too, she misses you so. Enjoy the treats!

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