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From: James
On: 10/9/18
Oh, the pain of having to make medical decisions without a medical education. We all second guess ourselves, yet we all do the best we can under the circumstances. I am sure that our beloved fur babies know that we want the best for them, and understand that we sometimes make mistakes. Still, they will wait for us at the rainbow bridge with much love and forgiveness. We are not perfect but they love us still.
From: Denise
On: 8/8/18
So sorry for the loss of such a beautiful girl
From: Valentina
On: 7/31/17
I feel so sorry for your fur baby's passing. I know the feeling, since i was home the night my Mia was killed by dogs,and her body was found showing she was running to get inside the house but she never made it home again. It has been two months but i cant stand the fact that she died alone in the cold, probably thinking of her family. My condolences to you...
From: Gina L Muller
On: 1/14/17
You suprised your mommy with a special visit, Aumtumn furangel baby. That was a special gift. When you see Oakley, tell her I love her, too. Hugs and kisses all around, Gina

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