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From: Uncle Lou
On: 1/12/18
Remembering the raining days together..Miss You xx
From: Uncle Lou
On: 12/16/17
Well, again i'm late, but you know why...Miss U...Merry Christmas MY ARCHIE
From: uncle Lou
On: 11/11/17
Again My Boy, I'm Late, But your never forgotten, The Rose Bush that i planted were you sat still blooms, I took the last rose off yesterday...In My Heart I so hope to see you soon....XXOO
From: uncle Lou
On: 10/9/17
Missed the day again....Missing you so much. xxoo
From: Ucle Lou
On: 9/6/17
My Boy , missed a couple of visits, But, you know why....In my thoughts and Heart,, Miss U xxoo
From: Uncle Lou
On: 6/7/17
My Dear Boy, yesterday was a sad day, A fur baby "BUDDY" went to join you, Welcome him as he crosses the Bridge......Missing you. in my Heart always
From: Uncle Lou
On: 5/6/17
Thinking of U everyday
From: Uncle Lou
On: 4/6/17
Thanks for the many memories, Miss U
From: Uncle Lou
On: 3/6/17
Always o my mind, will always be in my Heart Miss U
From: Uncle Lou
On: 2/12/17
Miss you Big Boy xx
From: Uncle Lou
On: 1/12/17
Thinking of you always...xxoo
From: uncle lou
On: 12/12/16
My Dear Boy, uncle Lou seems to be having problems remembering to write you, a little late, but I miss you...Thank you for the gift of the Mommy and her 3 babies, I'm sure you sent them to share in the love I have for you. Merry Christmas, Soon we will all be together...xxxx
From: Uncle Lou
On: 11/6/16
On this day 4 years ago, You went to a better place, to rid your pain, to live a happy forever life, we suffered with your lose, , but your memories helped us thru it all, we will meet again, we look forward to seeing you at the bridge to welcome us to your paradise. Love always Mom, Dad, Uncle lou
From: Uncle Lou
On: 10/6/16
Thinking of You as always, Memories are Many, Sorrow is still in My Heart, Miss U xx
From: Uncle Lou
On: 9/6/16
Missing U, feels like yesterday, 3 years 10 months, soon 4 years...Time goes by, but, the Hurt of your loss is like the day we said "GOODBYE"
From: Uncle Lou
On: 8/6/16
MY Boy, My Friend, Many thoughts of you every day, Today is a day of many memories, and Our Goodbye to you, See you at the Bridge someday XXoo
From: Uncle Lou
On: 7/6/16
My Dear Friend, as you already know, Sparkey's time with me is short, He will most likely be with you in Nov...or sooner..Help me thru this............
From: Uncle Lou
On: 6/6/16
Thoughts of you today and always, missing U so much
From: uncle Lou
On: 5/7/16
Thanks for the visit, the times we spent together, it was a Great Trip with You down memory Lane, Smokey thanks you also for being there for him, he is recovering fine, Miss u , love you ...
From: Uncle Lou
On: 4/8/16
Thoughts of you every day, Sparkey is acting like you a lot recently, I take it you are connecting with me, FOR I feel you presence in my Heart..miss U Luv... xx

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