April's Rainbow Bridge Guest Book

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From: Debbie
On: 4/14/18
Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl 💜
From: Anoushka dedeyan
On: 4/14/18
For the eternal memory of sweet april RIP baby run happy .
From: Rosemary Armelline
On: 4/14/18
Miss you so much,I miss your sweet face.I know you are looking down on Mom. I pray knows you are not far& some day you will be together again. <3
From: Darlene Huss
On: 4/14/18
You were the first baby i started following on FB and fell in love with you and your family. You are so missed and have a special place in my heart.
From: Keri Williams
On: 4/14/18
Happy Birthday sweetheart
From: Liz
On: 4/14/18
I know the heartache from losing a beloved pet. They leave a paw print on out hearts that will always be there until we see them when we are going home. Sending healing prayers for you today.
From: Keri Williams
On: 3/30/18
April please make sure that you keep an eye on mom and your sister. Hope you are having fun with Lewis and Brandi
From: Lalita Rudy
On: 7/10/17
I am sorry to hear about April. I know I am way past time, but a lot of my emails ended up in my spam folder.
From: Paula Standley
On: 7/2/17
RIP sweet April. You will always have her in your heart. She is running free and watching over you and the girls.
From: Trish Sweat Martin
On: 6/30/17
I'm sorry for your loss of your precious fur baby!😢😢
From: debbie geyer
On: 6/29/17
I'm sending you our love and to say how sorry that you lost such a sweet soul as April's,God Bless you all.
From: Tracey Ryder
On: 6/29/17
Love u April hope lewis is being good boy with u lol miss u so does ur sisters n mommy xxxxxx
From: Christina Ainsworth
On: 6/29/17
I wish I could have met you April. You and Lewis brought me so many laughs and it's hard to believe you're both gone. Blackie Leigh and I love you and your family very much.
From: Sandra Chase
On: 6/29/17
I love April as I do Lewis and your other two girls and you. You are a wonderful, sweet, loving person. I have a few babies I remember cause in February I will be 70 years old and they don't live as long as we do. Live your life for them.
From: Shannon Douglass
On: 6/29/17
You are missed so much.
From: Monica Donlan
On: 6/29/17
From: Jeannette
On: 6/29/17
Love and miss you sweet April and Lewis. Forever in my heart.❤ Rest in Peace sweet Angels.❤❤😇❤❤😇❤❤🐶❤❤🐶❤❤🌠🌠🌈🌈 You will never be forgotten.❤
From: Louise Wilson
On: 6/29/17
We love you all! Rosie & I send hugs & kisses. What a wonderful memorial!❤️xxx
From: Dianne cavill
On: 6/29/17
You are still so very loved! Be safe and happy at the bridge
From: Debra Smith
On: 6/28/17
Sending love and hugs

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