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From: Lynn, TJ and Family
On: 8/5/18
Dear little Kari, so precious and sweet, may you play and have fun running with my little girl Zoey! May you now rest, peace and blessings! 🐾🌈
From: Joan Hayes
On: 6/27/18
I have just read Annie's Memorial, she was such a little cutie, it sounds like you gave her a beautiful life. I'm sorry for your loss, I don't think we ever get over it we just learn to live with the grief. I've just recently lost my last Poodle Jasper, if you would like to visit JasperS Memorial
From: Darryl
On: 6/14/18
I recently lost the love of my life, her name was and is Slittles. I loved her from when she was 7-weeks old until she passed at 13.5 years old. I bought my Skittles from a first time breeder and plan to save a bonded pair of female Shih-Tzu someday if they become available. Only God knows how much I loved, love and miss my Skittles. She was there everyday for me no matter what. She loved me like I loved her— unconditionally. I hope to love another person but manly another dog , because a dogs love is showen every minute you are with them. I miss her so much only you could know the pain but I have to believe you 2 are together for eternity. Because this is what I want and have been dealing with for the last 2-weeks. So I hope and know you 2!ate holding and comforting each other as I finish writing this note. Love you’re new friend Darryl
From: chris an donna
On: 5/17/18
hello little beauty we hope you have found our denozo and have become friends and play together
From: Brooklyn S. Coody
On: 4/17/18
I am so sorry for your loss of your little Annie, It saddens me to know that your baby has passed. If you need anything just let me know, with love,Brooklyn S. Coody
From: Linda
On: 4/15/18
So sorry for your loss it is a month since we lost our precious pet may they all RIP
From: Carly
On: 3/21/18
I’m so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you.
From: charlenpfeifer
On: 2/4/18
I know what you are going through I had to pt angel to sleep On January 30 2018
From: Nicole
On: 12/11/17
I'm so sorry for the loss of Annie. She is a beautiful girl and had the best and most loving mommy. My sweet Loki arrived at the bridge on December 9, 2017. I'm sure him, Annie, Remi and you are all together now having a wonderful time in heaven.
From: Laurel
On: 11/28/17
Your Annie has the same smile my Perla had, so sweet. I am so sorry for your loss. You gave Annie a beautiful tribute.
From: Minks Mom
On: 10/3/17
Hi Kari I was browsing the residences and I saw your precious fur baby, Annie and wanted to visit her and leave some flowers in honor of your baby. In loving memory.
From: Anna Perez
On: 9/20/17
My heartfelt condolences to you all. May you all finally be together at rainbowbridge. Sending...Love, Light & Peace
From: Joey
On: 9/11/17
I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. I lost my dog 10 years ago and i still miss her very much. Our pets are a part of our family. One thing I know for sure is one day Annie and you will be together again.
From: Jeffrey Burcham
On: 7/9/17
I sincerely pray that your grief over Annie has subsided but I know the memories will never go away. Such a beautiful girl. I'm sure she is showing my Satin Marie around the place as she arrived at the Bridge June 1, 2017.
From: Lula- Mom of Angel Duran
On: 4/17/17
Thinking of you today Annie at Rainbow Bridge xxooo
From: Gina Muller
On: 1/13/17
To Annie's and Remi's mom, I am so sorry for your loss. I know you loved your little furangel. She is beautiful. She waits for you, like my Oakley at the foot of 🌈bridge. Love Gina
From: Angela Diaz
On: 1/10/17
Kari... i am so sorry for the loss of your prescious Annie. I send you a hug and know that Annie is running and playing with my baby Frankie and her ears are still blowing in the wind- until you meet again.
From: Leticia
On: 11/5/16
May our good lord and sweet memories of Annie comfort your aching heart.
From: Noah
On: 11/3/16
Love has no boundries or borders and is forever, May you find joy and peace.....
From: Bunny
On: 10/28/16
Love, Bunny

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