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From: Caleb your brother
On: 10/10/18
Hi angel happy birthday I don’t know what to write for your 19th birthday except for I love you and I miss you so much I was so young when you left us and went to heaven so I don’t overly remember much except for that I love you and you have a heart of gold I miss you so much my big sister I hope you’re happy love your little brother caleb
From: Mummy
On: 10/10/18
Hi my darling Angel, on this day 19 years ago you were born and you were destined to become my daughter. I thank you for being the beautiful soul you were. I miss you every single day. I know one day we will be together again and it will be for keeps. The love you gave me will last me my lifetime. I loved you then I love you now and I will love you forever. Happy birthday my baby girl. You will always be my Angel. Caleb and I miss you more then my words can portray. I’ll let you go play with your friends. Love you with every heart beat your mummy xoxo
From: Caleb your human Brother
On: 6/24/18
To mine and my mums beautiful girl angel you two baby brothers ones Called lucifer and prince they would love you to be around and so would your mum and I hopefully we will reunite in heaven I miss you love Caleb
From: Mummy
On: 6/24/18
To my darling Angel, you left me 7 years ago today. The pain of that loss still haunts me. It's a reminder of how loved and special you are. I wish we had more time but honestly a lifetime wouldn't be long enough. Once I reach heaven we will be together forever. My illness is being so harsh at the moment I wish I had you my boo boo to hug. Your kisses always made me feel better. The love we shared it was real and magical. You were my daughter not my dog. You were my very furry daughter as I would say. I would tell people my daughter was a bit of dog but love her more then anything. When your brother Caleb came along you loved him from the start. We both miss you. Even thou his human I sometimes feel like he's going to be just as hairy as you. Our heart ache the loss of you. I just hold onto our beautiful memories. How you hated hide and seek though I loved it how you would pretend you couldn't find me even though your tail gave away you saw me. I love you rip baby girl Xxxx
From: Mummy
On: 12/26/17
Merry Christmas my beautiful girl. I miss you more then words can say. But this year you have Bear bear to play with again you waited a long while. Love you both but you are my baby girl. I love you with all my heart Xxxx
From: Mummy
On: 10/10/17
To My Dearest Angel, My beautiful sweet girl Happy 18th Birthday. I count my blessing the day you were born, I was one step closer to holding you in my arms and from there you stole my heart. The moment I held you I knew how special you are. The memories we share together. They will be treasured forever. The hide and seek games our walks or just relaxing together. Or the way you could hog the bed. I would never move you vis you looked so peaceful. Hope you are having a magical birthday in heaven baby girl. Lots of love your mummy xoxo
From: Mummy
On: 9/18/17
Hey my beautiful Angel. Just finished treatment for the day and all I want to do is cuddle up with you. Use you as my pillow as you cuddle me like we used to. Miss you everyday but days like this I miss our magical moments with each other even more. There is nothing like the cuddles and the kiss you would give me then we would take a nap together. You will always be my special girl and will cherish the part of my heart you hold in your paws forever more. Till we meet again my beautiful boo boo. I loved you then, I love you now, I will love you forever more. Lots of love your mummy Shirelle xo
From: Mummy
On: 6/24/17
Hi my sweet baby girl Angel. Today marks 6 years you grew those wings and flew to heaven. You took my heart with you and what you left you left broken-hearted the only peace I get is your not in pain and the beautiful memories we got to share. You are a very special and loved girl. The day I adopted you was an amazing day. The way you loved your human brother was magical to watch. You loved each other so much there was no deny how lucky we were to share our lives with you. From a young age I always a rotty and getting you made me know why I fell in love with rotties. I just wish I could clone you and have you back to where you would never leave. Thankfully when I get to rainbow bridge we can watch the beautiful life caleb will have till the day he joins us. I love you forever more my baby girl. Love your mummy shirelle xoxo
From: Mummy (shirelle) brother (Caleb)
On: 6/24/16
It's hard to believe my dear Angel that today is 5 years since I looked into you beautiful loving eyes and watched you drift to sleep whispering loving words and telling you how wonderful and amazing you were and how I couldn't of ask for much more but more time with you. We will treasure every second we were bless to have you in our lives and for that we will forever carry you in our heart. I miss you so much baby girl. I loved when you and I would play hide and seek and you would pretend you didn't see me just so you could play longer. You knew it would always make me laugh cos it was so obvious that you saw me. Your ass swinging from excitement always gave you away. You always knew when I needed an extra special hug from my little girl. You will forever be my little boo boo. I say little dos you didn't know you were a rotty and would hide behind me so I could protect you. Wish I could of protected you from that twisted bowel. I LOVE YOU ANGEL NOW AND UNTIL FOREVER YOUR MUMMY XXXX
From: Debbie Priness, Kaizer and Maddie's mom
On: 4/20/16
Hello beautiful angel, I was just visiting my Kaizer on his 9th anniversary in heaven and came across your love story your mom and family has written for you here. Don't forget you Angel to stop and send them a sign every now and again to let them know that you are with them always just inside their hearts.
From: Mummy
On: 11/24/15
My dear sweet angel 16 year ago today I held you in my arms for the very first time. You run up to me with you sweet puppy dog eye and you were so tiny and cute and stole my heart that very second. Your sisters didn't stand a change but I had to be fair and handed you over to be held by your nanny to be. I can straight back I only had eyes for you. The car ride home I was so quite I was asked if I was ok i was I'm more then ok I'm just looking at my baby girl I can't believe she's all mine. That night I expected you to cry for your mum but you snuggled right in like you knew I was you're forever mummy.. You filled my life with such joy and happiness. Thank you baby girl I couldn't asked for a better daughter. You were a great and loving sister when I brought Caleb home. Even thou just before my water broke you hid all shoe still not funny even thou I laugh. You had Caleb just as happy as me. You adored each other. We love and miss you baby girl till we meet again you're in my heart Xx
From: Mummy shirelle
On: 10/10/15
16 years ago my beautiful girl you were born. The most wonderful baby girl that was destine to be my sweet baby. From the moment I held you. I fell in love. You were more then a dog you were my daughter adopted daughter but that only made you more special in my eyes. I loved you with every breathe you took and will love you till my very last breathe and even after that for you will be back in my arms where you belong. Happy birthday ANGEL may you have a blessed birthday in heaven. I love and miss you soo much. Go run and play and enjoy you sweet sixteen xxxxxx love you mummy xxxxx
From: Mummy (shirelle)
On: 6/24/15
Hi my sweet boo boo ANGEL do you know that everyday of these 4 terrible years I miss you. But I do feel that you come to lay with me in your own special way. I know that you're only as far away as my heart is. So you are only a heart beat away. But I really miss you angel. I couldn't of asked for a better fur baby in the world. the sweetest gentlest Rottweiler I ever had the honour of knowing. I hope all your friends at rainbow bridge know how lucky they are that they get to be with you. I know you are watching over me patiently waiting till the day I come to pick you up. I promise baby girl then you will forever be with me and we can wait for Caleb to come join us a long way after I join you. Caleb misses you terribly to we both talk of you often. You are forever loved my baby girl. Miss you angel. With love as always your ever loving mummy shirelle xxxxx
From: Mummy
On: 11/10/14
My sweet baby girl, i miss you more then ever. i wish i could turn back the hands of time a start out life together again. This time you would get more time with caleb. Caleb misses you like crazy too. I miss those crazy looks you would give me when you were acting like your not talking to me then you would give me your big cuddles. It always made me laugh the way you though you would stay mad for longer then 5 minutes if i had to go out. i miss playing hide a seek with you were you would find me then act like you hadn't seen me, then sometimes you would leave me hiding from you. You were my funny baby girl, you will always be my furry daughter. I love you with all my heart darling. Caleb sends his love too. Thank you again for being a wonderful part of my life. I cherish and adore you. Lots of love your Mummy Shirelle
From: Mummy Shirelle & Caleb
On: 12/26/13
Merry christmas my beautiful girl, christmas is not the same without you Caleb and I miss you terribly. We send you all our love as we always do. Miss you baby girl xoxo
From: Mummy Shirelle & brother Caleb
On: 10/10/13
To my beautiful baby girl, happy 14th birthday. You were the great dog ever you made Caleb and me happy for many years! You were and still are my baby girl. I hope you are having fun up there in rainbow bridge, till your by my side again, we love you baby girl. Angel we love you xxxx
From: Mummy
On: 6/24/13
To my beautiful boo boo you left me and caleb 2 years ago today every day we wish we could hold you tight and tell you how much we love you. Till the day you in our arms again we love and miss you angel. Rip my sweet girl. Your the best dog we love you Xxxx
On: 6/23/13
From: iKBDsIvxUZcpevE
On: 4/10/13
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From: mummy (shirelle)
On: 2/19/13
To my darling Angel, i love you so much. I miss you more then any words can or will every describe, i may not write a message on here much but doesn't mean i don't care. Sometimes i avoid the truth that you're gone. Caleb and i miss you with every beat of our hearts. You are now and forever my sweet beautiful baby girl. Till the day we meet at rainbow bridge i will just hold you in my heart. I LOVE YOU XXX

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